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Exam 2 Flashcards - Igneous Rocks

by: Marinice Bauman

Exam 2 Flashcards - Igneous Rocks EAS 2600 A

Marketplace > Georgia Institute of Technology > Earth Sciences > EAS 2600 A > Exam 2 Flashcards Igneous Rocks
Marinice Bauman
Georgia Tech
Earth Processes

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About this Document

For Ga Tech EAS 2600 Exam 2 - Chapter 4: Igneous Rocks
Earth Processes
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marinice Bauman on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to EAS 2600 A at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 50 views. For similar materials see Earth Processes in Earth Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
HOW are During the cooling and 39gnfeous 809cm crystallization Orme 39 of magma What are Rocks formed plutonic or on the inside intrusive rocks of the earth What are rocks formed from lava on the surface called volcanicextrusive rocks The classification of igneous rocks are based on what Texture and minerals present How is By size and promotes what size crystals Lare texture arrangement defined of crystals Name 4 types 1 ziarnggatr eslgrgst 0 textures and 3 erasLatsmittsfast their COOIing rate ofycoqlin 4 Porphy itic2 rates Cryst ttg eglgssrrgst2 HOW 395 Rate of crystal Size 5 I based on COO Ing Slow cooling FastcooHng promotes what size crystals Small to none Flash freezing 39 creates what Arcylstallme kind of crystal 9 ass lnto what FeISiC composition Intermediate groups are igneous Mafia and classified into UltramafiC What classifies a rock as Felsic Greater then 60 Silica contains Al Fe Mg Na main constitutes of the continental crust usually light in color relatively low density 28003000kgm3 Name2 examples of a felsic rock Granite Rhyolite Wh t Around 50 silica content a High in FeMgCa main 39 39 constitutes of oceanic classn les a dam relatively higher density rock as Mafic 31 OO3300kgm3 Name2 examples of a Malfic rock Basalt Gabbro Composed of almost entirely of light colored g Itl C silicatesquartz and feldspar w silica content of about 70 rocks Describe Contain susvstanial base th rocks plagioclase feldspar What I I compositional AhdeSIth or group lies between felsic and mafic Intermed39ate What compositional group consists primarily or mafic materials but contains less than 10 percent feldspar Name a rock from this group Ultramafic peridotite Intrusive rocks are grained while extrusive rocks are grained Coarse Fine Fragments of lava thrown high into the air during violent eruptions What are pyroclasts A process by which the crystals formed in What is Fractional a cooling magma are 39 39 r segregateol from the Crystalllzatlon 39 remaining IquId rock N a m e e 1 As magma cools olivine and other EmQ EE al39l i 350 21 222699 fail Of B n S Icr39ystallizels in a sehplaratetordereg series R 9 act o n 63 30h 2 2rll os 2 8f thiie39 i39flg magma changes from ultramafic to S e e S andesitic as minerals are withdrawn A process by which rocks of varying composition can arise from a uniform What is magmatic octaiitetsagalitizm dlffe rentlathn minerals crystallize at different temperature foreign rock trapped within an erupted with magma Can come from country rock prior intrusions or injected from below What is xenoliths What is An 9 Iunderground a pluton igneous body According to orientation With respect to the surrounding rock Discordant and CI f concordant How can an It cuts across igneousrock existing be discordant structures It is parallel to features such as sedimentary How can an Igneousrock be concordant strata What iS tabular 9 ellscorelant 3 dlke Intrusmn What is A tabular 9 Cloncorldant 3 SI Intrusmn What is a Sirgtiltar ttcila sill U WI an laccolith 39 flghfgaggper What is a Batholith Name an example of one The largest intrusive body that often occurs in groups that frequently form in the core of mountains Sierra Nevada Mountains What is columnar Jomtlng and name a few examples Interesting hexagonal blocks formed in some magmatic rocks Devils postpile Yosemite Devils Tower eastern wyoming What type of igneous rock occur at spreading MafioBasalts with little differentiation low viscosity with 9 no explosive Centers39 eruptions What type Of Ultramaficperidotites igneous rock to Maficbasalts with little differentiation OCCUF at low viscosity and little hotspots explosive eruptions What type of igneousrock occurs at ocean Maficbasats to intermediateandesites with some differentiation with intermediate OCGan viscosity and some convergence explosive eruptions What type of Maficbasats to igneousrock occurs at ocean con nent convergence intermediateandesites more the 00 convergence moderate differentiation intermediatehigh viscosity that have many explosive eruptions


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