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by: Dalton Pagac I

MechanicsandRelativity PHYS110

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Dalton Pagac I

GPA 3.79


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Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dalton Pagac I on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS110 at Oberlin College taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/224394/phys110-oberlin-college in Physics 2 at Oberlin College.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Physics 310 Classical Mechanics Spring 2000 Guidelines for in class presentations With another student you will be asked to give a 10 15 minute oral presentation conceming classical mechanics with up to 5 minutes for questions The topic is of your choosing but it must relate to classical mechanics The presentation should give you an opportunity to improve on your speaking skills The presentations will be scheduled mostly for Mondays or Wednesdays beginning the fourth week of class and extending to the end of the semester You should have chosen your topic at least a week before your scheduled presentation Choosing a topic earlier than later ensures that no one else will take your topic before you For your presentation you should also prepare a handout which outlines the key features derivations or calculations of your topic Some guidelines 1 Choose a topic that is narrow enough so that you can present something meaningful in the time allotted Discuss just one article one problem or one demonstration 2 Readthink about it enough so you can talk about the main features of the articleproblemdemonstration Trying to explain something to someone else is a very good way to force you to understand really the guts of a problem 3 Decide how to organize the presentation quotTell us what you re going to tell us tell us tell us what you39ve told usquot is the standard rule of thumb Make it as clear for us to follow as you can 4 Decide how to divide up the presentation One person introduces the topic the second explains Alternate even further one introduces the second discusses certain features the first other features the second conclusions See what makes the most sense 5 Decide what types of audiovisual aids might help the presentation as well as prepare your handout 6 Practice Time yourselves Work out the awkward pauses Anticipate questions Some possible sources for topics 1 The American Journal of Physics and the Physics Teacher are two good journal sources Here are some articles of interest listed below roughly in the order in which we d encounter the relevant ideas in class 0 Robert Weinstock quotLaws of Classical Motion What39s F What39s m What39s a quotAm J Phys 29 698 1961 If you have any questions you may speak to the author in person 0 B Denardo C Pemberton and K Bhatt quotRaising a Circular Body over a Stepquot The Physics Teacher 35 278 1997 0 John C Pratt quotA Circular and Projectile Motion Puzzle An Amusing and Character Building Problemquot The Physics Teacher 32 287 1994 o IH Redmount and RH Price quotThe Weight of Timequot The Physics Teacher 36 432 1998 Some interesting things to think about with an hourglass o SAA Zaidi quotThe intransigent rodquot Am J Phys 63 856 1995 Ithink we have one of these around or could easily make one o Herman Erlichson quotAngular Momentum and Angular Velocityquot The Physics Teacher 32 274 1994 0 Boris Korsunsky quotBraintwisters for Physics Studentsquot The Physics Teacher 33 550 1995 o TA Weber quotA note on rotating coordinates in relativityquot Am J Phys 65 486 1997 o N David Mermin quotAn introduction to spacetime diagramsquot Am J Phys 65 476 1997 2 The various lecture demonstrations we have for PHYS 110 are also possible topics for your presentation Examples include o Atwood machines and other pulley assemblies 0 some interesting pendulums pendula o a variety of coupled oscillators o gyroscopes See Ms Melinda Keller for help with demonstrations 3 Or of course a topic of your choosing You can look on the intemet at a variety of interesting sites One which has a lot of useful links is httpwwwpsrconlineorg Available dates As soon as you39ve found a partner and agreed on a presentation date please sign up At least a week before your presentation please write down your topic


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