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October 14th and October 16th

by: Jade Maynard

October 14th and October 16th CLAS 430 A

Marketplace > University of Washington > Classical Studies > CLAS 430 A > October 14th and October 16th
Jade Maynard
GPA 3.93
Greek & Roman Mythology
Adriana Vasquez

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About this Document

Covers the nature of gods and greek religion and the ocean (chapters 6 and 7)
Greek & Roman Mythology
Adriana Vasquez
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jade Maynard on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLAS 430 A at University of Washington taught by Adriana Vasquez in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see Greek & Roman Mythology in Classical Studies at University of Washington.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Wednesday October 14 The Nature of the Gods and Greek Religion 0 Traits of the Gods O O O 0 Have many human attributes but the main difference is that they are immortal Eat ambrosia and drink nectar Ichor ows in their veins instead of blood According to Achilles we suffer but gods don t 0 Divine Hierarchy O O O O Gods including the Olympians and the Chthonians gods who preside in the Underworld Demigods often the offspring of a god and a mortal and often immortal themselves Heroes can also be demigods such as Achilles Monsters creatures nymphs etc 0 Greek Religion 0 O O O The gods are usually represented as anthropomorphic but idealized Aniconism Representations of gods that lack human or animal form usually used in the case of gods not native to Greece Religious festivals exist to honor specific gods such as Panathenia for Athena and the Olympics for Zeus Worship of certain gods denotes local identity ie Athena is especially important in Athens as opposed to panhellenic identity Hero Cult Worship of heroes the belief that they continue to have a kind of power even after death Mystery Cults An addon to general religious beliefs that members have to choose to follow I Eleusinian Mysteries related to Demeter 39 Orphism related to Orpheus I Bacchism related to Bacchus Seers Interpreters of divine signs and the voice of the gods Sacrifice Maintains the hierarchy between gods and men and appeases the gods Friday October 16 Chapter 7 The Ocean Early Genealogy 0 Pontus and Ge s children 0 O Nereus Old man of the sea Thaumus Produced Iris and the Harpies with Electra 0 Phorcys and Ceto Produced Graeae three aged sisters who share a tooth and an eye and the Gorgons O Eurybie Nereus and Doris had the Nereids three of Whom are important 0 Thetis Wife of Peleus and mother of Achilles shapeshifter O Galatea Loved by the cyclops Polyphemus Poseidon s son but loved Acis instead 0 Amphitrite Wife of Poseidon mother of Triton Oceanus and Tethys had the Oceanids Children of Poseidon Triton Son of Amphitrite a merman often depicted blowing a conch Neleus and Pelias Sons of Tyro Proteus Either Poseidon s attendant or son Charybdis Daughter of Ge Cerberus Chimera Nemean Lion etc Children of Medusa Polyphemus Cyclops blinded by Odysseus Scylla and Charybdis Scylla was transformed into a terrible monster either by a jealous Amphitrite or a jealous Circe Charybdis lives With her in the Straits of Messina These monsters represent natural terrors faced by sailors The Gorgons Stheno Euryale and Medusa Children of Phorcys and Ceto Hair made of live snakes Medusa is the lover of Poseidon challenger of Perseus and mother of Pegasus and Chrysaor Whose daughter gave birth to Cerberus


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