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Week 7 Lecture Notes and Discussion

by: Nangesian Lekilit Waters

Week 7 Lecture Notes and Discussion Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology)

Nangesian Lekilit Waters
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker

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About this Document

Professor Lecture, Discussion Notes
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Prof. Grinker
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nangesian Lekilit Waters on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Anth 1002( Grinker, Social Anthropology) at George Washington University taught by Prof. Grinker in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see Intro to Cultural Anthropology in anthropology, evolution, sphr at George Washington University.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
WEEK 7 LANGUAGE Oct 12th 2015 we use language for a purpose in order to function in society Ideology AbuLughod quotDo muslim women need savingquot book raises some of the questions raised about meaning what does Abu mean by quotideologyquot ideology isn39t necessarily a behaviour or experience not does a dominant ideology structure all experience ideology is a set values against which some behaviour and experience is assessed in everyday life Narrative Strategy fieldwork circumstances 0 her views are going to be colored by her own interest and background 0 we cant observe anything wo changing the way in which it is represented the anthropologist as subject 0 the anthropologists is part of the fieldwork 0 there are some issues however 0 to say that he39s subject isn39t to say that he should be active to change it o sometimes there are uncertainties to what an anthropologist should do when issues arise fictive kinshipadoptive daughter 0 they become integrated into the community and they have to be classified as a guest adotive daughter etc 0 Margaret Meade said that before anyone does fieldwork they should see a dead body babies being born and be psychoanalyzed o prof isn39t sure that he advocates doing all three but you have to be aware of your biases because it affects research 0 anthropologists were also interested in politics and that can sometimes lead the study on a different direction nondirective approachinterviewing and observation strategies follow your quotinformant39s leadquot 0 the language used to describe people whom you talk to have changed like informants respondents etc Poetry How important is poetry in life 0 Abu found that poetry was something most anthropologists found interesting in the society 0 poetry showed class and status in society Abu39s father took her to her field sight introduced her to the society one has to be introduced into the society you just cant go and ask them to live there wo connections 0 people go thru friends missionaries 0 she was interested on how poetry felt into the ideology 0 what does she mean by ideology she39s not clear enough in the book 0 p32 organisation of political life takes form around an ideology o how39s ideology different from culture and discourse Segmentary Lineage System 0 lineage draws the ethnographer39s attention to politics and tension and complexity of men39s relationships to one another 0 relationships helped anthros see that data didn39t come from objectivity but from a dialogic relationships 0 in reality books are produced by a set of relationships between anthro and the people they live with O o assignedtypically men v unassignedtypically women 0 because Abu was interested in women she saw a diff aspect of power 0 she was interested in how people dealt with power and authority outside these political structures 0 matriarchy and matrilineal society dont mean the same things 0 assigned authorities tend to be exercised thru men Hierarchy and Egalitarianism 0 what is intriguing is how thru several ideological means Awlad 39Ali reconcile their basic value of equality with the hierarchical system by which they livequot 0 prestige respect dignity of choice 0 do hierarchy and egalitarianism coexist Honor 0 one aspect of ideology o authority derives from moral worth 0 genealogies o honor linked with shameBourdieu o shameopposed to guilt a form of social controllike gossip witchcraft magic sorcery o shame and honor are social activities 0 shame sometimes defines the way one is viewed in society October 14 2015 father39s brother39s daughter marriage 0 keeps the family in tact 0 family wealth isn39t transferred 0 shapes the way people describe and conceive of their genealogy o ideology of kinship is very strong because on the same lineage the mother will be better and will take care of them because they are from her lineage o Veiled Sentiments p143144 Abu takes on an argument she says there39s a negative attitude toward sexuality cos men fear a loss of control and see themselves weak 0 religion is a way to determine the negative ideology o Abu says that the negatives on sexuality has its roots in society39s social order it determines ideology 0 it39s important to understand notion of sexuality as threatening o emphasis on social order pretty much everything for Abu boils down to social order 0 p148 0 p149 0 structured masks worn for social approval people wear masks in order to facilitate what society expects for Gaulfman much of social life is sort of a drama Abu objects to that she says the honor modesty aren39t just perfomances they are the stuff that constitutes social order p238 morality for Abu is the reflection of the social order she doesn39t deny the idea that we all have perfomances are the Ganawas restricting theyre highly stylized there39s a certain repitore but they39re still there and exist 0 let people express themselves wo violating sense of morality 0 maybe they39re anti structure 0 we know the way things should be by experiencing the way they are not IDEOLOGY o Dumont Louis 1970 Homo Hierarchicus ideological foundations of inequality in india Cast system caste as the central motif of South Asian ethnography relationship of the part to the while he said ideology is the whole basis to understanding NampS India religious basis for hierarchypower superseded by statusritua purity Brahmanstatus ltingpower untouchableimpure o econ politics all epiphenomenal to society Difficulty of Transcending Enlightement Thought Brahman voicetextsperspective inequality and therefore egalitarianism is fetishized enshrines the ideology of wholehoism ideology of the whole entails an ideology of the part CRITIC OF HOLISM o biased historical o synchronic o completeness o closure 0 sets limits for multiplicity 0 lack of fragility o determinacy 0 lack of flux much of anthropology is about us finding structure and order in the chaos that we are observing o Alloula Malek 1986 The Colonial Harem o postcards the French sent to France after they colonised Algeria 0 women were depicted in a particular way 0 NAfrica and Middle East was seen as a mystical feminine place to be penetrated o it imagines women in the service of men 0 women are paired with nature everyone wants to dominate nature that39s why societies try to dominate women how do we go about representing others when we have to do it in our own language disciplines DISCUSSION October 16 2015 Abu Laughod o Bedouin Society 0 hierarchy the oldest man is in charge or first wife has more authority 0 men are higher up in status 0 kinship live in Egypt but dont see themselves as Egyptians 0 blood is important to them 0 link themselves to Arabs not Egyptians 0 they are very concerned about their heritage 0 Marriage 0 if you are married from a different tribe you39re still seen as an outsider 0 you dont get rid of kinship you39re always part of it 0 5657 father39s brother39s daughter marriage 0 father39s brother39s daughter is treated better in a relationship 0 women in these kinds of marriages have more power and are more secure 0 purity of the family is important 0 if you marry someone else and bring into the family that can be seen sort of as a threat 0 whenever someone marries outside the family you39re disrupting the whole family status 0 honor and shame o hasham modesty to have moral worth they should have modesty 0 connected to more than just wearing a veil o emphasizing that she39s in power when they choose to be modest and control her sexuality 0 Poetry in a culture based on honor there are some things that one is not to openly talk about 0 poetry is one way that people can express their feelings openly o for instance you can talk about how much love someone in a poem but not in real life o Bedouin society is about autonomy independence but at the same time with restrictions that39s where poetry comes in Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving AbuL 0 women veil themselves based on the culture they live in 0 dress based on the way they want to appear and on the environment 0 people miss a lot by taking time to critique veiling of women 0 it39s more about the west trying to save the rest of the world from their culture 0 it39s mostly about culture rather than oppression 0 we shouldn39t expect people to want to be like the west 0 she mentions that in her years working with muslim women she has not heard them express jealous of the western women 0 chalking everything to culture is not acceptable


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