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PSY:335 Lecture 19 Notes

by: Emily.nicole

PSY:335 Lecture 19 Notes PSY 335

Marketplace > Syracuse University > Psychlogy > PSY 335 > PSY 335 Lecture 19 Notes
GPA 4.0
Psychology of Childhood
W. Wood

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About this Document

Class notes lecture 19.
Psychology of Childhood
W. Wood
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emily.nicole on Sunday October 18, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 335 at Syracuse University taught by W. Wood in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see Psychology of Childhood in Psychlogy at Syracuse University.


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Date Created: 10/18/15
Gender Development 2 Sexual Intercourse Sexual intercourse remains a major milestone in the perceptions of most adolescents Double standards related to gender Permissiveness with affection Demise of double standard is far from complete The Decline in Teen Pregnancy Challenges of teen pregnancy Incidence of teen pregnancy Factors related to drop in teen pregnancy Virginity Pledges Most recent research finds that virginity pledges are ineffective Some researchers have called for more comprehensive education programs to replace ones that focus on abstinence as the only option Safer Choices is one such program 3 Reasons for Epidemic Rates of STD Infection 12 of adolescents gt15 are sexually active 0 Condom use is highly inconsistent Many who have not had intercourse are sexually active in substantially meaningful though if technically ambiguous ways 0 13 have had genital contact involving fluid exchange Short relationships 415 months Sex within the first 2 months Networks of Activity Dyads63 identified 126 students More than 126 others report only one partner 0 But their partners have a different report Triads 12 1M2F 91F2M O 35 of romantically active students are in isolated networks Large network n288 52sas What Determines Sexual Orientation The factors are not well understood Evidence suggests that genetic and biological factors may play an important role Other researchers have suggested that family or peer environmental factors play a role There is no accepted explanation of why some adolescents develop a heterosexual orientation Gender assignment 0 Hermaphroditism or intersexism o Pseudohermaphroditism Money s Variables of Gender M Assigned gender the gender assigned to the child at birth based on external genitalia Gender identity The person s private internal sense of maleness or femaleness Chromosomal gender XX or XY etc Gonadal gender Ovaries or testes Prenatal hormonal gender estrogen and progesterone or testosterone Internal accessory organs Uterus and vagina prostate and seminal vesicles External genital appearance Clitoris and vaginal opening penis and scrotum Pubertal hormonal gender same as prenatal Scientific Investigation 0 Research begins with theory 0 Next a prediction or hypothesis about behavior that can be measured or counted is made 0 Operational definitions The David Reimer case A perfect experimental opportunity Identical twins An accident in the winter of 1965 A medical psychological intervention Underlying Theory 0 John Money at Johns Hopkins University 0 Gender is environmentally induced o Describes people as psychosexually neutral 0 Cites pseudo hermaphrodite studies 0 Milton Diamond at the University of Hawaii 0 Gender is environmentally influenced but within the constraints of biological makeup O Stresses the interaction of biology and environment Looking Back How does the quality of relationships with family and peers change during adolescence What differences are there between boys and girls in terms of behavior and treatment and how does a sense of gender develop


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