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Introduction to Sociology; Notes for Week of March 28th-April 1st

by: Taylor Rice

Introduction to Sociology; Notes for Week of March 28th-April 1st 1614-10

Marketplace > Rochester Community and Technical College > Sociology > 1614-10 > Introduction to Sociology Notes for Week of March 28th April 1st
Taylor Rice

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About this Document

These notes cover Chapter 7, which will be part of our test on April 11th.
Intro to Sociology
Guenette, Lynn
Class Notes




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taylor Rice on Wednesday March 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to 1614-10 at Rochester Community and Technical College taught by Guenette, Lynn in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Intro to Sociology in Sociology at Rochester Community and Technical College.


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Date Created: 03/23/16
Introduction to Sociology 1614-11 Week of March 28 -April 1 Lecture Notes Chapter 7- Social Stratification Social Class  20% is skewed toward the top  The top 1-2% controls 40% of the country’s wealth  In the U.S. we have a class system-some movement in which class you’re in  India-caste system-whatever class you’re born in is the class you’ll die in o Believe in reincarnation-that’s the main reason most people work so hard  Closed system How do we determine social class?  Income  Housing-where and what it looks like  Assets-heritable-intergenerational mobility  Spending money  Job  Where you go to school and for how long  Appearance-how you present yourself  Life span-poor people have lower life spans  Health  Life chances-happiness  Etiquette  Language-how you talk and what words you use  Power *Since 1973 the middle class has shrunk in the U.S.-especially since the 1990s *Globally ¼ of the population are in absolute deprivation-life threatening-no water, food, or medical/health care *Geographically: South of the Equator is poor, North of the Equator is rich- why?   Colonization: outside country controls politics and economics-taking out wealth  1960s mostly disappeared  Power vacuumdisorderdictatorships  Neocolonialism: control through economicsPower Elite What Should Be Done? Modernizardon Theory: Why is 3 world poor? *Lack of infrastructure  Low literacy rates  High birth rates  Low life expectancy  Narrow export oriented economies Debt to 1 World:  Build infrastructure educate workers  Middle class emerges *Mixed Results:  Higher middle class in China, Indian and Southeast Asia World Systems Theory:  1 world takes advantage of 3 world-should stay out *Saks says: o Educate girls, not just boys o Low birth rates o Access to birth control What Should Be Done About Inequality?  Rosseau: property causes inequalities; believed in reducing inequalities  MalThus: inequality is necessary; high populationinequal food production  Hegel: Dialect; master/slave relationships, more slaves now than in 1865 o Sex Slaves-organized crime, terrorists  Can make more money because they can sell them over and over again


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