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PSY: 335 Lecture 12 Notes

by: Emily.nicole

PSY: 335 Lecture 12 Notes PSY 335

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Psychlogy > PSY 335 > PSY 335 Lecture 12 Notes
GPA 4.0
Psychology of Childhood
W. Wood

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About this Document

Class notes lecture 12.
Psychology of Childhood
W. Wood
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily.nicole on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 335 at Syracuse University taught by W. Wood in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Childhood in Psychlogy at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Puberty The Start of the Sexual o Puberty the oeriod during which the sezual organs mature begins when the pituarity gland in the brain signals other glands in children s bodies to begin producing the sex hormones androgens male hormones or estrogens female hormones at adult levels However there are wide variations among individuals 0 changes in sexual maturation occur for both males and females primarily during early adolescence pubic hair onset of maturation breast development height spurt 0 girls start puberty at around 11 or 12 I Early onset girls who are better nourished and healthier stressful environments may impact puberty 0 boys begin at around 13 or 14 The Development of the Senses 0 Infant world grows increasingly comprehensible with the development of sensation and perception thriving in an environment enriched by pleasing sensations Visual Perception Seeing the World 0 Newborn visiondistance vision begins about 20600 and improves to 20200 in the first several months similar to uncorrected vision of many adults who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses 0 combines images coming to each eye to see depth and motion around 14 weeks 0 includes preference for patterns rather than simpler stimuli o The Visual Cliff 0 Eleanor Gibson s test of depth perception in infants demonstrates that this visual ability develops before 6 months The Language of Sound 0 Pascals are the unit of measure for sound 0 Decibel the unit of measure for the psychological perception of sound How is sound heard 0 everything we perceive is first transduced to an electrical impulse Smell and Taste 0 the sense of smell is well developed in very young infants some 1218 day sold can distinguish their mothers on their basis of smell alone 0 infants develop taste preferences based on what their mothers drank and ate while they were in the womb Responding to Touch 0 one of first and most highly developed infant sensory systems 0 helpful in exploration of environment 0 prerequisite for several of basic reflexes present at birth 0 after conception 32 week later the entire body is sensitive to touch Sensory Development 0 increasing brain development permits improvements in the senses 0 there is a gradual shift in the way preschoolers view objects made up of multiple parts Nutrition in Infancy Fueling Motor Development the rapid physical growth is fueled by the nutrients they take i infants calorie allotment should be 50 calories per day for each pound they weigh without proper nutrition infants cannot reach their potential and may suffer cognitive and social consequences 0 Malnutrition if children are chronically malnourished they suffer IQ deficits later in life babies in the US have undernutritiondeficiencies in diet Childhood Obesity 0 the costs of childhood obesity last a lifetime secondary activities not only keep children from exercising but they often snack while viewing TV playing video games or surfing the Web 0 Treating Obesity 0 Strategies I control the food available in the home I avoiding fast foods which are high in calories fats salt 0 Goal I temporarily maintain the child s current weight through an improved diet and increased exercise Do Media Images Affect Preadolescent Children s Body Image 0 Why are children acquiring dissatisfaction with their bodies One answer relates to the media Television magazines and the other media present models of idealized beauty and fitness as if they are the norm in the real world Not only are certain body types overrepresented but people with such idealized body types are portrayed as admired because of their looks Children compare themselves to these idealized samesex media images and often conclude that they just don t measure up Children with No Physician visits in the past year 0 in every age group more Black and Hispanic children than white children did not have a single visit to a physician during the previous year From a social worker s perspective what could you do to help minority children have better accesses to health care


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