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Lecture 11 Notes

by: AnnaClippinger

Lecture 11 Notes BIOL-L211 2521

GPA 3.3
Molecular Biology
Megan Dunn

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About this Document

The scanner quality isn't great, if you have trouble reading any of it just let me know!
Molecular Biology
Megan Dunn
Class Notes
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This 12 page Class Notes was uploaded by AnnaClippinger on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIOL-L211 2521 at Indiana University taught by Megan Dunn in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see Molecular Biology in Biology at Indiana University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
i i Thurea 1 H llldml lUliEllllii Oct 1 2d01 5 last Time tonalg on on ovum ii quotCorruptDNA Might Be Good for Youquot Chemical and Environmental Mutagens Cellular Damage Mechanisms 39 lDolele Stranded Breaks 39 Todiay a i k Double Stranclecl Breaks Reading Hc mhmmm RNA and Introduction to Transcription a Ch cl lm m Transcription in Prokaryotes quot h H pg 41i 1tq4391 39 Next Time I Lecture 11 a Transcrip on in Prokaryotes Transcriptional Regulation in Prokaryotes DS B re poi r mechanisms M 1 mlquot WIT n f 5 a r 0 limit r T i and onn homxologourss end 39xj trirrir1griliiil lTiEJiir u m 7 mtquot n 0W a l 3y i Two mechanisms l I I r if itloino logoua H l W om I Nonholrlologoua E Iiti joining 4 g f l m I llornc39filogous rocoinhi39ria li39on LEM chaos tit119 Homologous recombzinati a Typically the principal pathway used Backup DSB system in some to repair EB organisms V 7 Hummus W9 Cl lr W i mm J0me 5mm oF DNR t xgtthicr Proviqet Mplam in R39Ep lr 39 2 Homologous recombination in DEB repair out a v P a s H PNE 1 0 F igum Wt hm tn f c t the f Hmn loqnm cmmmmt 0 M 639 umphta Lars at 13mg a m Chmm Home a hmt ns k 1quot WMIJNIINTA LBWquot 5m 4 39 7 3 Two t 339 1 B 4 DNA sequences are iden cal or nearly 7 for at least 100 bp 554W b BUT NT MHT EF 39 7w nuclease digests a short stretch of DNA creates ssDNA with 3 tails r Homologous recombination in DSB quotrepair quotfrom Madam rth an 439 Dawn t rl ILNVRDEGquot WWW H mm wu ichmmosnmt 39 quotRomequot Note the directionality of each strand a Regions chmnptementari39N r e entmlwmtm m m M n 62 BJSTM m DN kw lamests A 7 W 3 I 7 W 5 quot 39 7 B DNA synthesis I V r a 00m mmmt w strands used as Hmth w 1 M M d 1 mdma HWWJ ous m m pm 1 quotLl0 What is a Hollidayjunc on 1 Net a plum mum at 2 Chmm 95 0mm 011 Ft q o rug 10 c ONE Hollidiay juncn en can also be drawn like this In ordcr ru Hahn MPG 1 lt1 nu I l u I Rahl 5 v 23911 1 39 1 v x D gr39 k i W haw 0 B39RE A K a 90le f v quot I W H um um Junc on Tng 9 eo tut tmn s f Cleavage of one Holliday junction Dom I94 EMWMI m m DNA ngL 0 iLlQIfQQQ 1L qu i 39 39 u a 39K39quot gj g F Though TWO Hollida yjunctions form in DSB repair must be resolved V A i 7 T v 397 Hi 7 W472quot I E r w m Carrad m mu vmrml q r quot lca39erunsepvawd uc reassnmant or anking genes B rf rhlenah39 mm 0 39 mm o in 095 Rtar 1 U 0 MW e titlf an Gad anmrtd f39 l u event 9mquot 4 1 1quotan of 9 mm umP Emm rm J 39 W Fro Gourd much ISJUSTJ Homo 1 NGTION39Y x quotl l l P39 paldn er nmmesmr pareduets nu reassur nem A l A t quot J a H FH 1 th cm my I Homologous recombination in bacteria problem 7 I WE etc Hewittm H mm mitten Batbacteria ani have anechramasome In Ectlkf g 39 MT M1 on a miti chromosome to U use MPuR 1pm gmmo gm Recombination g L Wheremdaes the39tempiate came from to initiate recombination m Gimme Latins the cm trim Mani 1395 lm whtm n md Bacteria 1111 up DNR Fltum thcmwronmmt 391 Remember theTlrenefai ming Principle experimente irtt DNAquot can come Frumfdtad allq Free DNA A Naturaicamigetepce a I Ii m g n In i y Becteriaithat ate capable et tra nsfotrnatian are said to a pine a I ma imi In which Beau IL MP DNA new bidm Depends on 1141 imam W Prwmwt Competent bacteria build the at the membrane 39QMWn Composed at at ieast 40 proteins peptidoglvcan 1 membrane Steps in transformation 4 Recombination can at me 3 E DNA vs RNA h 3 NSORIPTUON I 1 m M M Wt WP39lm handq 13991 3W q 0 dc D N A W 13 I l Helmtides to thmmosome W F39I X DQE ought2w MP um Wicca danxythymldlna tihMmM39e DNA 1 de uxythymi dlme539phnaphata Figj 39Zlz A D N 39 BDHI nudtnhfdts MUG l H d i A nucleotide Urldlna u 0N m difference 191w added WW 1 gamblme v N PERL 390 M HVxNXH r N N H Hribmse Jo El m l I uracil RNA V VA we quot 15quot i q H 0 F BIGm H I mom I cHquot a bf m aka ribonucleo de and M amps med mum WWW RNAGMWHS w M r Mt9m1 l mu WC Strucwre 0f a RNA strand ChemicallwiervSimilar to a DNA strand 39 Nucleotideslinlged ingetller by phosphodie ster bends u I quot39 f formed betweel173i40l l dime ribon zcleutide and phosphate of another WI ll xlnims39 21 le aimlmr e39erld N adenine H l 54 cytosine quotquot D 39UlH wok 11 Structure ofa RNA strand C an lat 1quot mm COM Pll39ml39 rd dd W l39l39llClwl falling m l tsclli u I Ill 9 39 3 I P 397 39 I I g E u r E a I l I w t hairpin Lpop single internal A e I strands v 39 39 V 3 Elem A quot Junctlon Short stretches 0f complementary selliuences can base Pair form 39 Also Un paired nucleotides on either side of the stem Unpalred nucleotide on one side site W lle h l 1 mil Qt 12 Transcrip on is the syn thesis of RNA from DNA I aws R epl ica an 1 751 f Transcription Translation mRNA protein 39EQWQE I 39 Produm mp 0F 1m 9th 4w w Ibnqumcq 1 0 mil H19 39 39 prmem I TiT39 WW 0quot WWI1W Tm Which of 111 following ts W litmm m H IB p n l u m r136 gaunt a Jr Mr W I or BUS 137 7 I 1 H 39 UNI MN mmwn IV n NA pm mar M RN p H General overview of transcription 39 N g t 1 3f catamvzes the synthe39 is Q 1 39 Wtrm 1quot Tu Pr I milr f mm m mammm I 0h cN hfim i gamma I WMquot direction 1 M m t RN site of nucleotide addition to gmwing RNA strand U MM H emfqu h m a I I quot7 Iquot ll l I FT szTMNQ F I nNthW w I nNnt39 ATacM1TH395 IFTACCITMT39Q39 5 39 39 I BUT H13 D an 0 ch I Q g uawacMs 1 V I mmmjrigghygnfhc I Mu Transcript dissncmates from template a few nucleotides after S39VhthE SI HP am 111th info m thaw WHICth of m preview my Mmm I Pia ELL I mum mew fmm n mn mm mquot m ad M m PM Mamet 1 g T x r 1 RN M Unwmdc 190th J qglwa Tsz Which of m a wing plow muses Transcrbe the template stand k i warrant m A p We 1 wand of on A m thPlaIL n them 99 in T RNthnd 539Auelcqu f DNA strand 3 39I39ACGTCAT5quot G TEMPMR 9me I39D NH c wand g I ATG39 CM Th quot 339PTtmrmnqmd IN A trand 439 un c a u on u t 15 K mt u transcr t W for m Pquot 5quot N EEDED to r We CEN gem im J I H quot T g Item 90 it Mam I mac 39 119 Incorrtct L 0 Wham verwew of transcription 1 Me Now shown Without polymerasequot H m w MN w RNA quot1 539 1 l L VI P F u I pquot i L template strand Fig 13 a a tn lw comb f cam tincgc name on f Wmudwmg dawn en am 13909 WC totquot F Wbm K amt scamm w quot Tm NGch BED i JHPWMAN i cams 0F Wt 6tch aw TEA NSCKl ED39 39 l WWW thamqms a m hc9 fr 21quot Transcription in pmkaryotes vs eukaryotes There are differences Ii i in a V M leU 39 4 DNA a la V f 1 a m 9quot 2313 N jii n39 11 RA ON i I r 11 39 J Gamma wuan W 2 mrmmcmrhi i a Ir nnnan Polyuistmniq 1 7 i 1 a 53 Processingl 73 m5quot quot g 1n M Ll F i quot x kninunistmnaiu Transpoml IRMA BIAC1EPM 39quot n ln gtilaf39f w I 1 155quotquot W I r KWNILNW f h quot gmwiim L l ralml WL 39 7 iquot A Julypepmlie f0 I Eukawutes l I I NEILE PMT FIN MN i From P Hd m 1 3 fur far WT 0 EMFRH We mm Three Phase of Transcription 9099quot I Frommer Transcription Unit 5F quott r 395 IL 3quot 39 XSMH palm NA FINA puwmemsa j Examining i a 39 1 5 32 a 7 7 7397 7 31 r r WW quotHNA Tempiates 39 i Umtaunt my elfDNA 395 r t g quot 39 39 39 39 39 NE snript39 39 39 i39 ma um Nammm mmmw HEWDH HP amigm RNA if q nwm 0F W6C r I39M 3 Cgmpl39ete39d FINA transcript 339 539 i p Iquot 18 quot quotMI C Q 3quot upstream quot14 HF nwwslraam 1 1H 1 DNA DNA a 39 I39 wt r l N r 7 I I E 39 quot promoter 1 39T quot 39 1 v 5 I a aw r m I 39 ablh ing 1F 11R f1 I ll A l 5 FT l 4 En Iiinquot ll Erri 39 N L j 1 3 E r pig 1 F 4 155le gig 39L I 2 DNASUDS 81219 to form an 39 i E a 4 1 r F 7 7 z I h V 39 rag m 5 I I 39 1 I i 7 i39 39 2 39 anquot ii 39 g In a I quot g a quot739 77h mamaEar quotme lllngquot insuinarpI 39 a cqmplexjg micsad 1 i gmple i I inliiatinn 3 Initialiran scription romoterescape J i Actually mm A JD fo fari anstr rpf quot 391 I39i lelclEoi39ide WM j J 5 Hammett 39 39 I Initiang 539 x a trapgc ipg r Hgacmmleis VI 39L DNA after theigtgyt SEE 39 39 w l DNA located before the a n e quot39 g n I G 1 NH 19 RNA polymerase consists of multiple subunits l u I L 11 l quot 31 i I v I39 r l J 1 quot J m a i g IT r war 7 1 E tab l wr 5 39 a 5 sues I e Fig 13 2 i EU l i t r wh ma Aolchnum elm m cm of ca I r 39 u There is a sixth slumbu n it it ffa Egi z 3 Dcicrmm5 whi c Frame RNAPowmum 31mm Oorc 039 factor RN A puwmtr RNA 20 Structure of promoters 739 DNA see nenr es th at indica e ere to start transcription SE gconsnm or 4q m mgmm f k V l f ALL REM l l Til r3 Yourquot Win P39UlNT a 35 it i 1 J r l Will lonkfur trim 39 Mites Prroteins that bind speci r l n truu ma Pow 39 17 19 hp OlIE ji39 sequ EHCES i4 begin mmm WION 1 indicates the transcriptional start site 21L Sigma factors define promoters One sigma ta ctor is ca lled 19 oml directs transcription of most genes in cell genes with essential or routine function o7 bindls to promoters with 35 and 10 regions sometimes callecl boxes DNA remains in the closed complex Le remains double stranded 35 reglt i 719 egien 39 Am 22 Promoter consensus sequence gquot 39 i 35 box 10 box r r ALL of these promoiters ere reo ognizeo 39lgyom Terrace xi meme 39 k MERGE quotKn 3 TETGC39T om promoter sequences are NOT identice I Home x1 TTGAGA X16 1 TEme a y En TTGACA x1 339 TATAGT Average ail the promoter sequences to TTGTCH 311 TWT determine 39I39TCTCA 7 3M emerge quot39 wrench may TTGACA x17 meme Just wan t 9 i mm m o7 promoter sequences ore NOT identical Wh QUME qmm new to be expreeaced i miner WII hm pm mwm mar tn to neensur Promoter strength is determined by how many transcripts the promoter initiates in a given time PW moie r uff l dcntitai to tm comtmu Stiwma x 1 I v f Ir a TMNa prummr mill Muir J i 4 incJ E k in high quot of tranqcriptwn Formation of on open compiex isomerizot ion o2 right half of the dumbbell recogniees and meits the 10 region produces open complex This process is caiied isomerization How it works in generei a Occursnear alt region 39 a g a in the 39nontem39pl39e39te39strand ip out insert in pockets within 02 iii 3amp1 u of e quot oh quot3 2 I I l 39 39 39 Ir 24


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