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by: Aria Sivick


Marketplace > Syracuse University > Communication > COM 107 > COM 107 WEEK 7 NOTES
Aria Sivick
GPA 3.78
Communications and Society
S. Hollenback

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About this Document

Hey all! Here are your weekly notes for COM 107, WEEK 7! Have a good weekend!
Communications and Society
S. Hollenback
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aria Sivick on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 107 at Syracuse University taught by S. Hollenback in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see Communications and Society in Communication at Syracuse University.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
1013 PUBLIC RELATIONS Journalism Review Ethical Predicaments Deploying deception Invading Privacy Con ict of Interest Questions to ask Who would ve been negatively affected Consider THINK Joseph Blair case The publishers and the victims Relations of the convicted and future outlook on career Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics seek truth honest fair act independently journalists should be accountable We Should be wary of new but altt39mately we must trastjoamalists to be truthful factual clear and cover Sigm eanee Public Relations How we de ne PR Management function of building and maintaining mutually bene cial relationships between an organization and its publics on whom the organization s access or failure depends VCI39SUS Campbell s An organization s person s or government s total communications strategy to reach and persuade audiences to adopt a POV Because PR pioneer Edward Bern s did argue for the engineering of public consent So Broadly the management of communication between an organization and its publics stakeholders PR Purposes process practitioners public SU and its PR Who are SU s publics stakeholders alumni Syracuse Mag mailings asking for money have them present contribute experiences future employers career development centers interviewsinternships STUDENT BODY Undergraduates graduates faculty alumni from speci c schools invites nancial aid international outreach programs prospective students school visits from SU reps Project Advance parents nancial aid high school counselors athletes recruitment STAFF Professors establishment profs search committees connections in the professional world Health Center Food Services Human resources involved with part time fully time employees job notices THE ACTUAL PUBLIC Syr public upstate new york national international Dick Clark Studios and Oprah in order for promotion Pseudo events more publicity and notoriety in NYC for Newhouse 50 GOVERNMENT Subsidies scholarship programs nancial aid educational requirements Local government student community involvement neighborhood associations LOL OTHER UNIVERSITIES PR is multi faceted 0 PR as Publicity and Promotions 0 PR vs Advertising Marketing 0 PR vs Human Resources 0 PR as Development and Investor Relations 0 PR as Public Affairs and Lobbying Bern s said 4 elements in PR 1 the message to be transmitted 2 independent third party endorser to transmit the message often the press 3 a target audience or public you hope to motivate 4 a medium that transmits the message PR has more credibility because of a 2 Advertising only has own obvious agenda That communications strategy involves Research the org and its publics Converting the message to media press releases VNRs PSAs etc for uncontrolled sharing with publics Or to publics directly through social media with full control And developing relationships with media Running special events and pseudoevents Relationships with Communities being a good corporate citizen supporting non pro t causes Relations with consumers sustain good will between client and consumers handling problems Government relations Business do contribute their resources to causes via Ads where the bis aligns with a cause to communicate the cause s message Sponsorship biz helps fund a program or event Licensing biz pays to use a charity logo on products or services Direct donations biz gives to cause rom consumer purchases Facilitated givingL biz facilitates consumer donations to a charity Time off for employees biz supports volunteering Government relations working with local state national and international governments m public of ces have their own PR operations Political PR elections and issues Lobbying in uencing lawmakers to support legislation or often prevent it deregulation Often criticized because efforts bene t client more than publics or for things like Astroturf lobbying phony grassroots campaigns Crisis PR Responding to sudden extremely religious tragedy or crisis or emergency especially if publics believe the corporation or government was a fault m caused harm to innocent people or environment 0 Tylenol 1982 0 Exxon Valdez 1989 0 British Petroleum Oil Spill 2001 sports teams and athletes owners health and medicine personnel care costs nancial institutions transportation Airlines ships cars universities agriculture and food energy and environment protect the public cooperate with the authorities try not to lose trust with that institution


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