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Week 3 Notes

by: Robert Davydov

Week 3 Notes English composition 3

Robert Davydov
English composition, rhetoric, and language
De, E.N.

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About this Document

English composition, rhetoric, and language
De, E.N.
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Robert Davydov on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to English composition 3 at University of California - Los Angeles taught by De, E.N. in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see English composition, rhetoric, and language in Writing at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Robert Davydov 704620601 English Composition 3 It is an unfortunate truth in the human experience that people are often judged by their gender and appearance Society has created a set image of what men and women ought to look like and behave Men are supposed to be tall and handsome as well as strong and wealthy in order to protect and support their family while women must be beautiful and gentle to serve as mothers and housewives The ideal family consists of a breadwinner father his trophy wife and their two children one boy and one girl Anything straying from these traditional characteristics of gender and family causes people to scorn these abnormal others This idea of a model man is evident in quotTerminator 2 Judgement Dayquot since Terminator supports every characteristic of a real man in Michael Kimmel s quotBros Before Hosquot In comparison the Seven Dwarfs in quotSnow White amp the Seven Dwarfsquot would not pass Kimmel s idea of real men because of their disability In quotSnow White amp the Seven Dwarfsquot Snow White upholds Aaron H Devor s idea of a woman in quotBecoming Members of Societyquot because of her gentle nature whereas the Evil Queen would not because of her dark demeaning character The traditional family as seen in the image in quotHarmony at Homequot of the 19505 show quotThe Donna Reed Showquot no longer holds the same value due to the rise in independence of women and emergence of samesex marriage In quotBros Before Hosquot Kimmel argues that real men quotnever show emotions or admit to weaknessquot Kimmel 609 In other words men are supposed to be strong and show no fear ln quotTerminator 2 Judgement Dayquot Terminator substantiates this claim because he never shows even a hint of emotion or feeling of pain as he is ghting the T1000 to save John Connor s life Throughout the entire movie Terminator has a blank expression There is no sign of a smirk a shedding of a tear or a sigh of grief This lack of emotion is because Terminator is a robot He doesn t have a brain to experience such feelings Terminator was programmed as a soldier for war to ght shoot and kill Kimmel s idea of men is like robots these perfect individuals with superhuman strength showing no evidence of fear Terminator has a tough guy persona due to his body build leatherjacket and black shades He takes up a lot of space This idea of space makes him more powerful and authoritative It gives him more control of his surrounding area The name Terminator itself represents a killer or destroyer something very powerful and threatening Kimmel says that quotMasculinity is the relentless repudiation of the femininequot Kimmel 609 This means that men cannot have any female characteristics in order to be considered men They cannot appear to be fragile or weak This quotrepudiation of the femininequot is evident in Terminator when he steps on red roses Roses are objects of romance and love two things men are not supposed to feel according to Kimmel This further proves the high level of masculinity in Terminator Kimmel further explains that men should quotExude an aura of daring and aggression Live life on the edge Take risksquot Kimmel 610 Kimmel means that men should be bold and risktaking Kimmel doesn t want men to be violent or hostile per say but aggressive because it adds to their power and dominance Terminator proves this idea in his actions of riding his motorcycle chasing the T1000 The aspects of shooting the shotgun and driving the motorcycle off a bridge are very suspenseful and dangerous He is certainly living a life on the edge In quotSnow White amp the Seven Dwarfsquot the Seven Dwarfs share a couple masculine characteristics with Terminator The Seven Dwarfs chase the Evil Queen as she ees after poisoning Snow White They are courageous and daring as they ride the deer to hunt her down They have to battle the torrential downpour of the thunderstorm They climb a mountain of unstable rocks regardless of the danger in order to grab hold of the Evil Queen Despite these actions the Seven Dwarfs would not be regarded as real men to Michael Kimmel The reason for this is that the dwarfs have a disability They are less than half the size of the average man They are not strong or wealthy Due to these factors they appear to be incapable and impotent The Dwarfs disability causes them to live as outcastes from society People do not accept them as equals or normal to their standards in just height alone therefore they live in the middle of the forest in a small home Because they live away from society they do not have to follow society s rules and men s idea of competing with one another In one of the scenes Dopey tries to kiss Snow White on the lips She does not comply and instead kisses him on the forehead On the other hand Snow White wants to kiss The Prince on the lips The disability of the dwarfs is evident through Dopey since he cannot speak and is strangelooking Dopey has large ears one tooth and a bald head Snow White does not kiss Dopey also because he cannot provide for her The Prince on the other hand has a large beautiful castle He is a tall handsome and strong gentleman The Prince has a status and is very wealthy He has a horse that he rides upon and a sword that he carries on his waist These are characteristics of a real man characteristics that the dwarfs do not have because of their disability Therefore they are not considered to be embodying the notion of real men In quotBecoming Members of Societyquot Aaron H Devor argues that quotfemininity is usually characterized by passivity and submissionquot Devor 530 This means that women are gentle and fragile Men are usually coined with being aggressive and authoritative Women on the other hand are calm and mildmannered Women are supposed to be obedient to men Snow White in quotSnow White amp the Seven Dwarfsquot upholds this idea of tenderness in females Snow White is a very gentle character She takes up very little space and is not in control There is a scene in which Brighton the Evil Queen s steward tells Snow White to run away because the Evil Queen wants her dead Snow White is very frightened by this and obeys Brighton and runs into the dark forest This shows her submissiveness since she complies with the steward She runs away from her problem instead of ghting it like a real man like Terminator would Terminatorjumps into a ght and conquers it whereas Snow White doesn t take action and ees Devor further argues that quotFeminine characteristics are thought to be intrinsic to the female facility for childbirth and breast feedingquot Devor 532 By this quote Devor means that the ideal woman is supposed to be a good mother and take care of the household This idea of a housewife is evident through Snow White s character as she is seen washing the oors of the stone steps outdoors in the opening scene of the movie Furthermore when Snow White comes upon the house of the Seven Dwarfs in the woods the rst thing she does is cleans it She washes all the dishes tidies up the living room cleans the replace and sweeps the oors The motherly qualities in Snow White are apparent as she tells the animals how to clean She instructs the animals like a true mother would by telling them to wash the dishes not simply lick them and to not sweep the dirt under the rug A mother raises her children and teaches them manners and how to properly act Although Snow White isn t raising these animals she is explaining to them right from wrong and teaching them how to properly clean the house Other notions of femininity seen in Snow White are when she picks owers and sings songs to animals Flowers are a feminine object Singing songs to the animals is further evidence of a motherly quality Mothers usually sing songs or lullabies to their children The Evil Queen although a woman herself does not display any feminine qualities First of all The Queen is evil which is contrary to Devor s idea of women being gentle and caring The Evil Queen is malicious because she orders her steward to kill Snow White Snow White on the other hand is an innocent woman who tends to little animals The Evil Queen conceals her hair and wears a garment which is black and violet both of which are dark colors Contrarily Snow White has her hair tied in a red bow and she is wearing a light blue and yellow colored dress The Evil Queen s makeup consists of dark eyeshadow and eyeliner Snow White on the other hand has rosy cheeks and a much tender hint of makeup Due to the Evil Queen s dark and threatening persona she cannot be identi ed as the beautiful and motherly woman as Snow White is according to Devor s idea The traditional family is evident in quotHarmony At Homequot in the image of the 19505 quotThe Donna Reed Showquot The picture depicts a father and his wife and their two children one boy and one girl The setting of the image is in the living room of a white middleclass family living in the suburbs This idea of the traditional family quotheaded by a breadwinner father and a housewife mother has existed for little more than two hundred years and the suburbs only came into being in the 19505quot Harmony At Home 18 This suggests that the commonly held idea of the traditional family is fairly new Michael Kimmel and Aaron H Devor would agree with this idea of the traditional family with the hardworking father who supports the family and his trophy wife who is a mother of two and tends to the household quotHarmony At Homequot argues that the values of the ideal family are changing quotNearly 14 million American households are headed by women with no husband present Nearly 70 of American households are childlessquot Harmony At Home 18 This suggests that women are seeing a rise in independence The idea that the man must be the sole provider for the family is changing Women are now a part of the work force and are able to provide for themselves as well as for their children as single mothers The US Current Population Survey proves this idea of a rise of women in the work force since it found that nearly 80 of mothers from the ages of 25 to 54 are in the labor force no longer simply housewives The authors of Harmony at Home also use the idea of the Mesopotamian culture and the Code of Hammurabi to state that the Mesopotamian father was the patriarch the law allowed him to use any of his dependents including his wife as collateral for loans or even to sell family members outright to pay his debts 1819 This absolute power of the Mesopotamian father is used to show the comparison of how little power women held back then to how it has evolved now with a rise of power for the women The ideal family is also changing due to a rise in homosexuality In a milestone decision quota divided Supreme Court ruled on June 26th to legalize samesex marriage nationwide Married samesex couples will now enjoy the same legal rights and bene ts as married heterosexual couples and will be recognized on official documents such as birth and death certificates CNNcom This idea of the legality of samesex marriage suggests that now there won t be as many heterosexual couples with children but rather two fathers or two mothers with no children The children of these samesex couples may either be adopted or brought into the world via surrogacy These factors of change show that the once ideal family values are breaking free from the norms The human proclivity is evolving and the once set ideals for gender and family values are changing Michael Kimmel s idea of a real man in Bros Before Hos suggests notions of refraining from any feminine characteristics This means that men cannot be weak and cannot have any feelings or emotions Terminator from Terminator 2 Judgement Day is an ideal representation of Kimmel s real man because he is a robot built to be a superhuman used for fighting and killing others in battle which is the aggressiveness Kimmel refers to in his thesis The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White amp the Seven Dwarfs do not represent real men due to their disability which causes them to live as outcastes from society Aaron H Devor s idea of a true woman in Becoming Members of Society suggests notions of femininity via childbirth and tending to the household Snow White is an accurate representation of Devor s ideal woman because she has a gentle appearance with rosy cheeks and a light colored dress Snow White personifies another feminine characteristic by being motherly due to her singing to animals and instructing them how to clean the house The Evil Queen on the other hand is a very dark and frightening character personifying the opposite of Devor s ideals of being gentle and motherly She is not caring like Snow White is but rather malicious and cruel for wanting to kill her Lastly the once ideal family values of a heterosexual couple with two children is no longer a finite idea due to the rise of women s roles in the work force and the emergence of samesex marriage These factors suggest that society is evolving and people must learn to adjust to the new norms Humanity is not a collection of robots like Terminator or fictional characters like Snow White perfectly defining the characters of gender and family Everyone is different and holds different values Society ought to learn to be appreciative of everyone regardless of their differences w quotHarmony At Homequot nd 1819 Web 13 Oct 2015 lthttps ccleuclaedupluginfilephp l 085 8 l3modresourcecontent lHarmony 20Textpdfgt Devor Aaron H quotBecoming Members of Societyquot 527536 Web 13 Oct 2015 lthttpscceuca eduplugin Iephp1085833modresourcecontentO Aa ron20Devor2CZOBecoming20Members200f 20ocietypdfgt Kimmel Michael quotBros Before Hosquot nd 60817 Web 13 Oct 2015 lthttpsccleuclaedupluginfilephp1085 895modresourcecontentOMicahel 20Kirnmel2CBros20before20Hos2C20Rereading20Americapdfgt De Vogue Ariane and Jeremy Diamond Supreme Court Rules States Must Allow SameSex Marriage CNNPoliticscom CNN Cable News Network 27 June 2015 Web 13 Oct 2015 lthttpwwwcnncom20150626politicssupremecourtsamesexmarriage rulinggt


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