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BSC 101 Helms Week 9 Lecture Notes 10/12-10/16

by: Daniel Hemenway

BSC 101 Helms Week 9 Lecture Notes 10/12-10/16 BSC 101

Marketplace > Illinois State University > Biological Sciences > BSC 101 > BSC 101 Helms Week 9 Lecture Notes 10 12 10 16
Daniel Hemenway
GPA 3.93
Concepts in Biology
Dr. Helms

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About this Document

I am an Elite Note Taker and I will be posting notes each week, along with study guides for exams for BSC 101 (Helms), ACC 131 (Seipp), and ECO 105 (Goel). Give them a look and refer your friends ...
Concepts in Biology
Dr. Helms
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Daniel Hemenway on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BSC 101 at Illinois State University taught by Dr. Helms in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 51 views. For similar materials see Concepts in Biology in Biological Sciences at Illinois State University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
BSC 101 Helms 10121016 Chapter 17 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 143 Conservation biology Field dedicated to the preservation and protecting of biological diversity Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 144 Preserve conservation habitat Reintroduction of 31 wolves 19951997 Why should we care about preservation of predator species Play important roles in ecosystems Vast majority are Keystone Species Example Take wolf away wolf s primary food source is elk keeping the population in check if wolves are gone the elk population will increase a lot elk eat vegetation and bark trees and other vegetation will suffer birds and beavers will be impacted because of this Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 145 Another successful example Bald eagle our national bird nearly went extinct Bioaccumulation of DDT kept Bald Eagles from developing it would thin out the chick shell A lot of hunting of the bird Eagle conservation involved Making hunting it illegal Banned DDT Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 146 Preserving biodiversity conserves healthy ecosystems Biodiversityincludes Having lots of different species in an area Within a species lots of genetic variation Diversity of ecosystems as well Why do healthy ecosystems matter Ecosystem services Processes that are performed or things we get from functional healthy ecosystems BSC 101 Helms 10121016 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 147 The Endangered Species Act 1973 Legal protection of endangered and threatened organisms Helps prevent extinctions Categorizes species as endangered or threatened Endangered Near extinction of all or part of their range Threatened Likely to become endangered Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 148 Why are species and ecosystems going extinct Habitat destruction Habitat fragmentation Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 149 Habitat fragmentation can be ameliorated by Providing wildlife corridors Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 150 Extinction The elimination of a species Global Extinction Completely wiped out Local Extinction One area is wipe out but the species still exist somewhere else natural habitat Global efforts to preserve this species include Captive breeding programs Enforcement of CTES agreements Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 151 International Conservation Networks Non Governmental Organizations NGO Protecting animal Protecting and conserving habitats Integral parts of captive breeding programs Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 152 Many species require assisted reproduction to maintain or increase their numbers Hands on activity hand rearing feeding contact Artificial insemination increase fertilization Genetic manipulation BSC 101 Helms 10121016 Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 153 Reintroduction to the wild reintroduction must be a of self sustaining population into a stable ecosystem Hugely costly both in terms of money and logistics Must breed the species Must find suitable reintroduction sites Availability of the habitat Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 154 Global hotspots small areas with huge biodiversity Equatorial regions Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 155 The Amazon Rainforest 50 of remaining rainforests Largest most species rich set of lands on Earth High amounts of biodiversity Warm moisture rich water is never limited high amounts of rainfall Threatened by deforestation Deforestation clear of forests by humans for humans Primary cause of habitat destruction and fragmentation Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 156 Great Barrier Reef Approximately 1500 miles long Marine Biodiversity Coursepack Notetaking Guides Page 157 New species are being found in hotspots Since 2000 25 new species of primates 30 new species of bats


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