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Weekly Notes: Week 3 CMN 134

by: Brittney Bui

Weekly Notes: Week 3 CMN 134 CMN 134

Brittney Bui
GPA 3.59
Interpersonal Communication
Professor Puckering

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About this Document

In-class notes on Self-Disclosure! Hope this helps.
Interpersonal Communication
Professor Puckering
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brittney Bui on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CMN 134 at University of California - Davis taught by Professor Puckering in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see Interpersonal Communication in Communication Studies at University of California - Davis.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Lecture 4 Thurs 1015 C Puckering CMN 134 SelfDisclosure SelfDisclosure occurs when you purposefully provide information to others about yourself that they would not learn if you did not tell them Reasons We Avoid SelfDisclosure 1 Fear of reiection o I put myself out there Are you still going to like me 2 Loss of privacv 0 Now that it s out there it doesn t feel as intimate and secret anymore 3 Lack of trust in our partner 0 I don t know if you re going to share it with other people or mock me Benefits of SelfDisclosure 1 Stronder Relationships o If you don t self disclose you are putting up walls around yourself You need to open yourself up in order to build relationships 2 Reduce Stress 0 Let it out so it s not bottled up inside 3 Increased SelfAwareness o Letting it out might make you feel better and become more aware of the situation 4 Increased Accuracv ln Communication 0 When people selfdisclose to you it increases your ability to understand them better and receiving their messages more accurately 5 Receive Suoport 0 Both emotional and physical support 0 Lets people know that you might need some sort of support because if you don t say anything how can people help you Successful SelfDisclosure More focus on sender than receiver in past studies More recently there has been a balance between both The sender and receiver need to WORK TOGETHER in order to strengthen the bond Sender knowing when to selfdisclose well Receiver responding well to that selfdisclosure Social Penetration Theorv SPT aka The Onion Model Personality is structured like an onion 0 Outer circle I Contains everything to know about you easy stuff to share with anybody Wedges Different areas of knowledge ex Life as a student soccer player spiritual beliefs family life political views 0 Inner layers Depth of knowledge as we get closer to the center the more in depth and intimate the information is about you SPT Tvbes of Relationships 1 Limited Depth 0 Ex Knowing someone is a really good soccer player and only talk about soccer with them You don t know about their family or political beliefs 2 Breadth 0 Ex Knowing about your coworker s major boyfriend family but only 1 or 2 layers You know a lot of topics about them but not in too much depth 0 Shallow but broad 0 An acquaintance 3 Intimacy Breadth Depth 0 You know about many different aspects of this person in depth 0 Selfdisclosure helps you reach this intimacy SPT 4 Observations About Relational Development 1 Peripheral items are exchanged ore frequently and sooner that private information 2 SelfDisclosure is reciprocal o If I selfdisclose to you you will probably selfdisclose to me 3 Penetration is rapid at the start but slows down as it reaches the inner layers 0 We can get to those outer layers really quickly but then it slows down as you get closer to the core 4 Depenetration shutting down of a relationship is not a gradual process of layer bylayer withdrawal 0 It s not like watching a movie in reverse 0 You can t unknow things about people Once you selfdisclose and is out there you can t take it back 0 Once you terminate with this person you don t necessarily forget all these things but you just don t continue to share private information with this person SPT Stages of Social Penetration 1 Orientation 0 Small talk very little personal information 2 Exploratory Affective Exchange 0 Similar to Experimenting Stage 0 Start to reveal information about yourself and what makes you unique beyond the generic information 3 Affective Exchange 0 When you have shared enough that you are in a real relationships 0 Sharing personal information starting to get into the core 4 Intimacy 0 Only a handful of people of your life will get to this stage of knowing intimate information about you 0 High degree of selfdisclosure you share a lot of information during this stage Interpersonal Process Model of lntimacv Considers selfdisclosure to be a multistep process 1 Selfdisclosure 2 Partner s Response 3 Discloser s reaction to partner s response It is feeling understood validated and cared for that creates an intimate interaction or relationship Selfdisclosure shuts down if the partner s response is negative TEDEX SHAME o Bren Brown says that vulnerability is the prerequisite for selfdisclosure SelfDisclosure MetaAnalvsis Who selfdiscloses more Males or females 0 Sex Differences in SelfDisclosure Women disclosed more than men did but not that much more r 09 We have this conception that men don t talk about their feelings Women disclosed more to women than men disclosed to women r 12 Women disclosed more to women than en disclosed to men r 155 but not a huge difference 0 Women disclosed more to men than men disclosed to women r 04 0000 MetaAnalvsis SelfDisclosure and Likind 1 If I selfdisclose to you will you like me more as a result to that 0 Yes r 14 0 Disclosure between strangers in public places r O15 o Personalistic r 22 Nonpersonalistic r 11 o Personalistic I am selfdisclosing something to you because of the connection we have together intentional selfdisclosing for this interaction 0 Nonpersonalistic Person that sits next to you at a coffee shop that shares their whole life story with you no connection you have with them 2 If I like you am I more inclined to disclose more to you 0 Yes r 34 3 Do we like people as a result of disclosing to them 0 Yes r 16 4 Do we reciprocate selfdisclosures o Selfdisclosure is reciprocal within a conversation r 27 to 34


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