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Rural Sociology Week 8 Notes

by: SC_Kara Beemer

Rural Sociology Week 8 Notes RU_SOC 1000 - 03

SC_Kara Beemer
Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims

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About this Document

Rural Sociology
Amanda Sims
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by SC_Kara Beemer on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RU_SOC 1000 - 03 at University of Missouri - Columbia taught by Amanda Sims in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 10 views. For similar materials see Rural Sociology in Sociology at University of Missouri - Columbia.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Kara Beemer Rural Sociology Week Social Interaction Social Interactions a situation in which at least 2 people communicate and respond through language and symbols to affect one another s behavior and thinking 0 How larger forces shape interaction o Not always as good at it appears 0 Division of Labor work is broken down into specialized tasks each performed by different workers that are trained to each task o Tasks are geographically dispersed Everywhere o Workers don t live near each other o Parts come from all over the world 0 Domino Effect if one person doesn t do their job correctly the rest of the process gets messed up Durkheim Division of Labor in Society o Framework for understanding the underlying forces of global scale interactions o More people greater need for resources o Higher demands drove need for efficacy Solidarity system of social ties that acts as a biding agent connecting people to one another and wider society Mechanical social order and Organic social order or system of cohesion based on common social ties based on specialization thinking values and behavior interdependence and cooperation Similarities Differences Fewer institutions Highly developed institutions Religious Secular Slow change Rapid change Few subcultures Many subcultures Primitive Advanced Folkways Mores Family Achievement Colonialism new stage in relationships between Europe and Africa 0 Conquest by force trickery and sometimes agreement SS o Africa Racism played a large role Led to longterm dependency Authoritarian Resistance ultimately led to independence 0 Rubber Kara Beemer Rural Sociology Week King Leopold II and Belgian Congo Rubber tappers forced to work to get their women back Rubber sold at 700 pro t 10 million deaths of Africans Bodies were mutilated if quota wasn t met Cultura Genocide Globalization everincreasing ow of goods services money people info and culture across borders o Global corporations transcend national boundaries o Efforts to erase boundaries paired with simultaneous efforts to protect boundaries Pro t helps corporations to gain control over water forests seeds human tissue DNA Animal amp Human Interaction o Biomobility refers to the threat of pathogenic diseases that quickly spread via social interactions in a globalized world Pandemics offer a leveling effect Pandemic discourse o Zoonotic disease one capable of leaping from animal to human EX HIV H1N1 Swine u O O Mobilizing fear in pandemic discourse o Cultural differences in consumption and proximity Social Status 0 Social status your position in the social structure 0 Social structure two or more acting in expected ways Two status social structures focus on interactions Doctor patient Teacher student Boyfriend girlfriend Multiplestatus social structures FraternitiesSororities Church congregation Classroom Status set labels Mother Brother Wife Teacher 0 Ascribed things you are born with and are difficult to change Gender Kara Beemer Rural Sociology Week Race DaughterSisterCousin Strict religion Amish Age kind of o Achieved things you make happen 0 O O 0 000 O o O O Roles Roles behaviors expected of a status in relation to another Spouse Employee Student Parent Reigion Master something that overwhelms all others big deal only thing people see Criminal record Financial status Professor student Doctor patient Professionalism don t cross any lines People occupy statuses and enact their status through roles EX act different in class than you do at a party Role expectations are determined by culture Role set all roles related to given social status Role performance behavior Role strain dilemma in which opposing expectations are associated with a single role Role con ict 2 distinct roles contradict each other Goffman Dramaturgy and Self Presentation quotThe selfquot is always on a stage Dramaturgy social interaction viewed as a theater people are actors who perform roles Front stage what is presented to most people Back stage what you don t let most people see Impression management effort to produce an image you want others to see and believe Social actors engage in this People try to manipulate how they are seen by others Symbols Performance Disruption events that challenge the impression produced by performance Streaking at a game or other event Kara Beemer Rural Sociology Week Challenges larger social units invested in performance Can undermine ego of performer EX Martha Stewart Kanye West at the VMAs saying you re classy and nonconfrontational then getting into a bar ght 0 Scripts things we use to guide interactions Give us frameworks and guide us EX ChickFilA workers saying quotmy pleasurequot


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