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Week 8 Notes

by: Chaelin Despres

Week 8 Notes ENGL 221

Chaelin Despres
GPA 3.76
British Lit
Christopher Cain

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About this Document

The end of Canterbury Tales-- The Miller's Tale and the Wife of Bath.
British Lit
Christopher Cain
Class Notes
british literature, towson, towson university, canterbury tales, chaucer, english
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Chaelin Despres on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 221 at Towson University taught by Christopher Cain in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see British Lit in Foreign Language at Towson University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
British Literature to 1798 1012201510142015 In Class The Canterbury Tales General Prologue frame narrative o Fragmentary work 0 Series of tensions 9 high v low heaven v earth 0 Satire characters reveal themselves give their failuresfaults away Estatesatire common medieval trope 9 no overt attack on characters The Miller s Tale genre fabliau offcolor jokey stories with a moral 14th Century disaster enhancedstronger middle class 0 The Plague strengthened the middle class less humanlabor resources so those left are able to charger higher wages and better conditions 0 Middle ages becoming modern Line 118 The Prioress Below abbess in a convent nonelected installed position Unmarried welltodo seminoble daughter Madame Eglantine Speaks school French Outward appearance of courtesy Given a physical description even though she s a nun sensual description of a non Contrast between living a religious life and enjoying materiality Contrast between Amor Romantic Love and Caritas Spiritual Love The Miller Job is to cheat people Wrestling games 9 occupationfunsport for lower class Ugly Jangaleur street musician Goliard roving educated songwritersperformers Been to university but didn t want to be a clergyman The Miller live down to expectation of a miller 0 Very drunk in the Miller s Tale Osewold Parson o Tale John old carpenter can t read Alisoun young beautiful wife of John Nicholas clerk who lives with them puts on a show to convince John that it is going to flood Absolon Parish priest o Myster playsmiracle plays about Biblical tales commoners very familiar with Biblical narratives 000000 00000 O The Flood narrative Chaucer and The Canterbury Tales Miller s Tale low class character dirty emphasis on earthlybodily in contemporary 0 Nicholas is of the highest social class in the tale student to become clergyman 0 Characters abused due to lack of educationunderstanding o Subversive not celebrating ideals of past focus on present Knight not a good character always in places of bad wars 0 Early modern period conceptualized individual Chaucer establishes contrast between tales 0 Knight v Miller Wife of Bath 0 Prologue is longer than her tale 9 background is vital to the tale Married 5 times 0 Misquotes authorities scripture 0 Has moneyselfmade woman 9 professional pilgrim Money from marriages and textiles seamstresstailor 0 Disclosure lots of experience using rhetoric of man preemptive defense of self 0 Virginity 9 she s a student of marriage and schooling of husbands Where did God command virginity o Logic is flawed disjointed thought process 0 Childish logic if god commanded virginity then marriage is a sin but need people need to have sex to populate o In the same class as the Miller 0 Husbands 13 good submissive rich and died 0 Husband 4 drunk had a mistress she convinced him that she was cheating on him 0 Husband 5 Janekin young only one she loved he gave love so ungenerously abusive he has a book of Wicked Wives which he reads aloud o Conflicted portrayal of Wife of Bath 9 Chaucer contrast Conditioned mentalities v Individual ideals Was Chaucer really in control of the contrast in his text 0 Chaucer s wife was most likely the lover of John of Gaunt married because it would save her reputation o Tales Marriage Group concerning marriageromantic love 0 Tale Arthurian Can be genderregressive women loses power in relationship o Ending is malecentrality Sovereignty what woman want 0 Marriage sphere of negotiation politicizes it as more than romantic love


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