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Medicinal Plants

by: Steven Hernandez

Medicinal Plants PBIO1030

Steven Hernandez
Plants and People
Dr. Thompson

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About this Document

Compilation of all the notes on plants with chemical properties that can be beneficial in human health
Plants and People
Dr. Thompson
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Steven Hernandez on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PBIO1030 at Ohio University taught by Dr. Thompson in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see Plants and People in Biomedical Sciences at Ohio University.

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Date Created: 10/18/15
Monday October 12 2015 PBIO Medicinal Plants Neanderthal first example of medicinal plants in human history Buried by the modernday northern Iraqi border Buried with pollen from several flowers with healing properties Ways humans discover medical uses for plants How they are used by indigenous peoples Ancient records Oral history How it is used by animals Rig Veda Oldest document describing medicinal use of plants 45001600 BC 10 books of hymns Ayurvedic medicine knowledge of life Medieval Herbal Physica Causea et Curae Describes medicinal properties of plants Earliest book on natural history in scientific rather than mystical Monday October 12 2015 Origins of Western Medicine Dioscofdieas physician who traveled through the mediterranean with Roman army learning from locals Five books with over 600 plant animal mineral remedies Became one of the most popular medical books since no one was really developing the area of medicine during medieval times Classified plants and medicines by similar uses actions and purposes Folk Medicine 75 to 90 of rural people in nonWestern countries rely on herbal medicine African American Jewish Asian American and even Appalachian peoples have their ways of healing their Everybody has their own stories you just have to find out what works for you Croton echeri Sangre de Drago Native to south America disturbed habitats Doctrine of Signatures Liverwort Boneset Echinacea Best known herbal preparation world 2 Monday October 12 2015 Relieves incidence and duration of illness Actie compounds Polysaccharides Caffein acid Goldenseal Sanctuary Listed in CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species One of the most overharvested herbs over 60 million goldenseal plants picked each year without being replaced Scientific studies prove that berberine a 2nd plant compound with antimicrobial anti fungal activity also has hydrastine which lowers BP Often used with Echinacea for trading colds Importance of Plant Conservation You can have a backup for a medical cure for a disease in case another runs out Not everyone responds to the same cures the same way Some forms of infections can become resistant to certain cures Artemisinin for malaria when parasite populations became resistant to quinine Wednesday October 14 2015 PBIO More Medicinal Plants Primary Metabolites Carbs Lipids Amino Acids Proteins Nucleic Acids Energy Sources Components of Cell Membranes Enzymatic Reactions Genetic Material Are not necessarily useful for human medication Secondary Metabolites 25 of medicines in the US come from plantbased compounds Plants use them for selfdefense protection etc Foxglove Useful for treating edema irregular heart rate which causes swelling in extremities stomach Different kinds of Foxgloves have different effects Digitoxin Digoxin Both of these are part of the top 10 most used for medical purposes Wednesday October 14 2015 Willow Tree and Aspirin Willow Tree bark was used by Greeks and Native Americans in order to help with certain ailments It was a problem with youth at first because early aspirin could cause Reye s syndrome Acetylsalicylic acid causes less gastric distress First isolated from the Spirea plant Aspirin Salicylic acid is a hormone that signals the plant to become more resistant to pathogens but can lower responses to herbivores activates genes Agricultural implications Quinine and Malaria 1633 Jesuits learn that lnca used powdered bark from Cinchona lnca kept it a secret from conquistadores Jesuits practice sustainable harvesting 5 new trees for each 1 that fell PBIO Even More Medicinal Plants Friday October 16 2015 List of Medicinal Activities of Aloe vera Burns Rashes Moisturizes Shaving Cream Purging CutsSkin ailments Poison Ivy Eczema Bug bites Ringworm fungus Sunburn Acne Makeup remover Lower blood sugar Reduces cholesterol Sap of Aloe latex Inhibits bacteria and viruses Antitumor properties strong purgative Friday October 16 2015 Gel Antiseptic anti fungal anti inflammatory antibacterial antimtagenic Highly toxic if injected but can be injected Three plants used in anti cancer therapies Chinese happy tree pacific yew Madagascar periwinkle vinca alkaloid Vinca Alkaloids Ethnobotanical origins Madagascar natives were using this to treat diabetes Although it wasn t really effective for it scientists did find out that they can use it to treat Leukemia St John s Wort and Ginko St John s used to treat depression Ginko used as a way to try to fight ahlzymers Both of these interfere with medications St John s Wort affects liver enzymes making the body break things down faster Blood clotting problems Ginko circulation


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