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Ch. 8 Communication

by: Ashlie Meckley

Ch. 8 Communication Mana 3318

Ashlie Meckley
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin

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About this Document

notes from book and class
Management Organizational Behavior
Janice Baldwin
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ashlie Meckley on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Mana 3318 at University of Texas at Arlington taught by Janice Baldwin in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 14 views. For similar materials see Management Organizational Behavior in Business, management at University of Texas at Arlington.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Ch 8 Commun tion Lecture October 7th 14th 0 Communication 0 Def evoking of shared or common meaning in another person 0 Occurs between 2 or more people 0 Def Oneway communication in which a person sends a message to another person and no feedback questions or interaction follows 0 Def Twoway Interactive form of essage communication in which there is an Sander 39 3quot Hemmer exchange of thoughts feelings or both 0 Def Gateways openings that break down communication barriers 0 Group 0 2 or more people 0 Basic Interpersonal Communication Model 0 Def communication between two or more people in an organization 0 Best communicators orally and written do b C mmunicat r o Perceptual Screens 39 COHfliCt I Def window through which one interacts with other 0 Affect ity accuracy and clarity of the communication I Quality clarity and awareness I Barriers 0 Factors that distort disrupt or even halt successful communication Feedback is possible Def Message thoughts and feelings that the communicator is attempting to evoke in the receiver 0 Def Language words their pronunciations and the methods of combining them used and understood by a group of people 0 Information Richness and Data 0 Data capacity I Def interpreted and unanalyzed elements of a message I Sending data to other people 0 Information richness I Def data that have been interrupted analyzed and have meaning to some users I Ability to evoke meaning 0 Reflective Listening 0 Def listening to a message and immediately repeating it back to the speaker o Skill to help communicator to fully understand and make sure they are actually delivered 0 4 Verbal Techniques o Affirming Contact I Provides reassurance communication attentiveness o Paraphrase I Paraphrasing what has already been expressed I Bolds empathy openness acceptance 0 Clarify the implicit I Bring out unspoken thoughts and feelings I Builds greater awareness o Reflect quotcorequot feelings I Restate important thoughts and feelings I Danger of overreacting o NonVerbal Techniques 0 Silence not golden I Speaker 0 Useful thinking 0 Determine how to express ideas or feelings I Listener 0 Sort out thoughts and feelings 0 Identify and isolate personality 0 Eye Contact I Useful to open relationship I Improves communication I Culturally driven 0 Moderate eye contact 0 No eye contact privacy or control 0 Asia don t look superior in eyes 0 Defensive Communication I Def Messages that are aggressive malevolent passive or withdrawn I Cause alienation hurt feelings and retaliation o Nondefensive Communications I Def Assertive direct and powerful I More favorable o Defensive Tactics I Power Play 0 quotfinish report by months end or lose yourjob o Overt aggression put down to gain dominance I LabeHng 0 quotyou must be a slow learner your report is still not done 0 To show someone is defiant I Hostile Jokes 0 quotcan you finish the report or are you to stupid Not good humor created at expensive of others 0 Nonverbal Communications I Def all elements of communication that do noninvolved words or language I Proxemics a b c d I Kinesis Def study of an individual s perception and use of space Territorial Space 0 Def bands of concentric spare radiating out of body 0 Differs based on culture Perception and use of space Intimate 0 Personal space 0 Closest to us no one can invade without permission in advance I Always have reaction Personal Distance o Friendship 0 Very to 18inch 4ft US 2ft Social Distnave o 4ft 12ft 0 Business associates coworker acquaintances Public Distance 0 Past 12ft US gt 6ft 0 Socially acceptable for strangers 0 Universal stick tongue out 0 Def Study of body movements and posture I Facial and EyeB o Commu ehavior nicate an emotional state reveal behavioral intentions cue the receiver or give unintentional clues 0 Universal smile I Paralanguage o Variatio o n in speech Pitch loudness tone speed Information Communication Technology ICT 0 Def extensive category of new developments in interpersonal communication that allow fast even imme Email Voicemail OOOO diate access to information Information databases Smartphone no guarantee of privacy 0 Video conferencing Written Communication 0 Formal reports I Annual and quarterly I Letter vs memos 0 Letter 3rel party 0 Memo In company


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