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Week of 10/5 - 10/9

by: Gabriel Hahn

Week of 10/5 - 10/9 REL 1310

Gabriel Hahn
Baylor University
Christian Scriptures
Dr. Coker

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About this Document

Sorry for the late notes guys last week was really busy for me! Thank you to everyone who has used my notes and if you have feel free to tell me how I could improve them for you :D
Christian Scriptures
Dr. Coker
Class Notes
christian scriptures, religion, coker, notes, 10/5, 10/9, Baylor
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Gabriel Hahn on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REL 1310 at Baylor University taught by Dr. Coker in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 30 views. For similar materials see Christian Scriptures in Religious Studies at Baylor University.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Christian Scriptures Notes 105 109 The Ketuvim 3rd Section of Tanak Ketuvim The writings most diverse collection of works of the 3 works Lots of different kinds of writings last books to be written what are put in the Hebrew Bible written during the second temple Judaism period Wisdom literature in the canon include Psalms Proverbs Job Ecclesiastes Song of Solomon etc examples of not in the canon include Wisdom of Solomon Sirach Psalms and Odes of Solomon Priests instruct people on covenant law Prophets convey God s message to people like spokesmen Sages provide wisdom literature and advice Well respected and often serve for kings but ideas also were provided to the people Sage tradition attributed to Solomon a king known for his wisdom In the Old Testament wisdom literature comes from the ancient near east wisdom literature has unique traits 1 Few references to Gods covenant relationship with Israel 2 Few references to Torah 3 Questions Deuteronomistic ideas that God is always on the side of the righteous the reason to follow God s rule is because God made the rule not because they will be rewarded for following it The Chronicals History Historiography vs Historical Fact Historiography The shaping of historical facts for a particular purpose to convey their significance to the reader Chronicles vs Deuteronomistic history tell basically the same story but with different twists emphasis and themes Deuteronomistic tells the good and bad portrayals like the bad things that David did Chronicles retells the story but takes out or whitewashes the bad stuff Chronicles Joshua 2nd Kings were written much later and it diminishes sins of DaVid downplays diVisions and struggles emphasizes the temple and emphasizes immediate retribution by God Chronicler is the writer of the Chronicles Ends the Old Testament with the message of a future messiah to save the people and then sets up for Jesus coming Answer to an in class question Deuteronomistic history was written starting from J osiah s reign and then the second part was written during exile 50 or so years later Issues In The Interpretation of Scripture Inerrancy Inerrancy claim that the Bible is free of error however there are various contradictions to this claim like the ones from the homework we did for class Are these contradictions a bid deal though To an inerrest yes they are deeply troubling Scottish Common Sense realism SCSR Originates in Scotland Comes to America in 1700s through Princeton It rejects Rationalism of the Enlightenment Embraces Empiricism of Newton That we can trust our senses Charles Hodge views the Bible as a storage of facts Start with things they can confirm and then extrapolate from those if other stories like the resurrection of Jesus can be trusted takes a more scientific approach to the Bible Syllogism 1 syllogism is basically deductive reasoning The bible is true True is historically and scientifically verifiable facts Syllogism 2 God wrote scripture God is without error so the Bible must be without error HodgeWarfield definition of inerrancy Original Autographs Says that original was perfect but though the copying process they became wrong Problem with this it is easy to say original is perfect because one cannot prove that they weren t Limited Inerrancy Bible is only without error on matters of faith and morals Soteriological Inerrancy only without error regarding salvation This is the Vatican 11 Roman Catholic position Chicago Statement on Inerrancy 1978 Bible has no errors and contradictions can be interpreted to where both of the contradicting situations are true came up with scenarios to make both statements true Problems With Inerrancy Puts post enlightenment ideas upon a premodem document scientific thinking on ancient text History was written in a different way back then Intellectually lazy Slippery slope created by choosing one verse as inaccurate then you will start discounting whole sections then whole stories and then discount the Bible all together Creates problems where there should be none Ex What exactly did the plaque on Jesus cross say Creates more problems than it solves Docetic view of scriptures Denis human role in scripture and denies Gods message was conveyed to and by humans Alternatives to Inerrancy Extreme Alternative The Bible is primarily a human document but is still religiously meaningful and powerful It requires faith to accept its teachings Conservative Alternative where Peter Enns stands God inspired scripture which contains both divine and human marks Communicates Gods love to humanity One shouldn t demand the Bible to be something that it was not intended to be provides a faith claim for the text Intro to the New Testament The texts emerge from 50 to 120 AD Two Contexts New Testament writings emerge out of two contexts 1 The GrecoRoman world 2 1St century Judaism The GrecoRoman world Palestine are of modernday Israel Under Roman control after 63 BC Caesar Augustus brings in 200 years of stability The Pax Romana Roman Peace Roman Cults 90 of the people were in these Pagans anyone who believed in a polytheistic religious system NonJews and nonChristians Cultus Deorum Care of the gods Cared for gods through things like agriculture Believed in a pantheon of gods Believed there was a hierarchy of gods with the most powerful at the top Neptune Mars Venus etc below them are less powerful ones like god of a river or forest god of Waco Order is something like The One God The great gods Local gods Divine beings Humans Roman religion believed one or more religions could be true all divine beings deserved to be worshiped Very religiously tolerant everyone was expected to worship gods of the state collectively worshiping god of Waco and everyone also has to worship the god Who helped America Not doing so was treason


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