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Week 3, Lecture 5 + 6, Humanities Core

by: Nha-Thinh Nguyen

Week 3, Lecture 5 + 6, Humanities Core Human 1A

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Anatomy > Human 1A > Week 3 Lecture 5 6 Humanities Core
Nha-Thinh Nguyen

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About this Document

These notes contain information from Prof. Izenberg's lectures from Week 3.
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nha-Thinh Nguyen on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Human 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by BURKE, C. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see HUMANITIES CORE LEC in Anatomy at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10122015 Week 3 Lecture 5 The Ends of The Iliad Poesis poetic craft techn Study of the rules of the making of everything Eloquence rhetorical force and verbal form 0 Ex quotI am not the man to order men Pathos feelingemotion 0 Ex quotand one day let them say quotHe is a better man than his father Narrative design narrative repetition conceptual pattern The Iliad o Talks of the survival of a community through the survival of their hero 0 Celebration of heroes Artifacts in the poem 0 Artifacts a made thing a specific form has a purpose has a meaning 0 Gives us insight into the ancient culture I Their beliefs and outlooks The Iliad This was originally an oral poem t talks of the rich material culture Material and symbolic culture of The Iliad The poem not only describes the object in great detail it describes the methods in how it was created 0 Ex Nestor s cup Agamemnon s sword Gorgoneion shield It is for us a catalog of the ancient world s culture in terms of their beliefs and geographical territories o It is a depiction of what was lost and can be found quotArtifactualityquot the way that something was made is just as important as the thing itself We analyze these items in practical terms what was it used for and expressive terms how can we look at it in order to infer the multiple purposes for the way it was created Objects o Agamemnon s sword I Practical it is a sword used in battle I Expressive not just an artifact for us o It was greatly dressed o It demonstrated the hierarcha position of its owner 0 Gorgoneion shield I Expressive reason for the way it was designed 0 They viewed Gorgons as terrifying 0 Practical it is a shield I Heavy enough to protect the person NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10122015 I Scary with Gorgon s head enough to strike fear into the opponents WHAT IS THE FUNCTION OF POETRY Poetry 0 Techn o Produces immortality so that the person is not forgotten recollection I They live IN these words 0 Technology for the poet to immortalize or forget the person I Talk of the person immortalize them I Do not talk of the person person will be forgotten 0 Ex n Shakespeare s Sonnet 55 he describes his love in order to ensure that she will never forgottennever die 0 quotyou live in this 0 Another purpose ekphrasis o Ekphrasis verbal depiction of a work of visual art I deals with quotartifactualizationquot I The making of an objecttheme 0 WHY DOES THE POEM SHOW THIS TO THE READERS I It is to pause the poem I To present an image of closure 0 For reflection I Heighten awareness of the poem s rule of construction I Verbal depiction vs visual depiction Hephaestus armor 0 Function 0 Not for protection 0 For something to look at years after death 0 Demonstrates his heroic element 0 The making of the armor shows the readers Homer s fascination of objects 0 quotThe god creates a world of gorgeous immortal work 18 564 0 Theme the beauty in every object Language of the shield o Gives us insight into the Homer s world 0 Center constellations 0 Conflict to plunder or to share o Is value to be plundered or shared 0 Contains the people 0 Shows the depiction of the war 0 Outer ring the river 0 Contains the world as unchanging 0 Shows that The Iliad portrays the war as unfinished NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10122015 0 Picture of pictures How we look at the picture 0 What is at the center 0 Gods o What is in the outer margins 0 People the ocean river 0 What is given light 0 What is in the shadows The king in Book 18 o quotstood tall in silence 0 He does not order his people 0 The people s reaction demonstrates their desireability to conform without his orders Imagespictures in the poem 0 Narrative contents 0 Scenes are given location 0 They are given quotsoundquot 0 Portraying a picture in a poem 0 The described scene does not remain static there is movement I In the 18th book 18 674679 the movement is violent The ocean 0 There are no boarders o It is however permeable o Invites us to cross its boundaries 0 Brought the Achaeans to Troy 0 Will bring the Achaeans back to Achaea many of them will have changed Helen s regret o It helps the reader to image what could havemight have been had Helen been killed as a baby Integrity of the body of corpses o Hector s body 0 Had been desecrated but Achilles had left it whole o It is whole so that the man could be buried whole 0 Achilles understands the importance of preserving the body Achilles world 0 Not a world of peace 0 Stalls the war long enough to bury hector but no longer NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10122015 The end 0 The burial of Hector 0 We are the maker of the world 0 We need more than antiquarian knowledge what had been there 0 We must not only have knowledge we mustjudge it I Judging what is The Iliad used for Why do we have it NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10142015 Week 3 Lecture 6 Other Iliads Epic and Elegy Review 0 The Iliad maker of the world 0 We are agents 0 Shows us that something must lie past the horizon of what he can interpret o How can we measure orjudge some order of the world Poems written about The Iliad 0 Written by a woman 0 Women have written poems of this poem I This is due to the woman s place in The Iliad 0 They were taken as sex slave 0 Even the women who speak who were more than objects at the beginning were taken as sex slaves at the end 0 Ex Andromache 0 Ex Memorial by Alice Oswald 0 Ex The Poem of Force Simone Weil s work Threnos lamentsong This is a song of lamentation Gives expression to the women who could not talk Typically sang by women even before the death of the person narticulate burdenlamentmourning 0 Ex quotHer voice rang out in tears and the vast throngs wailed Death 0 Burial ritual of the body was very different in different locations Shapes of public remembrance o Memorials give meaning 0 Displays for a significant person 0 Ex Lincoln memorial Washington memorial o For a cause 0 To comfort people 0 Or to rally more people to join the cause I Ex Arlington cemetery Vietnam war memorial 0 Vietnam memorial o Aroused great debate 0 Designer Maya Lin Chinese American 20 year old I This detail aroused debate 0 Who should be considered an American NhaThinh Nguyen Humanities Core 10142015 0 Design aroused debate I Black granite somewhat going into the ground o It took the dead out of chronology I Names in order of death 0 We want to make an death an artifact I Give it meaning 0 C que I The New Republic 1981 0 Did not believe that it gave enough meaning Elegy o Mourning for those whom we have lost 0 Death in elegy unreasonable 0 Ex quotLycidasquot 1637 byJohn Milton I Mourned for a friend Edward King who drowned I Born of bitter constraint rather than necessary 0 King untimely death 0 WHAT HAS GONE WRONG WITH THE WORLD 0 HOW COULD HE BEEN KILLED SO PREMATURELY 0 Turns against the institution of the church 0 He saw that they failed in giving meaning 0 Turns against the universe I Milton s view meaning has been subtracted from death from life 0 Ex quotIn memory of major Robert Gregory 1919 by WB Yeats I Erects a model a system of morals where life takes of a purpose I Robert Gregory must die before he becomes life s epitome The logic of elegy 0 Death in poetry is an occasion 0 Not just for expression of feeling 0 Production of meaning 0 Untimely deathdeath in war 0 Crisis of meaning civilizational crisis 0 Made meaningful made into an artifact o Submerge Start of elegy 0 Starts with 10 names o Is a form in itself 0 No horizontal measure 0 Unit of measure 1


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