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Art of World Civilizations !

by: AllyCat

Art of World Civilizations ! ARTH 200IA-001

Marketplace > Montana State University > Art > ARTH 200IA-001 > Art of World Civilizations
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara

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About this Document

Here's week 8 of Notes!
Art of World Civilization I
Emberlin, Barbara
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by AllyCat on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ARTH 200IA-001 at Montana State University taught by Emberlin, Barbara in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Art of World Civilization I in Art at Montana State University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
ARTH 200IA001 Art History Art of World Civilization I Week 8 Lecture 1 Terms Shakyamuni Buddha Bodhiattvas Samsara Nirvana Mudra Ashoka Shiva Vishnu Devi Darshan Mandala Gargha Griha Theme The art of India Pakistan and Southeast Asia Buddhist and Hindu religions often existed side by side and fostered a rich artistic tradition one tending to the serene one to the exuberant The combination of sensuality and spirituality in Indian art distinguishes it from any other Small empires traded along the Silk Road coming inot contact with and cross fertilizing with Hellenistic and Roman culture Indian civilization 2600 1500 BCE quotBuddha 39The Enlightened One39quot 563 483 BCE Born of royalty Attained enlightenment after 6 year meditation in wilderness Teachings First at Deer Park Sarnath 4 Noble Truths 1 Life is suffering 2 Suffering is caused by ignorance 3 Suffering can be overcome 4 Way to overcome 8 fold path samsara karma nirvana Maura Dynasty Ashoka 272 231 BCE Patna consolidated quotLion Capital of the Column Erected by Ashokaquot Sarnath India 250 BCE Polished sandstone 739 high lions Pillars are 3039 4039 high quotGreat Stupaquot Cannot be entered 50 BCE 50 CE Begun by Ashoka Sacred complex viharas monk39s cells chaityus stupa halls temples Stupa NOT a space to be entered Burial mound with some of Buddha39s ashes quotYakshiquot Detail of east torana Great Stupa Sanchi 500 BCE to 500 CE Sandstone 539 high gure Derived from ancient nature deities Theravada philosophy No gural Buddha Seek nirvana for self quotMeditating Buddhaquot Gandhara Pakistan 2nCI C CE Gray Schist 339 7quot Elongated ears From the jewels worn Bun like thing on head Extended knowledge Not hair Mahayana Philosophy Teaching Seek enlightenment for every being images embraced quotThe Life and Death of Buddhaquot Gandhara Pakistan F eze 2nCI C CE Schist quotBuddha Seated on Lion Thronequot Mathura lndia 2nCI C CE Red Sandstone 239 3quot quotSeated Buddha Preaching First Sermonquot Sarnath lndia 2nCI half of 5th C Tan sandstone 5 3quot Teaching Mundra ldeal of Buddhism quotInterior of Cave 19quot Ajanta India 2nCI half of 5th C Allowed to enter quotBodhisative Padmapaniquot Detail of a wall painting in cave 1 Ajanta India 2nCI half of 5th C quotBoar Avatar of Vishnu Rescuing the Earthquot Cave 5 Udayagui Early 5th C quotDancing Shivaquot Rock cut relief in cave temple Badami India Late 6th C Multiple limbs Supra not human Mundra Hand gestures Lecture 2 Terms Mandala Chinese wood construction Pagoda Glazed earthenware Painting formats Hanging Scroll Handscroll Poetry Calligraphy Theme Chinese art continues interests and methods from the early eras ceramics and sculpture Buddhism from India reaches China during Han dynasty Characteristic periods saw the ourishing of Chinese painting both narrative and landscape The Chinese were masters of the brush a passion also seen in the art of calligraphy quotVishnu Templequot Deogarh India Early 6th C quotVishnu Asleep on Serpent Aantaquot Relief panel on south facade of the Vishnu Temple Deogarh India Early 6th C quotRajarajeshvara Templequot Thanjarur India 1010 Southern style Do not enter Stand at entrance and look at cult statue Dedicated to Vishnu quotVishvanatha Templequot Khajuraho India 1000 Do not enter Stand at entrance and look at cult statue Northern style Dedicated to Vishnu quotShiva as Natarajaquot 1000 Bronze Seen as actual God Not just representation Supre Supra quotBorobudurquot Java Indonesia 800 quotMountain of Buddhasquot Mandala form and function Classical Buddha style 500 life sized Buddhas 1000 sculpted reliefs 1500 small stupas Mandala Do not enter quotThe Archer Yi and a Reception in a Mansionquot Wu family shrine Jiaxiang Han Dynasty 147 168 CE Rubbing of a stone relief 339 x 539 Oppressive Qin Dynasty overthrown by Han More liberal Confucian ideals Shrine reliefs point to non aristocratic families as patrons of art quotShalqamuni Buddhaquot Hebei Province Later Zhou Dynasty Oldest statue of Buddha from China quotVairocana Buddha Disciples and Bodhisattvasquot Fengxian Temple Longmen Caves Luoyang China Tang Dynasty 676 quotModel of a housequot Han Dynasty First C CE Painted earthenware 4 4quot high Ceramics Chinese wooden construction Historical awareness Walls not weight bearing quotFoguang Si Pagodaquot Yingxian China Liao Dynasty 1056 9 stories 216 ft tall Note intricate beam and bracket system


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