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by: Kelly Notetaker

COM201LectureNotes10-14.pdf Com 201 A

Kelly Notetaker
GPA 3.38
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin

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About this Document

Hi, this is the notes for Thursday's lecture, and the reading notes I haven't finish typing them up, so please be patient. I'll be done before Monday comes. Thanks.
Intro to comm 1
Ekin Yasin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Kelly Notetaker on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Com 201 A at University of Washington taught by Ekin Yasin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 69 views. For similar materials see Intro to comm 1 in Communication Studies at University of Washington.

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Date Created: 10/17/15
COM 201 Lecture Notes 1014 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Political Economy of Media Consolidation and consequences Role of Media and Communication in our lives What are structures of companies play roles in our lives 0 Our benefits vs their benefit How does media content affect us 0 Future of Newspaper Role of Public Media Politicians and their strategic use of media and communication 0 How do media content represents us Communication Technology and Changing our World 0 Global Content and Global Movements Review Tunisia got the Noble Peace Award 1 rule everyone can create content on internet but only a few do What are changing Media Ownership Question less about their existence since give a lot of entertainment Spend a lot of money on media but don t know much of it 0 Part take in their monthly plans 0 Believe they won t harm us easing of regulations change how much media companies can own Telecommunications Act 1996 sudden decline in owner structure Amount of regulation since the 80 s decreased Larger companies find legal ways to buy companies Ex Disney Question fair competition Change of regulation changes media competition 0 Oligopolistic few companies rule over media 0 Moving towards monopoly Number of large media conglomerates shrinking Concentration of Ownership Horizontal Integration 0 Own different Media types TV and music etc etc I Ex Disney Own Pixar ESPN ABC Mickey o Widespread types of media under one company Verticl Integration 0 Buying similar types of things to decrease price used to produce products 0 Ex Universal Studios have theaters to present work I Own Fandangos sell movies early and advertise movies Should we be concern in companies merge o Easier and make sense for companies to merge themselves 0 Charter Communication cable company was almost bankrupt until it merged with another company and is not Bid4th cable provider Concentration of ownership has benefit for coglomerates cross promote Ex Ellen Show entertainment about entertainment The competition is in fact disappearing Is it possible for us to produce things on our own 0 No still relying on companies to produce our work Only monopoly is big competing against each other To compete you need to be a part of a big company Interlocking interest join interests 0 Everyone wins joining together National Association Broadcasters o All companies in here work together with companies to present their interests against the government What are the consequences of Consolidation of media business More cheaply produced content we call quotguilty pleasures Growing concern whether doctors are curing or just trying to earn profit Class Discussion 0 Write down you guilty pleasure Ex shows 0 Reasons why it s pleasurable 0 Why do you think it s a guilty pleasure Cut backs in number of newspaper and journalists hired Entmarin 1986 Local Newspaper Monopoly Even though lots of local newspapers all from same company Lack of voice and perspective Content is no longer divers Homogenization Theory Decrease in diversity in the things that we see Advertising become more prevalent and more visible Product placement TV advertising products by through actorsactresses using these products quotGreatest movie ever sold a movie about product placement Native Ads seem new but aren t I apologize for any spelling mistakes the lecture slides were moving a bit fast COM 201 Readings 1012 Italicized are facts that are probably important to remember Bolded are the major topic of the notes Just words I want to emphasize Big Tech Has Become Way Too Powerful Conservatives and Liberals Debate Merits of quotfree market vs quotthe government Which do you trust most rhetoric question Authors argument they aren t two separate things 0 No market without government government make the rules 0 Emphasizes who has more influence over media History Assets seen most valuablesymbols of power 2 centuries ago slaves After Civil War land factories machines oil 19205 freedom to organize unions freedom of speech NOW information and ideas control over communication Without government no decisions made Forms of property made by them Most politically influential owners doing their best to increase profit creates monopolies 0 Intellectual properties so widely used Ex Facebook Websites most visited 20019 top 10 websites 31 Americans use daily 20109 top 10 websites 75 Americans use daily Google and Facebook first stop for seeking news Amazon first stop for 13 Americans Crucial to innovation Law 20 years protection to inventions quotnew and usefu Companies successful ones 9 warranting new patent 0 Intellectual property becomes semipermanent o Litigate teaching them the law go against potential rival educate them to go against the rivals 0 So many applicants want to be patents o 2012 Google and Apple spend more money gathering patent Fight against market power Government accused Microsoft dealing with Internet Explorer to stifle competition 19905 0 Settled by sharing programs with other companies BigTech almost immune to antitrust although immense power 0 Accumulated a lot of political power Federal Trade Commissions Bureau of Competition 2012 160 page analysis Google dominance haswill result in harm Google push its products ahead of competitors search results I Unusual commissions don t pursue the issue 0 Probably an internal report against legal action 0 or Google largest corporate lobbyists bribe Also investigating Apple for music Amazon for ebook Dominate corporations gain political influence our markets Trying to prevent too much power Actions taken 0 Sherman Antitrust Act 721890 9 President Benjamin Harrison 0 Roosevelt 12 years later 9 Northern Securities rail transportation 0 William Howard Taft 1911 9 Standard Oil Empire Nobel peace Awarded to Dialogue in Tunisia Article Tunisia in wake ofJasmine Revolution 2011 Tunisia transition to democracy War against terrorism writing through dialogue Lucky to not have a single group stronger than the rest Government in Tunisia is still fragile Ankara Explosion about 100 people dead Article 2 explosions at Peace Rally Turkish Capitol Killed 95 people insured 245 2 suicidal bombers President Recep Tayyip Erodogan called terrorism attacks loathsome o Cancel visit Blame the state prevent election rallies o Tension between two nationalists groups soared o HDP rally in city of Diyarbakir bombed in June 0 July suicidal bombing by Islamic State Suspects I apologize for any spelling mistakes I was in a hurry


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