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Shakespeare Week Three Notes

by: Alyssa Notetaker

Shakespeare Week Three Notes Eng 150B

Alyssa Notetaker
GPA 3.8
Shakespeare: Later Plays
Robert Watson

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About this Document

Shakespeare: Later Plays
Robert Watson
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alyssa Notetaker on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Eng 150B at University of California - Los Angeles taught by Robert Watson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see Shakespeare: Later Plays in Foreign Language at University of California - Los Angeles.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Week Three Lecture Six Othello cont d Maps and locations 0 Cyprus near Lebanon Israel Turkey Iraq As Othello gets closer to these disputed areas farther from Venice he becomes less trusting more villainous Othello and Desdemona 0 Marriage they re on different ships no sex 0 BIG PARTY they can nally go to bed 0 Fight Othello comes down in a bathrobe mad acts as a doctor and doesn t go back to Desdemona o Consummation is consistently delayed o On Desdemona s night of death she says to Emilia quotPrithee tonight lay on my bed my wedding sheetsquot Why Trying to x Othello s idea of her reconstruct the happiness of the night of the party Get him back or distract him from his fear and anger Possible that Desdemona wants to remind Othello that she was a virgin there s evidence she hasn t lain with Cassio a thousand times Possible that they never consummated the marriage l Othello might believe she wasn t a virgin and she wants a redo of their wedding night to show him the truth The handkerchief White with embroidered strawberries Like blood on marriage sheet symbolic of virginity Foreshadow lago referring to Montano s and Cassio s ght as H ll39 quotlike a bride and groom In opposition bloodyquot Racial stereotype Othello Africans as sexual creatures 0 But Desdemona seems to want it more than he does Contrary to stereotypes of a sexual woman as danger and evil where only an untouchable woman can be good 0 Othello s ideas of what women and Desdemona should be Loving quotsmooth as monumental alabaster of one all and perfect chrysolitequot and perhaps as cold and stony too Sex as shameful quotgoats and monkeysquot said rst by lago and repeated by Othello quotbeast with two backsquot o l Othello might feel burdened and ashamed of being married to an actual living person a human animal Fears being pushed back into the category of exotic animal where he was before because of his race 0 The brawl and going to bed together paralleled did their sexual encounter seem as wrong to Othello as wrong as the violence and marriage mixed in imagery of ght Was she too excited too sexual Perceived wanton interest And that made her character suspect Othello quotthink on thy sinsquot Desdemona quotThey are the loves I bear to youquot Othello quotAy and for that thou diestquot Her love and too sensual love a level of dominance control over her female sexuality love for adventure l a perceived threat to Othello Created male sexual insecurities 0 quotEven as her appetite shall play the god With his weak functionquot 0 Her sexual appetites doubts about her pur y 0 He s weak in that love is binary for him where she says her love can grow conUnuaHy quotOur loves and comforts should increase Even as our days do growquot Also weak in his selfdoubts being sensitized to mockery quotThe general so likes your music that he desires you for love s sake to make no more noise with itquot o Charivari tradition of shaming a mismatched marriage usually between disparate ages with raucous music and drums and shouting to shame the sexual aspect of the relationship to shame the marriage Protestant sympathies o The only way to get to God is through the written word of the Bible ldea that love must be earned Human soul is never going to win God s heart Othello and Desdemona s marriage as representative of her saving him Othello s loss of faith in Desdemona represents the cautious and tenuous relationship between the human soul and salvation God 0 Makes the audience understanddislike Othello as soon as you question if you re worthy the leap of faith is gone don t believe anymore Othello and Desdemona questions if he s worthy of her decides he s not l doesn t believe she could save him doesn t believe her purity and ability to save him anymore Unlike ideal Protestantism where you just have faith but it s hard not to question if you re worthy of salvation l don t believe God loves you or will save you Cassio quotGod s above all the lieutenant is to be saved before the ensignquot 0 He is the lieutenant o Belief in own superiority is he also a bit villainous lago as the devil with his vanity and jealousy if he can t be recognized as the best will try everything to destroy heaven and paradise 0 Also lago as the supposedly demonic Jesuit the one who sells false idols sells salvation lago convinces Roderigo that he can win Desdemona with money and that her aws not his merit will win her 0 lago Santiago Matamoros Saint lago aka StJames Killer of Moors buried in Santiago Also Jesuit plot to disrupt government allow the Catholics to retake power anarchy Also Jesuit plot to sacrifice Queen Elizabeth at Saint lago s Park 0 Like IagoOthello sacri cing Desdemona for a greater good Martin Luther quotTurn your attention not to my blackness but to the kiss which God offers me and then you will see that I am comely and lovablequot o Echoed in Othello when he says quotshe had eyes and chose mequot 0 Taking own value from others perspective of you accepting the love that is offered Down the rabbit hole after that thinks he s worthy of love which jells with Protestantism then see that as pride and a sin and so he s less worthy than anyone else l doubts of the love If you worship someone so extraordinarily as in Protestant love of God you get doubts Old Commandment and Othello about the handkerchief 0 quotKeep my commandments and thou shalt live and mine instruction as the apple of thine eyesquot 0 quotMake it a darling like your precious eye To lose t or give t away were such perdition As nothing else could matchquot Also reminiscent of dipping handkerchief in a martyred saint s blood referenced in Harsnett who Shakespeare read The handkerchief ocular proof where in Protestantism just have to have faith 0 Othello as representation of antiProtestant views or downfalls Cheers self up with vanity talking self up Tries to understand love quantify it when love in Protestantism is actually just having faith New words evolving language 0 Dwindle o 45 definitions surround the word synonyms to make it clear Consanguinity Consanguineous lncarnadine Making the green one red 0 ln Othello uses this device not just to offer new words but to characterize the characters in Othello o lago quotthe eers gibes and notable scornsquot o Othello in addressing the senate must be both exotic and accessible 0 So pairs wellknown and new exotic words quotunhous d freequot quotcircumscription and confine quotpotent grave and reverend signiors My very noble and approved good mastersquot quothead and frontquot quotround unvarnish dquot quotWhat conjuration and what mighty magicquot quotOf moving accidents by ood and field quotOf hairbreadth scapes i the imminent deadly breachquot quotthe Cannibals that each other eat The Anthropophagiquot quot inty and steelquot quotnatural and prompt alacrityquot quotfree and bounteousquot Desdemona s choice not quotto comply with heat the young affects In me defunct and proper satisfactionquot quotindign and basequot quotcorrupt and taintquot o Desdemona quot Twas wondrous strangequot quotsubdued eyesquot 0 both subdued and dewed combined words 0 Another pairing the rst folio and the 4th quarto versions 0 Othello s speech before killing self 0 quotbase Judeanquot v quotbase lndeanquot ludean Judean interchangeable spellings JudeanDludeanDlndean Judean Judas lndian those who did not have the same value attached to pearls and natural goods and so would throw them away So is he the evil Judas or the innocently ignorant Indian 0 Not sure exactly how to pass judgment Desdemona going to bed for the last time Desdemona says no to a nightgown remembers a song her childhood maid named Barbary would sing to her 0 She s getting undressed o Onstage can be tantalizing because a boy was playing the girl could be like quotoooh how are they going to make this workquot 0 Also a domestic moment amidst a time of crazy action in the play moment of slight possible comedy humanity and domesticity quotThis Lodovico is a proper manquot quotI know a lady in Venice would have walked barefoot to Palestine for the touch of his nether lipquot o Lodovico voice of sane Venice who she could have married 0 So in this moment she s thinking about what could have been shows humanity touching moment She s out of Lodovico s lead but in this moment she thinks of him Lecture Seven Emilia and Desdemona Morality and control Inconsistency men and women as the same but then putting women above men with if they fall it s their husbands fault Emilia saying if you re husband is bad do what you need to make it right revenge BUT Emilia is undermining Desdemona to help her bad husband KING LEAR Has a domestic element but the tragedy gets really big really fast Asks us hard questions about who we really are what we believe in 0 Intellectual experience similar to Hamlet but Hamlet has a lot of questions that are not meant to be answered Lear quotls man no more than thisquot What is justice love nature good evil Is there a god A benevolent one or sadistic one The questions arise naturally out of the characters and their con icts ls orderly at rst makes sense Then something happens 0 Death here has a lot to do with helpless anguish staring into the abyss hopelessness Tensions between rules of the game and the people playing them Tensions between the 2 plots 0000 Act 1 Scene 1 Immediate signal about how insensitive Gloucester is toward Edmund 0 Family dynamics and psychology even before Lear family comes onstage Language set up so it seems like they re not making distinctions 0 Gloucester quotyet is no dearer in my accountquot so could be less dear o Lear quotour no less loving son of Albanyquot actually he s more loving o Lear quotno less in spacequot but is it more Goneril goes after what she wants very clearly Regan more subdued more crafty economic language mettlemetal prize worth deed precious possesses Cordelia quotNothing I cannot heave my heart into my mouthquot 0 Concept that runs through the play can anything come out of nothing 0 Lear quotnothing will come of nothingquot O 0 Speech about divided duty divided bonds between father and husband Monsters of the deep eating up anything that s smaller each sister trying to be bigger and eclipse devour the others love ls Cordelia the one who loves the most or the least and so runs off to France to avoid being eaten Is she young and untender or young and true 0 She is young not so cunning probably a bit selfrighteous not wanting to express feelings to grownups not a big talker anyway Probably knows how R and G really are rolls eyes at their speeches o 2 possibilities she thinks Lear knows she loves him and that s enough and that telling the blunt truth will make everyone shape up self righteous optimistic sardonic de ant OR she just really doesn t know what to do and is bothered by what s going on tells truth because that s all she can think to do totally guieess quotNo more nor lessquot more like R s and G s fake love 0 Her de ance ghting for what she believes is truly important in the world so doesn t budge when Lear asks her to amend her speech When money and power are available people turn into beasts What is each daughter offering 0 0 Old fools are babies again Lear wants Cordelia to take care of him nurse him in his old age The fool and Cordelia acted by the same person 0 O O 0 Never in a scene together Fool becomes demoralized when Cordelia goes off to France quotAnd my poor fool is hangedquot in last act about Cordelia and fool at once The two of them could be different versions of the one who talks back to Lear tries to bring him back to his senses sometimes blunt honesty Something weird in considering love a transaction People in this play cling to their ways of calculating values 0 Lear clings to transactional version of love even when Cordelia points out he s wrong o What the King of France says to having her without a dowry and to Burgundy not wanting her without it quotLove s not love when it is mingled with regards that stands aloof from th entire point She is herself a dowryquot Same idea as Cordelia if we go with the interpretation of her as de ant to Lear s ideas on love Love is separate from monetary transactions quotFairest Cordelia that is most rich being poorquot 0 Lear says Goneril is quottwice her lovequot R s for letting him have 50 rather than 25 knights Cordelia Symbol of Christian sacri ce Refers to one god when others refer to many De ance quotjewels of our fatherquot 0 Getting a dig in at her sisters 0 Like quotI know your worthquot quotI know you what you arequot Regan and Goneril Older sisters not loved as much as the baby Resentful 0 Neither wants to spend time with father though they like his land and money 0 Thought caring for him would be Cordelia s problem 0 Daughters trying to gure out how to deal with an impossible slightly paranoid man who wants to be in charge even without owning anything 0 They have justi cation Believe Lear doesn t need so many attendants they have servants and staff that can attend to him Lear has justi cation too 0 Wanted to make sure there s no strife or arguing after his death about who gets what 0 Wanted a ceremony in his honor but Cordelia messed up that vision 0 A retirement party mixed with a donor party 0 A bit insecure wants to be reassured by his daughters that he won t be forgotten 0 Used to everyone attering him following his orders And then after Cordelia messes it up and Lear disowns her Kent speaks up against him Calls Lear mad quotold manquot Reacts the way he does because his fears are being realized 0 Shown in how responds to Kent says he can t separate his sentence from his power can t go back on his command because then he d lose his power But he already has lost his power given it to R and G Separates language and truth said he d give his land to whoever loved him most language and power Cordelia pushes language and truth back together brie y The script is broken because the script what Lear wants to happen and how life is lived are very separate 0 And the rest of the play tries to bring them back together 0 And the Fool is always trying to point this out show Lear he has nothing left quotFathers that bear bags shall see their daughters kindquot 2 crowns of the egg and the meat substantial part is gone Name of king doesn t mean anything without power quotThou art nothingquot quot0 without a figurequot no money a smiley face without a face no identity 0 Can t stand being disrespected being the inconvenience helpless and doubted 0 Difference between lack of power and the grand purpose of his speech desperate effort to regain power or be respected quotI will have such revenges on you both that all the world shall l will do such things What they are yet I know not but they shall be The terror of the earth Edgar and Edmund Edgar is the eternal optimist looks for the silver lining Counterpart to Lear who always wants something he could have had earlier but disdained then can never be happy with what he has now Edmund about to be cast aside again he s been kept out of the public eye for 9 years and after the ceremony will go right back 0 Doesn t have much time to make life work for him 0 Tries to make a positive out of what everyone s made fun of him for 0 Who he is as a bastard would make him smarter stronger than anyone around him Play as undermining every possible way to make the world make sense Subversive toward belief systems 0 Leaves us in a universe without stable meanings


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