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by: Sheyla Moliner

SOP 3004 CH.1 NOTES SOP3004

Marketplace > Psychlogy > SOP3004 > SOP 3004 CH 1 NOTES
Sheyla Moliner
GPA 4.0
Introduction to Social Psycholoy
Steve Charman

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About this Document

If you are taking SOP 3004, the study guide I have uploaded will guarantee an A. It is based on class lecture, Powerpoint material, and further research to maximize understand the material.
Introduction to Social Psycholoy
Steve Charman
One Day of Notes
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This 3 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Sheyla Moliner on Wednesday January 7, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to SOP3004 at a university taught by Steve Charman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 339 views.

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Date Created: 01/07/15
Sheyla Moliner SOP 3004 Introduction to Social Psycholoy CH1 Hindsight Bias De nition Hindsight bias once something happens we feel like we know it was going to happen Once you know what the saying is it distorts your way of thinking Agreeing with the saying You become bias depending on the saying you re giving Example If you take a group of people on average each group will have a different response depending on the statement One group of 5 will agree with love is stronger then fear And the other will agree with fear is stronger the love Sociology vs social psychology Sociology how voting trends differ between sociocultural groups Social psychology Whether your more likely to vote for someone who is taller or shorter Sociology do not rely manipulate variables rely on surveys Social psychology heavy use of experimentation Why does social psychology need to be scienti c Answer The experimenter has certain expectations on how the experiment will turn out and that can make the results bias Culture Values can change the way certain data ends up Question effects How a question is worded can in uence the answer The order in which you ask questions also matter Random sampling When everybody in population has a chance of being in the experiment Operational de nitions o In order to have consistency we must create a same operational de nition We often have a need for operational de nition ex alcohol intoxication loneliness intelligence Advantage we can study what happens in the weird world disadvantage some behaviors we cant observe ex legal issues sexual behavior Main disadvantage is that the experimenter has very little control Correlational research 0 Whether two variables are related to one another the closer the number is to 10 or 10 the closer the relationship is between the variable if closer to 0 the less relationship the variables have 0 Correlation does not mean causation because two reason listed below 0 Direction of causality problem people who watch violent tv may be more aggressive or people who are more aggressive can watch more violent tv 0 Third variable problem for any correlational there are always three possible variables Advantage we can study factors that we cant manipulate Disadvantage can not make casual claims Experimental research Allows us to explain social behavior we can do this due to two things listed below 0 One or more variables has to be manipulated and we eliminate confounds Second we use random assignment 0 Independent variables the variable that the researcher manipulates It is the cause of the outcome Dependent variable the variable that is measured depends on the independent variable 0 Ex effect of violent TV aggression IV amount of violent TV watch DV aggressive behavior Confounds any variable that is manipulated along with the IV A variable that is not controlled and in uence the dependent variable 0 Ex effect of violent TV aggression lV amount of violent TV watch DV aggressive behavior confound bad parenting We can only nd casual effect when we eliminate all the confounds Random Assignment Every person has an equal chance of being assigned to any condition in the experiment Thus all other factors average out between conditions Confounds may still exists Advantage of experimental research we can make strong casual claims Disadvantage unrealistic settings ParticipantExperiment biases Participant characteristics can screw up the study by things like the desire to be helpful the desire to look good intelligent positively Solutions Anonymity being anonymous Cover story ethical concerns Experimenter characteristics the way the experimenter may alter the study to achieve the expected results inadvertently Solution keep the experimenter blind to condition and hypothesis


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