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Plant Viruses

by: Rabbit

Plant Viruses PLPA 3000

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About this Document

These notes cover what we went over today March 23 in Plant Pathology. She said NO CLASS Friday. Also, these are important viruses that will be on the next test.
General Plant Pathology
Dr. Lawrence
Class Notes
plant, pathology, plant pathology, next exam, virus, mosaic




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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Rabbit on Wednesday March 23, 2016. The Class Notes belongs to PLPA 3000 at Auburn University taught by Dr. Lawrence in Spring 2016. Since its upload, it has received 12 views. For similar materials see General Plant Pathology in Biomedical Sciences at Auburn University.

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Date Created: 03/23/16
Rabbit 23 March 2016 - Plant Pathology - Dr. Lawrence - Auburn University Tobacco mosaic virus • final test (know it’s a virus) • mottling of leaves • NEVER will find a sign; no sign because virus particles so tiny • severe symptoms • more severe on younger tissue • no cure for it • seed discoloration black hilum spreads • control: sanitation, avoid host for 2 years, bio control, milk (denatures the proteins) , resistant vars • disease cycle: phloem movement is systemic, stays in leaves for years, easily spread, Wheat mosaic virus (Furoviruses) • protozoa vectors • wheat mosaic, peanut clump • patches, mottling and rings, roots have excessive branching, reduced yield, can look under microscope for it, • overwinter in vectors, transmitted by zoospores, limited to roots, some move in the xylem NOT the phloem • control: sanitation, virus free seed Filamentous viruses: Potato Virus X (mechanical) • Potexciruses: single flexuous rod, cell to cell movement of protein • attack orchids, affect many crops, losses, stunting , discoloration, NO vectors, transmitted by contact, transmitted in legumes are transmitted by seed • control: virus free propagative material Potyviruses: Potao Virus Y (aphids) • largest genus of plant viruses • bean common mosaic virus, lots of different hosts, single rod • symptoms: mosaics • transmitted by aphids • nonpersistent (afternoon) • overwinters in perennial hosts or seed, longer it is present the greater the losses • control: resistant varieties, virus free seed, insecticides kill aphids! , KILL FAST AND EARLY Cucumber mosaic virus • world wide, infects more variety of any other virus, mosaic, stunting leaf and fruit malformations • vegetables affected common in gardens • isometric particles shaped packed in tightly Rabbit • overwinter and aphids transmit viruses NONPERSISTANT • mechanically transmitted by handling in field • control: virus free transplants, resistant varieties, removal of wild hosts • cross protection: avirulent strain of a virus Tomato spotted wilt virus (Tospoviruses) • widespread, ornamentals infected, wide host range 500 species, isometric particle • spherical particles • has membrane • symptoms: vary, chlorotic and necrotic rings, fruits malformed, stunted growth • NO SIGN • affects tobacco, too : severe: ragged appearance • transmitted by thrips • larvae get the virus, KEEP the virus even past pupation, adult transmit it after feeding for 30 mins • control: virus free transplants, thrips control, transgenic plants • avoid planting when thrips are active in season note: NO cotton viruses in North America so far Know Signs: Fungal, bacterial, virus, nematode damage ( haven't covered nematodes yet) Friday March 25 2016: more general information and video on viruses NO CLASS


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