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Week 3, Lecture 5 + 6, Art in Context

by: Nha-Thinh Nguyen

Week 3, Lecture 5 + 6, Art in Context Art 1A

Marketplace > University of California - Irvine > Art > Art 1A > Week 3 Lecture 5 6 Art in Context
Nha-Thinh Nguyen

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About this Document

These notes contain information from Prof. Samaras' lectures from week 3, and information from the reading assignments.
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nha-Thinh Nguyen on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Art 1A at University of California - Irvine taught by APPEL, K., SAMARAS, C. in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 31 views. For similar materials see ART IN CONTEXT in Art at University of California - Irvine.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10132015 Week 3 Lecture 5 Narrative and Tableau Art Charlotte Cotton Chapter 2 quotOnce Upon a Time 0 Discusses contemporary art photography that tell stories and have narrative constructions o Collective unconsciousness o Comes from shared symbolic order I However not everyone shares the same symbolic order 0 Cultural references I They can shift be misunderstood or misinterpreted depending on the viewer s personal views 0 Some artists create their pieces as obliqueopenended narratives o The viewers are invited to create their own backgroundstory of the image 0 Tableau photography not about illustrating an event Tableau photography tableauvivant quotliving images in French 0 Pictorial narrative is concentrated into a single frame 0 Unlike photo essay like magazines meaning is laid out sequentially o The meaning can be distinguished by flipping through the images on several different pages 0 May be part of a larger body of work 0 Since it focuses on a single frame people have to scrutinize that image for the meaning to be understood 0 What we see has been deliberately constructed 0 This acknowledgement of the fact that it has been constructed gives us insight into what the photographer wants to show 0 There are imposing aspects to the photo that makes us as the viewer scrutinize every detail of the frame 0 Dramatic lighting sense Tableau painting 0 quotThe Oath of the Horatii 1784 Jacques Louis David 0 Neoclassical painting during the French revolution 0 Father in the middle holding swords o 3 sons on the left pledging to the swordfather I Pledges to sacrifice themselves for the greater good I One of the sons is married to a women on the opposing side 0 Daughters and mother on the right 0 Repetition of shapes and lines in the painting I Triangles created by 0 quotThe Death of Socrates Jacque o Tells the story of Socrates being forces to drink Hemorrhoid because people believed that his beliefs were poisoning the minds of people NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10132015 Artists Marnie Weber 0 Plays off of children s stories 0 Works with sculpture photography and music 0 Works 0 Plays off fictional qualities 0 Ghost girls I Collage I These adolescent girls don t realize that they re dead so when the hold a rock concert no one comes but animals in the woods I A performance piece 0 Crowns Eggs I Beautiful room with a lot of crownseggs scattered everywhere I Collage Jeff Wall 0 Photographic works 0 Very well constructed 0 Photo for woman I Deconstruction of the artifice of photography I Mimics Monet s painting 0 His original painting 0 Makes it look as though the woman subject is somewhere between a public and private place 0 Insomnia I Way that it was constructed affects the audience s view of what is going on o It tells a story 0 The man subject lying on the ground seems overwhelmed o It is a disturbing psychological aspect PhilipLorca diCorcia o The strobe lighting photographic works 0 Photographic works 0 Randomly lighting a strobe on the streets of new York in order to take a picture of the people 0 Paid men to pose for him in random places Sam TaylorWood o Took photos that represented Michelangelo s sculpture Angel 0 Focused on a poet s suicide Yinka Shonibare NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10132015 0 Photographic works 0 Setting similar to a Victorian home 0 The people surround one African man I During the Victorian era there were no elite African people 0 Witty Sharon Lockhart 0 Her works have a sense of fictional to them 0 The narratives of each are imprinted onto the works by the viewer s interpretation of it o Photographic works 0 Had children reenact a scene from a film Anna Gaskell 0 Deals with adolescent girls in her work 0 Her works are constructed 0 Demonstrates the artifice of the camera 0 Photographic works 0 Her images are seductive I Until we notice the quotdistubingnessquot of them 0 Not sequential I We don t know what came before and what will come after 0 She has a series that was influenced by the nurse who killed her patience 0 quotWondersquot I Series that depicts the time when girls are more selfinvolved I We don t know what is real 0 Great depiction of adolescents period Gregory Crewdson 0 Most famous for his Twilight series 0 These photos cost a lot to shoot 0 These images give the viewers a chance to formulate their own story of it Thomas Demand Started as a sculptor in the 1990 s 0 Constructs his photos 0 He would take photos of his sets of mundane locationsscenes Removes people from the frame 0 Focuses on the culturalpsychological themes 0 This is an openended photo Photos of mundane events 0 Openended for the public viewers James Casebere NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10132015 Works are about taking architectural spaces and building models of ti and then photographing them He makes sculptures and displays them but is more famous for his photography Like Demand he removes all people from his sets NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10152015 Week 3 Lecture 6 Photographs of Moments in History Charlotte Cotton Chapter 6 quotMoments in History 0 Doesn t necessarily show what was lost in wardestructions but show what is left 0 They photograph the aftermath of the destruction 0 They tend to use wider lens to shot more of the scene 0 Works of many photo journalists o Raises the question of the uselessnessaloof manner of the photographer Artists Annie Leibovitz o Photographic works 0 Shot a photo of after everyone and Nixon left the field 0 Shot a photo of John Lennon 5 hours before he was shot I Appears with Yoko ono I Submitted into the Rolling Stones Magazine Sophie Ristelhueber o Photographic works 0 Iraq I Shoots photos of the land after the bombing of Kuwait I Photos of trees that were cut down 0 She shot aerial views I We can see the lines created by the tracks of military vehicles 0 quotFaitquot madedone in French I Double meaning Luc Delahaye o Tableau style 0 This structure of his works causes the viewers to scrutinize the photo even more I It makes us think about how we are constructing the narrative o Photographic works 0 quotKabulRoadquot I People are standing around a dead body 0 Expresses social fatigue 0 Photo of US bombing in Taliban I Cloud of smoke over land 0 Photo of refugee camps I They create shelter in the rubble of destroyed buildings NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10152015 Allan Sekula o Wrote pieces on the aspects of photography 0 Was interested with the labor and economics 0 Photographic works 0 Combines the images with writing 0 quotFish Story series I Maritime commerce I He was on a Korean cargo ship 0 Photo of the abundance of cargo Julie Shafer Works with large format camera Method of developing her photos 0 Only the colors red and black appear I This method is seductive o This pulls the viewer into the frame 0 Makes the viewers scrutinize it Takes photos of the bayou Photographic works 0 Contact prints I Would anchor emulsion paper into the water near refineries I It would be a mixture of the marine life and the pollution of the water I Somewhat ambiguous 0 You can t really tell what the photo is showing 0 You can guess what marine life can survive the pollution in the water but it isn t clear 0 You can sense the amount of pollution in the water through how much light the paper could be exposed to Werner Herzog o In all his films he does a voice over 0 Film 0 Clips of different places at different times 0 Communicates that what happens in photo taken in the moment is just that I In the moment spontaneous will change compared to how you will see it later 0 Shows clips of a place before during and after a war I Nothing will stay the same I Warmonumental events will cause everything to change 0 After the war I Land is dry and barren I There are skeletons of animals NhaThinh Nguyen Art in Context 10152015 I Destruction of buildings infrastructure 0 Ex What s left of a train and a factory


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