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Lecture notes Week 3

by: Taryn manciu

Lecture notes Week 3 J 201

Taryn manciu
GPA 3.46
Media and Society >2
Workneh T

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About this Document

Week 3 lecture notes cover things in class, things highlighted are things he said were important concepts.
Media and Society >2
Workneh T
Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taryn manciu on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to J 201 at University of Oregon taught by Workneh T in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see Media and Society >2 in Journalism and Mass Communications at University of Oregon.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Week 3 Tuesday Extra Credit OP October 28 730 128 Lillis hall Midterm NEXT TUESDAY More than 23990 commercial alternative and noncommercial publications and newsletters are published in the US today Standing the test of time depends on its ability to reinvent itself Magazines refer to any collection of articles stories and advertisements published on a nondaily cycle In the smaller tabloid style rather than larger broadsheet newspaper style European origins Word derived from the French term quotstorehousequot Why did magazines take longer to be introduced to America We weren t as networked Infrastructure not set in place Social conditions weren t ideal for magazines when they first started Saturday Evening Post 1821 continued for 148 years Most important Scientific American 1845 oldest continuously running magazine Harpers 1850 Atlantic Monthly 1857 What factors contributed to boom of magazines in 19th century Postal act was passed 1979 allowed for cheaper distribution Advances in mass production printing Conveyor systems Assembly lines Printingpress speeds Mass circulation Era Railroad helped fuel growth of mass circulation 1870s magazines sold for as little as 10 and 15 cents Postal act lowered postage rates Equal footing with newspapers delivered by mail By late 1800s advertising revenues soared Era of Muckrakers gave rise to The Saturday Evening Postquot First widely popular generalinterest magazine Readers Digest Most popular magazine by the mid 1980 s Featured condensed versions of selected articles from other mags Time interpretative journalism Life Capitalized on the publics fascination of images recreated photojournalism Passalong readership Rivaled popular national radio programs Decline of General Interest Magazines Advertising money shifts to TV Paper cost rise in early 70 s Life Look Saturday Evening Post all fail Many women s magazines survived People 1974 first successful mass market magazine in decades Structure Production machines and paper layout design Editorial content writing quality Advertising and sales manage income from streams of ads Circulation and distribution either quotpaidquot or controlled Audience 94 of people with some college education read at least one magazine 61 have positive attitude toward magazine advertising 72 say ads do not interfere with their magazine reading enjoyment Scope and structure 1950 there were 6950 magazines Today it exceeds 19000 and 6700 of them are general interest consumer magazines But less than 90 of them sell to more than 1 million readers Advertising 1914 ABC Audit Bureau of Circulations established to provide reliability to announce circulation figures Advertiser in uence over magazine content Interests shape content in placement of ads Growing practice of advertisers demand right to prescreen content FUNFACT less than 90 US magazines sell to more than 1million people The others struggle to find a niche Week 3 Thursday Sound Recordings and Popular Music Midterm on chapter 15 except not media literacyquot Four aspects important words and phrases in the history of mass media eras and periods key examples textbook questions Words and Phrases Paper made from the dried skin of animals is parchment Eras and Periods This ear in history rejected tradition and embraced progress Key Examples The rst penny paper was the rst published by Benjamin Day in 1833 NY sun Textbook This magazine founded in 1967 was the rst major magazine to address issues of interest to gay men and lesbians Advocate Of all mass media sound recording has arguably been most immediately transformed by recent technological advance Development Stages Novelty Entrepreneurial Consumer Marketing Why was recorded music slow to be popular Shellacs not very good Vulnerable to scratch Only had 4mins of musicmade buying expensive History CBS records Magnetic audiotape Germany 1940 s most important for portability and new features Stereo sound 1950 s Digital recording 1970quots Compact discs 1980 s DVS s 1990 s MP3 1992 and music piracy issues now Napster P2P iTunes and cloud based Payola Scandals Payola The practice of record promoters paying DI s to play their songs on the air Congressional hearings in 1959 Problems still persists in 2005 sonny BMG and Warner Music paid millions to settle payola cases The business of sound recording Recording industry generates more revenue than all other media except TV Hence the panic over piracy Global oligopoly Four corporations control most of industry worldwide Four corporations at the top Universal 307 Sony BMG 268 Warner Music 181 EMI 103 And the Indies 141 How much is the artist cut An artist with a typical 11 00 royalty rate makes about 180 on a 1698 CD Iobs in the recording industry Artist development AampR gents Technical facilities tech production specialists Sales and distribution direct retail music clubs internet sales Advertising and promotion radio MTV Administrative operations The Internet and the future of the recording industry Internet has created a new channel for music distribution Serious questions about the Net s impact on copyright In April 2003 apple computers unveiled iTunes Artists can produce promote and distribute their own music eg Radiohead Industryapproved downloading Now more than 500 legally licensed music sites on the net selling 6 million different music tracks Streaming sites Pandora Spotify amazon cloud player mobile phones Royalty A payment made to a legal owner for the right to use intellectual property IncentiVizes innovators to create new products and ideas Provides a means for them to allow other people to bring them to the market Preforming Rights Organizations intermediary groups that provide functions collection of royalties between copyright works publicly American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers ASCAP Broadcast Music Inc BMI The Society of European stage authors and composers SESAC United Stated leads with 967 million of downloading music releases Via Bit Torrent in the first half of 2012


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