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Week 9 Notes

by: Ernest Butler

Week 9 Notes BMED 3100 A

Ernest Butler
Georgia Tech
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker

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About this Document

Hey guys, hope all is well! Here are the notes from Week 9 lecture. If you missed class or just missed a part of lecture, I've got you! Although, I would like to apologize because I came in a littl...
Systems Physiology
Mrs. Barker
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ernest Butler on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BMED 3100 A at Georgia Institute of Technology taught by Mrs. Barker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see Systems Physiology in Biomedical Sciences at Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Slide Ventilation Slide Slide Lung volume depends on o Stretchability 0 Pressure difference between inside and outside of lung transpulmonary PPtp Number one in uence of lung volume Pressure difference between alveolar pressure and intrapleural uid P inside lung Palv P outside lung Pip I Ptp Palv Pip 0 Pressure difference between inside and outside of chest wall I Pcw Pip 39 Patm During inspiration 0 Muscles contract Volume of intrapleural space increases Pressure of intrapleural space decreases Transpulmonary pressure increases Alveolar Volume increases 0 Alveolar Pressure decreases During expiration 0000 o Muscles relax 0 Volume of intrapleural space decreases 0 Pressure of intrapleural space increases 0 Transpulmonary pressure decreases o Alveolar Volume decreases o Alveolar Pressure increases Breathing Cycle Rest o Alveolar P Atmospheric P 0 No air ow 0 Pip is negative Due to lungs trying to collapse and chest wall trying to expand o Ptp is positive Prevents lungs from collapsing Expiration o Diaphragm and intercostal muscles relax Lung Volume decreases Lung Pressure increases Alveolar Pressure gt atmospheric Pressure Air ows out of lungs All Volumes and Pressures return to resting values OOOOO Compliance Why do we need water in lungs in rst place The water helps prevent degradation from air to cell contact The water within the lungs isn39t pure water though How much the lung can expand Stretchability of lungs Change in lung volume produced by change in Ptp CL change VLchange Ptp o The greater CL the easier it is to expand the lungs at a given Ptp Surface tension 0 Attractive forces between water 0 Makes water lining alveoli want to shrink and resist stretching Expansion of lung must overcome this surface tension Type II Alveolar cells secrete surfactant 0 Helps to breathe more easily 0 Reduces cohesive forces between water molecules 0 Lowers surface tension 0 Increases lung compliance Lung Volumes and Capacities Slide Lung Volumes Slide Tidal volume Vt 0 Volume inspired or expired with each normal quiet breath Volume of air in alveoliairways lnspiratory reserve volume IRV 0 Maximum volume inspired above tidal volume when person inspires with full force Expiratory reserve volume ERV 0 Additional extra volume of air expired by forceful expiration at end of normal Vt Residual Volume RV 0 Volume remaining in lungs after maximal force expiration Lung Capacities lnspiratory Capacity IC 0 Vt lRV 0 Amount of air that can be inspired Functional residual capacity FRC o ERV RV o Equilibrium volume of lungs 0 Amount of air remaining in lungs at end of normal expiration Vital capacity VC 4700 ml 0 IC ERV 0 Volume that can be expired after maximal inspiration Total Lung Capacity TLC 5900 ml 0 Includes all lung volumes VC RV Maximum volume to which the lungs can expanded with the greatest possible effort


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