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Lecture Notes: Greece and Alexander

by: Iris Son

Lecture Notes: Greece and Alexander 1111

Marketplace > Georgia State University > History > 1111 > Lecture Notes Greece and Alexander
Iris Son
Survey of World History to 1500
Caroline Zimmerman

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About this Document

These notes cover the lecture from October 1st.
Survey of World History to 1500
Caroline Zimmerman
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Iris Son on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to 1111 at Georgia State University taught by Caroline Zimmerman in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Survey of World History to 1500 in History at Georgia State University.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
1012015 History 11 1 1 Greece and Alexander 1 After the war tens of thousands of hoplites become unemployed a 50 years of peace 2 Macedonia remained sovereign to Persia a Macedonians spoke a Greek dialect but Greeks saw the Macedonians as barbarians and beneath them i Macedonians saw themselves as Greeks They were offended by the Persian invasion of Greece However the Greeks never acknowledged them as Greeks b Philip II of Macedon 3 59336 BCE i Uni ed all of the city states of Macedonia ii Warrior iii Assassinated by his bodyguard who was his former lover homosexuality is common during this time 1 Reasons a J ealously b Wife hired the bodyguard to kill him to make way for her son Alexander the Great c Alexander killed him to take over the throne iv Son Alexander the Great 3 Alexander the Great 336323 BCE a Bilingual MacedonianGreeks b Aristotle hired by Philip to teach him philosophy nature ways of the world i Became a father figure to Alexander c Education extremely important to Alexander and Philip i Classically trained which means he was educated in the classics of philosophy literature etc ii Combat training 1 Learning to endure pain was extremely important to men especially for powerful men Leadership position given to brother who a Wild 1903 showed the most iii Excelled in everything strength and potential d Not fully Macedonian i Mother was Greek ii Established his legitimacy by killing a handful of his family members including brothers e 1St thing he does invaded Greek peninsula besides Sparta which was able to remain independent i Followed father s Philip II plans to invade Greece and Persian Empire 2 To transition from boyhood gt manhood was to kill Burned Persepolis in drunken rage to f Takes over Egypt quickly and swiftly avenge the burning Of i Becomes pharaoh also King of Macedonia the acropolis during g When he takes over Babylon accumulates wealth that is worth the PerSian inVaSiOn 16 trillion dollars today i Accumulates staggering amount of wealth and territory subsHr Wanted to take over the world i Knew the earth was round ii Saw the world in zones iii Viewed people living north south with suspicion Left Greek governors in area he conquered to establish a Greek culture Death gets sick with malaria After his death Greek in uence continued However his empire fell apart No heir child born after his death 1 million Greeks moved to Persian areas MacedonianGreek empire failed politically but succeeded culturally 1012015 Wanted to bring Greek culture to Persian empire but instead he was assimilated into the Persian culture Military generals start to get suspicious of Alexander and worry that he s starting to think of himself as a divine god Troops start to get tired and homesick FQIIC QC Key Points of Alexander Macedonian father had already unified the area Educated in ghting military philosophy zoology many other things Conquered all of the Persian empire and more Began wanting to bring Greek culture to the barbarians ended up adopting some of their culture as well


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