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Week 6 M.W.F

by: Audrey Notetaker

Week 6 M.W.F HIST225

Audrey Notetaker
GPA 3.0
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney

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About this Document

Lecture Notes from Mooney's monday wednesday friday classes!
Intro to American History
Shaun Mooney
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Audrey Notetaker on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST225 at James Madison University taught by Shaun Mooney in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Intro to American History in History at James Madison University.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
l Westward Expansion economic and slave expansion what the nation looks like moving forward population moves out to Great Plains most densely populated in 1850 Boston Philly how do you get there trails by sea around Conflict created with native american or indians saw this Plains as collateral damage more important things to deal with demise of buffalo ll Sources of tension between Mexicans and American Immigrants to Texas religious differences protestant Mexico being catholic inconsistent slavery policy in beginning immigration policies subsequent enforcement of nonslavery policy cultural conflict led to settlers in Texas wanting to break away ultimately US supports that republic of Texas gt then state of Texas as a slave state James K Polk is president believes in Manifest Destiny if people get in way deal with them lll Key Results of Mexican War 13000 American lives lost 97 Million pretty cheap Real Cost it forces the issue of slavery to the front and center of national politics and threatens to upset the balance of power between North and South ability to expand slavery further west not everyone supports the expansion of Unite States a lot of people who saw no reason to expand IV Wilmot Proviso would ban slavery from any territory acquired from Mexico goal to confine slavery but not destroy it Underpinnings essential racial not like abolitionism was never passed failed but northerners start thinking that slavery must be confined V California already thousands of immigrants american Spanish german swiss etc settle in Sacramento River Valley gold rush John Sutter owns a mill logging operation who employed many employee finds a gold nugget takes it to the store and the gold rush instantly starts John Sutter becomes a penniless man after it all goes through ruined by what he essentially started people who already own land doesn t matter swept off of it and told to go elsewhere Treaty signedgrantees land rights of Mexican Citizens US gov t does not protect the land rights Vl Compromise of 1850 devised by Henry Clay Missouri Compromise of 1820line admits California as a free state includes new more rigorous fugitive slave law abolishes the slave trade but not slavery itself in DC adopts the principle of popular sovereignty ex the people should decide to deal w slavery in Utah and New Mexico territories so slavery isn t prohibited from these regions Popular Sovereignty is bad because creates a situation where your elected leaders can now refer to the larger population on an issue in which they cannot agree gives that power to the larger populous to make or determine how the issue should be decided touches off a rush in the area by both slave owners and non slaver owners to ensure that they get the most votes as to whether a state will be free or not violence do whatever needed to ensure that the other side doesn t have the votes Vll What caused the Civil War Three Different interpretations all derived from same set of facts an irrepressible conflict needless war constitutional political crisis people come up with these ideas after the war to explain it Vlll Longterm Causes market revolution Missouri Compromise 1820 nullification crisis South Carolina doesn t have to follow these laws they can nullify 1833 federal tariff states right against federal state sovereignty secession Andrew Jackson pay attention 0 federal law or US Army will handle it Abolition amp proslavery movements of the 1830s and 1840s John Brown won t let it go die for his cause IX South vs North 1860 South 35 African American population 84 work in agriculture heavily dependent on slave labor 15 national total factories 10000 miles of railroads 17 cannot read who are white 2 African American 40 agriculture free wage labor 85 national total 20000 miles of track 6 illiteracy rate X Abolition and proslavery Movements despite splintering of abolition movement in 1840s antislavery rhetoric dominates politics in North due to westward expansion keeps forcing the issue of slavery development of Free Soil or political antislaverY idea attacked southern way of life southerners feel their entire life style is undravieved Xl Short term Crisis crisis of the 1850 s Crisis and Compromise of 1850 direct result of land expansion Kansas Nebraska Act of 1854 emergence of Republican Party 1854liberal party Dred Scott case supreme Court decision 1857 John Brown s Raid on Harper s Ferry 1859 Presidential election of 1860 Xll KansasNebraska Act of 1854 proposes to split Nebraska territory into 2 territories Nebraska and Kansas decision on slavery to be left up to popular sovereignty John Brown Addresses the Virginia Court John Brown radical abolitionistviolent overthrow of slavery system born into an extreme antislavery family conductor of underground railroad and established league of gileadites union is strength willing to die for what he believed in white man popular in north spent over 2 years raising money in New England to help support him and his army farmhouse to train and plan arsenal wanted a fair trial pleads not guilty rejected an insanity plea states that he hasn t committed any crime except God s will Court Decision executed in front of thousands Social Impacts of Court Case seen as a martyr to many Northerners helped to se the Civil War in motion Raid on Harper s Ferry l intention was to capture the military arsenal ll Robert E Lee and a company of rains put down the rebellion What is a terrorist is it justified John Brown Why is there only one monument to John threatens the well being of a group of people in order to force your ideal upon people culturally different so its difficult to put into context perspective matters in the case of placing him as a terrorist or not political agenda when is violence condoned


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