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Week 8 Lecture Notes & Chapter 11 Outline

by: Emily Swanson

Week 8 Lecture Notes & Chapter 11 Outline COMS 2060

Marketplace > Ohio University > Communication Studies > COMS 2060 > Week 8 Lecture Notes Chapter 11 Outline
Emily Swanson
GPA 3.7
Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Charee Thompson

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About this Document

Communication in Interpersonal Relationships
Charee Thompson
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily Swanson on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMS 2060 at Ohio University taught by Charee Thompson in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 46 views. For similar materials see Communication in Interpersonal Relationships in Communication Studies at Ohio University.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
COMS 2060 Interpersonal Communication Week 7 Lecture Notes 105109 No corresponding chapter with lecture on syllabus for week 7 Tuesdav 106 Charisma LHow Do We De ne Charisma aCharisma is perceivedyou give it to people iEx Not everyone thinks the same celebrities have charisma LHard to de ne cNot something you have people attribute it to you LWhy Study Charisma aExposure LAttention i Most people tend to give their attention to the more likeablecharismatic person cRetention i People tend to remember more details about charismatic people and their interactions with them Lln uence iCharismatic people in uence others iiEx Basis of all talk showshealthy living and tness tips Lendersement especially celebrity ones in uence what we buy LDimensions of Charisma aCredibility iCompetencemoderatehigh LProduct knowledge about a topic sports or parents knowledge of what they do for their jobex Banker chemical operator LProcess Communication about a topic LBIG difference between knowing about a topic and being able to communicate effectively about it a Ex Prof39s are very knowledgeable about their area of study but not always the best at communicating to others about it LPratfall Effect aErrors make people look human tiny errorsie spilling coffee or being clumsy LEllen DeGeneres has a higher process than product when interviewing guestsRob Lowe clip shown in class iiComposuremoderate LYou want to have moderate composure as opposed to not showing enough emotionperceived as too cold or showing too much emotionincreases unpredictability LRob Ford vs Tiger Wood39s Apology a Rob Ford did not maintain enough composure He was hothead and agitated authority gures LTiger Woods apology was too cold and scripted Not enough sincerity LTrustworthinessHigh iHonest LOwning what you do before it becomes an issue L39Hang a lantern on your problemsquot aEx Emailing your prof saying you39re not going to be in class before class actually starts iiReliable LExpecting the same thing over and over again LKeeping your small commitments LEX Telling friends dinner is at 5 instead of at 6 so they ll actually be on time LGoodwiIHpositive discretionary behaviors LDoing what39s expected of you LVulnerable cExtroversionModerateHigh iQuantity of talking iiSociabilityhigh must be skillful LHow well you communicate LNever embarrass yourselfor others LSay quotit39s nice to see youquot instead of quotit39s nice to meet youquot LDon t ask people about speci csmight not want to talk about certain topics ex A recent breakup 4 Let them talk about what they want to talk about so they don39t feel trapped LBe Aware of Secret Tests LPeople s way of testing relationships aYou cannot not communicate LDifferent folks have different tastes c Everyone is accountantevery keeps track LEX JC Penny would take potential employees to dinner and judge their hireability based on whether they saltpepper their food before tasting it 3 Ex First date testspicking up the check opening doors Thursday 108 Attraction amp Beauty 1 What brings us into a Relationship a What physically attracts us to someone b What makes us want to get to know them more c How do we approach and signal our interests d Theoriesideas that explain attraction and relationship initiation 2 Attraction Theory a Types of Attraction i Social attraction 1 Fun to be around life of the party ii Task attraction 1 Picking members of a sports team or group project 2 What useful skills will they bring to the group iii Physical attraction 1 Attraction to someone39s outward appearance b Social In uences i What is both a social and biologicalgenetic matter ii PhysicalAttractiveness 1 2 Is perceived Normative a Time period b Social group c Culture d Setting iii GeneticBiological In uences 1 c Correlation Our attractiveness and what we consider attractive is largely out of our control and unrecognizable to us on the surface Symmetry Hip to waist ratio Smells Body movement Matching hypothesis 9996 i We know that attractiveness is related to other aspects of ourselves and relationships 1 U1IgtUJN 3 Approach Matching a Predominant desser effect Compensation Esteem Age bias Learning a Assess quali ersdeciding what you like about them i Esoteric ii Extraordinary b Assess Availability i Playing hard to get ii Relationship games c Find an Opener L lnnocuous 1 2 Harmless get the conversation startedmajor year Used most often H Fprant 1 iii Direct 1 2 Cutesy cheesy ones Straightforward quotCan I buy you a drinkquot or quotCan I have your numberquot iv Find an Integrative Topic 1 Similarity mattersvery important a Conversation experiments fairly shallowmovies sports books b Especially important concerning long term relationships v Present a quotcome on selfquot 1 BeIooksound appealing a Humor style hobbiessocia currencycapital 2 Environment helps a Timing and lighting b Shapes how we communicate and the degree of the amount of selfdisclosure vi Schedule a Second Encounter


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