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chapter 10.1 breeding soundness evaluation

by: nicole l brown

chapter 10.1 breeding soundness evaluation AGSC 352

Marketplace > Truman State University > Agricultural & Resource Econ > AGSC 352 > chapter 10 1 breeding soundness evaluation
nicole l brown
Truman State
Reproduction Physiology
Dr. Kelly Walter

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About this Document

This is the breeding soundness evaluation from the power point slides 1-21.
Reproduction Physiology
Dr. Kelly Walter
Class Notes
chapt. 10.1
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by nicole l brown on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AGSC 352 at Truman State University taught by Dr. Kelly Walter in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see Reproduction Physiology in Agricultural & Resource Econ at Truman State University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
Repro Dr Walter 101 breeding soundness evaluation 0 Breeding soundness examination BSE o This should happen 45 to 60 days before the breeding season This doesn t guarantee fertility but you can see animals that are having problems with their repro process Herd that used this had 8 increase fertility o Males low libido can t be detected using this 0 Helpful for reproductive potential ranges from basic exam depth The results can show what needs to be improved in the male chance of fertilizing oocyte and female chance of getting pregnant carry and delivering a baby 0 Males 0 Looking at the past of the animal is helpful to look at libido mating ability what type of mating systems has worked in the past What the offspring looksuccessful Also look for genetic disorders 0 The structural soundness of the male you can look a body condition general health feet and legs eyes and teeth The reproductive anatomy scrotum testicles testicular circumference seminal vesicles and prostate and ampulla penis The semen quality of the male presence of sperm motility morphology foreign debris o A male with a poor body condition can produce lowquality semen not aggressive breeders 0 Feet and legs boars and stallions have dejenerative joint disease and osteochondrosis or they have arthritis Look at structural incorrectness any problem with movement well decrease mobility of the male harder to get to females and mount and can have the male have pain during copulation These problems with joints and structural can be heritable o Repro anatomy 0 External and internal examination 0 Testes and scrotum measure and palpate to look at problems and size look for prior injuries to that area and look for abscesses thickening and irritation The area should be symmetrical firm slightly resilient different breeds minimum scrotal circumference is 3033 cm for yearling bulls minimum testes size in 67 month boar is 457 cm 10 12 month boar is 5585 cm 0 Epididymitis this area should be symmetrical The head is usually firm tails tense and it is kind of large 45 cm in adult boars 0 Problems with testes epididymis 0 The head of epidymis is the spermatic granuloma this comes from blindended efferent ductules to spermiostasis to in ammation to granuloma Epididymitis Asymmetric testis Epididymal cysts Dermatitis of scrotal skin This can happen by trauma frost bite exposure This can be seen by the crusting and exudation of the skin this happens because of the chronic irritation and in ammation caused by mites Scrotal circumference This is a great indicator for sperm producing ability An accurate measurement needs testes to be pushed ventrally There is a specific tape used for measurement This circumference is related to the age the animal reaches puberty sperm production and the number of sperm in ejaculate In females it is the age the animal reaches puberty and the milk production It is genetic There are standards for each breed Nonpendular scrotum The width and length of the scotum can predict the sperm producing capabilities In stallions the average width is 456 cm the height is 565 cm and the length is 85 11 cm Volume ml it is equal to 05233 X width X height X length The total volume is each testes vol added together The daily sperm output DSO is determined by the testicular volume TV DSO stands for billions spermday which is equal to 0024 times TV 126 Repro anatomy Prepuce or called the sheath look for swelling bruising laceration pooling of urine debris semen Penis should have a normal structure free from laceration and bruising It shouldn t have any growths present or a hair ring hair clumps together and cuts of blood supply Examination of penis at time of ejaculation Persistent penile frenulum this causes the penis to have or be called a fish hook this happens when male goes to mate Surgery can fix this but this is heritability Papilloma it looks like a wart that can be removed but it can come back Corkscrew deviation in bulls natural breeding the bulls corkscrew during ejaculation But if the bull corkscrews too early it well prevent him from entering the female During electroej aculation this can happen and the male can get used to corkscrewing early so if you were to have the bull switch to natural mating he needs to be watched carefully Problems Persistent frenulum is when a fibrous tag btw prepuce and penis o Penile hematoma when the penis ruptures during trauma to the erect penis 0 Internal examination 0 Rectal palpation the two vaginal rings should be eval size opening Look at the size of the deferent ducts and the testicular artery pulse the presence of adhesions lesions herniation of the viscera By palpating you can look at the accessory organs seminal vesicles which are an infection of the seminal vesicles this can be found by palpation 0 Semen collection 0 Methods of collection 0 Artificial vagina a container catches semen but for the use of boars and stallions it needs a filter at the opening to separate the gel fraction out of the semen 0 Hand collection boars pressure is used at the distal portion of the glans penis 0 Electroej aculation boars rams bulls good for dangerous to handle or difficult males Bulls and boars semen collected is the same as other methods But in rams there is a loss of concentration from this method In boars they have to be anesthetize and placed in a lateral position recumbancy with the rectum cleaned out they have a exteriorize penis probe is inserted in rectum and the pulses begin for 45 sec intervals with 510 sec rest periods most well ejaculate after 45 stimulations Rams just have to be put in the lateral recumbancy the penis is extruded and held with gauze they have to be slowly stimulated most well ejaculate after 1 stimulation and a rectal massage with probe but you can only try this twice if the first one didn t have them ejaculate o Bulls a restrained rectal probe is inserted and this effects the nerves that innervate the repro tract and this causes erection protrusion ejaculation This process takes less than 3 minutes 0 Daily sperm production 0 This is the total spermatozoa produced per day by both of the testicles This is measured by the total of spermatozoa that is ejaculated into an AV with daily ejaculations for about 10 days to 2 weeks 0 Semen evaluation Look at concentration volume motility morphology total number daily sperm output 0 Results of BSE o If any major issues that show up through the BSE process then the male should be castrated 0 Problems that can be treated are injuries infections arthritisjoint disease supplements and antiin ammatories 0 But this process does not guarantee that the breeding season well be successful this is only used to predict how a male could perform estimate number of females that could be breed from one male this doesn t indicate libido in a male


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