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Chapter 10 Notes

by: Alisha Currier

Chapter 10 Notes PSYCH 230-01

Alisha Currier
GPA 3.2
Human Sexuality
Nora Erikson

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About this Document

Hello everyone! This is chapter 10 notes of Sexuality Now for Human Sexuality. I hope this helps in reviewing over the chapter!!
Human Sexuality
Nora Erikson
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alisha Currier on Saturday October 17, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSYCH 230-01 at Washington State University taught by Nora Erikson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Human Sexuality in Psychlogy at Washington State University.


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Date Created: 10/17/15
Human Sexuality Chapter 10 Sexual Expression In uences on Sexuality Hormones 0 Women s estrogen decreases with menopause 0 Certain neurotransmitters can affect sexual desire Oxytocin Serotonin Dopamine Vasopressin Family 0 Sexual behavior can be learned from family background Such as marital status and ethnicity Those who have married parents learn to have stronger values pertaining to sex and are more likely to be safe with it Black teens are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse earlier less likely to use a contraceptive and have higher pregnancy rates 0 Those who are religious are more likely to be conservative about sex Studying Sexual Response 0 Four phases of the sexual response cycle in women 0 Excitement The process of the vaginal walls lubricating is called transudation Certain triggers can cause for excitement such as having a fantasy or being touched Sexual arousal may be associated with serotonin Breasts increase in size and nipples become erect o Plateau Women often take longer than men to reach this phase The rubbing of the clitoris is the cause for orgasm during sexual intercourse If sexual stimulation were to stop at this phase it would be very uncomfortable May last anywhere from 30 sec3 minutes Areola enlarges and the breasts may become sex ushed o Orgasm The orgasm is the blood being expelled from surrounding tissues during a contraction 14 of women experience multiple orgasms Areola is enlarged and sex ush still occurs 0 Resolution Orgasms can help reduce cramps during menstruation The breasts reduce to normal size nipples remain rm and sex ush disappears The four phases of the sexual response cycle in men 0 Excitement The penis is fully erect partially aroused testes being to elevate and engorge and there is thickening and tensing of the scrotal skin lf sexual stimulation were to stop at this point it would be very uncomfortable o Plateau Cowper s gland secretes testes become completely elevated and engorged and scrotum maintains thickened and tensed state Some may experience sex ush o Orgasm Some may orgasm without ejaculation Orgasmemission no ejaculation is when there is contractions of the vas deferens internal urethral sphincter contracts urethral bulb expands with seminal uid and external urethra sphincter contracts Orgasmexpulsion with ejaculation is when there is contractions of penile urethra external urethral sphincter relaxes contractions of muscles around base and contractions of rectal sphincter 0 Resolution Erection loss begins testes descend to unstimulated size and scrotum thins and resumes wrinkled appearance Men go through the refractory stage where they cannot orgasm for a period of time 0 Helen Singer Kaplan s Triphasic Model 0 Includes sexual desire excitement and orgasm o Believes there are many factors that block sexual desire Depression Pain Fear Medications Past sexual abuse 0 David Reed s Erotic Stimulus Pathway 0 Includes four phases Seduction wearing perfume and what we wear Sensation touch Surrender orgasm occurs Re ection re ect on experience Solitary Sexual Behavior Men think more about sex than women Men and women s fantasies are similar Women s sexual fantasy 0 Women s sexual fantasy include more touching and feeling 0 Five most common sexual fantasies Sex with current partner Reliving a past sexual experience Engaging in different sexual positions Having sex in other rooms besides bedroom Sex on the carpet Men s sexual fantasies o More aggressive than women s fantasies 0 Less romance 0 Five most common sexual fantasies for men Engaging in different sex positions Having an aggressive partner Getting oral sex Having sex with a new partner Having sex on the beach Masturbation helps to reduce the need for sex and of course reduce the risks of pregnancy and STl s by satisfying sexual needs Masturbation is more common in men than women Although it may be that women are less likely to admit to doing so Partnered Sexual Behavior Caressing and snuggling are common in foreplay Some may de ne foreplay as everything that happens before penetration Manual Sex 0 Hand job 0 Less common than masturbation 0 Women have manual sex by being rubbed on their clitoris or digital penetration by their partner 0 Men have manual sex by being rubbed on their penis by their partner 0 Oral Sex 0 Oral sex is common among all age groups with both genders Oral sex can be used as foreplay More men and women prefer to receive oral sex versus giving it 0 During cunnilingus women worry about the smell of their vagina but it is reported that most partners nd the smell and taste OO arousing Women also prefer working up to it by being kissed and caressed 0 During Fellatio men prefer to be kissed gradually getting closer to the penis Most women report that they have no desire to engage in this 0 quotMost heterosexual couples engage in vaginal intercourse almost every time they have sexquot Vaginal intercourse between 313 minutes is ideal to ensure that the vagina does not get dry and uncomfortable and the penis does not ejaculate too soon 0 Positions for Vaginal intercourse o Maleontop aka missionary Most common position 0 Femaleontop aka female superior o Sidebyside Allows both partners to relax during intercourse 0 Rear entry one variation aka doggie style and another variation includes using the sidebyside position 0 Anal Intercourse 0 Only 1 in 10 heterosexual couples engage in this 0 Less common than vaginal intercourse but not uncommon 0 Since the anus cannot create lubrication the use of lubricants are needed 0 The risk of HIV is higher during anal intercourse versus vaginal intercourse Same sex sexual behaviors 0 Gay and bisexual men engage in more oral sex versus their heterosexual counterparts o STI has increased in actively sexual gay men 0 Lesbian couples kiss more than heterosexual or gay couples Sexual Behavior Later in Life 0 Some men and women are sexually active through their 805 2030 0 Although changes in physical health may occur aging does not necessarily mean couples cannot be sexually active some can have normal functioning Many do continue masturbation with aging as well as vaginal intercourse 0 Being physically t and healthy can determine how long a sex life can last Safer Sex Behaviors Same sex includes the use of contraceptives condoms and birth control Although only abstinence and masturbation can ensure 100 safe sex from STI s The impairment from alcohol intake can make sex unsafe


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