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by: Alda McLaughlin Jr.


Marketplace > Ohio University > Linguistics > LING270 > NATUREOFLANGUAGE
Alda McLaughlin Jr.
GPA 3.93


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 46 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alda McLaughlin Jr. on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to LING270 at Ohio University taught by GabriellaRuiz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 8 views. For similar materials see /class/224398/ling270-ohio-university in Linguistics at Ohio University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
270 Exam 1 Study Guide I Make sure you are able to identify where the following parts of the brain are located Visual cortex Wernicke s Br0ca s area M0t0r Cortex Arcuate F asiculus Also be able to indicate where the ow of linguistic information is when a word is being read and when it is being spoken 11 Ask yourself can I answer a question related to discovery of the relationship between language and the brain pg 55 termin010gy used in neurolinguistics no speci c page Differences between child amp adult language acquisition pgs 3641 amp pgs 4447 Interlanguage grammar and codeswitching pgs 45 amp 47 Universal Grammar pg 14 Feral children and the case of Genie pg 43 FOXP2 gene you can reference your scavenger hunt homework Rati0nalism amp Empiricism pgs 1920 The stages of Child language acquisition pgs 3541 H0ckett s design features pgs 45 IV Go into the assignments folder and scroll down to Scratch off answers folder Click on it and you will nd the answers from Wednesday s quiz V Finally make sure you can identify Broca and Wernicke aphasic speech samples You can check out the following link for an example of each htt a esscedu eb39 IM 97 LecturelO 39l0htm Linguistics WHAT IS ITANYWAY LINGUISTICS IS 0 Of cially the SCIENTIFIC STUDY of language 0 To achieve a fuller understanding about linguistics we need to ask ourselves what is language LANGUAGE As Yourselfor rather allow me to ask you What does it mean to know a language lf you know a language how can you demonstrate that How can people produce and understand sentences they have never heard before Do you know of any other processes this acquisition of language can be compared to Are communication and language the same Language is 0 The primary means by which humans communicate using a complex system of signs symbols and gestures We all have Unconscious knowledge of a linguistic rule system A languages have Grammar A language have the same expressive power Languages exist independent of writing systems When did it all begin OPerhaps as early as the late 800 s 920 s gtkBegan as Theoretical gtkContinues with a focus on application What Linguistics contains Components Sub elds 0 Phoneticsphonology 0 Neurolinguistics 0 Morphology 0 Computational 0 Syntax 0 Pragmatics 0 Semantics 0 Psycholinguistics V 0 Historical Linguistics 0 Second Language Acquisition SLA Phonetics 85 PhonologV TI IE INTERNATIONAL PIIONETIC ALPI IABET revised to 1993 t k L in pairs represents a cansonaut CONSONANTS NONrF Ul MONIC SUPRASEGMENTALS TONr5amp WORD ACCF TS CIICLS Voiced unploslves Electives wry stress f I rvn CONTOUR lt3 33m Mam as me fan 5 1 my E A Mug Dental cf Dentalalveolar p suame gv mg l mmquot P fl vgtolzr I t Deulralalvvolzl v H I E 4 MM 3 1 High rlsulb39 Pal roalvcolar g k velar I h H Al I l r I Cf S M I F r Syl ablu brvnk 11Ekt 6 Law 6 J Low msmg I Mum ram r E J E333 E quotI Rixingfallnlg 439 v in on xun 39 I 395 VOWELS I N 1 l v 7 Harm P L nummep 39 and 7 front 2 ral Bark Ln ung absex nLo of a break T u parequot C39lohal Fa lose 1 DIACRITICS Dlacrluc quotlay be I a I asvlilbol m A a r r u voiceless n Breathy voiced b a Dams t d CloscAnud quot u quot 39 39 N H quot v Voiced 3 Cranky vni ed 12 g Aplltal 1 El UPC mid h Aspirated th d F Linguolabinl 3 g Lamina 3 31 w Mule wounded o Lul idliAed t dW Nasallzcd OPPI K Less rounded a j l latahzcd Cj jj Na release dn when ulqugt 11521 in Mar Lle mm m um 1i m A x 1 l represe s a rounl ed vowlel b Adx mud L1 Velma tx dx Lateral release d OTHER SYMBOLS 7 Rorrzrred i V Pharyng nwa 7 dY 39 No audible release 1 M Volceless Iabkllrvelar Frtcatlve s z Alveolorpalaral fricarlves 7 397 d d Ialuialrvr lar appquot ems J Alveolar latcral ap Le quotquot 3920 8 VA quot d quotquot l quotgt quot quotquot d 1139 1 voiced alumrpnlal39al approxunnnt fj hilnldataneousj and x quot Mummu lan E A Raised g 1 voked alveolar kative II V uILelegt piglulLal r H411 A 39ncates 311d double minus 7 V 7 V g V d K mil f t tiuns 341 b mpmkutcd b hm Synablc 3 Y Lowered g lt Q Vulked luk bndl Approxln lalll KC C1 quot 3 L symbols Iolued bv a le bar Nun s am e 2 prglorta plosive if neceltsavy A y A A Advanred Tnnrgne oor a k p ts A mummy 3 r Retracted Tongue Root 5 Morphology adv adv adj derivational baselstem derivational derivational prefix I suffix suffix un product ive y E f whit ii 64 C quotf T I quotquot E i S i D H T I d f iquot q A D I D I T V N 395 I fer Rx D I D I t V I A I I D N quotI 7 S N 39 V 12 i I I I the N M baking I I N moth er Semantics xquot Xxx D mwmr xf mixx 1 397 5m m mammal Mam fF agr imamma L 1 Ifra xft I Bampmtfonll Pa jnhgquot 1 x Loch Linguistic anumumyuas 39 quot 39 Psychology 3 Prmsilng V thmlnguisuc quot5 Languagoncqui tlan I t Pragmaljcs and 39 Langmains a mum I Fhll39nwphy quot V a Languag l l the us e of Language at r 391 Socialoay s l v Evolu nn H 113mm l 39 1 39R ngulsllgs 339 11m Linguini J Langu39 E Cora 39 L7 Sound I 39 a R 3 Structure quot Sans quot 1 z Llngulst Slumquot 9 Clinical l lmm FIoner 111nm v Fawn I Hls tm39imil quot KW quotcum gquot I 39 ifquot 39 Ifmgms IlnguIa cs 39 m Ml wy inodilclni quot5x 71x mmmar 39 Forensic r I awn v aquot 2 33quot swim TEFL UHWW n quotx quotng unxhh 35L L3H 39 39 mun A English Rand ssile marmm quot Ferdinand de Saussure 1857 1913 0 considered founder of modern descriptive linguistics 0 Central idea was that language is a structural system Signifier signified sign Langue organizing principles Parole physical utterance Other in uences to Modern Linguistics Rationalism Empiricism 0 the use of innate 0 we learn through knowledge to make experience rather sense of the world than reason 0 Rene Decartes Gottfried 0 john Locke Thomas Hobbes Leibniz V Prescriptivism Vs Descriptivism Our judgments of language use Can I aks you a question 0 Modern verb can be traced back to old English verb acsian Used throughout England in 8th century 9 Metathesis reversal of two sounds What are your opinions about each speaker 0 I might could go to the store and buy some food 0 He been done for nearly two hours now 0 Hey ya ll wanna go grab sumptin to drank 0 And I don t like that some none at all any Linguistic Judgments OPrescriptivismu Define ODescriptivismu illustrate Competence amp Performance Conscious amp Unconscious Competence 0 UNCONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF GRAMMARALLOWING US TO PRODUCE AND UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE 1 Part of linguistic competence involves the ahilitjr to recognize whether novel utterances are acceptable Consider the following sentences and determine which possible sentences in English For each unacceptable sentence change the sentence to make it acceptable compare the two a Jason39s mother left himself with nothing to eat b Miriam is eager to talk to c This is the man who I took a picture of d Hopefully Colin made Jane a sandwich e I Is the dog sleeping the bone again Lil Wayne prepared Zena a cake 63 Max cleaned up it H That you likes liver surprises me are and I seen the parade last week He eeee lest 1e the weeds fer tee days My ear eeede eleeeed 39eaeee ef all the rain PERFORMANCE 0 THE LANG UAGE WE ACTUALLY PRODUCE THIS INCLUDES SLIPS OF THE TONGUE TOO Univers a1 Grammar Uni ed language rules What do we mean by Grammar Grammar Grammatical 0 Linguistic rule 0 A possible sentence system to produce in the language and understand sentences 0 Sheba watched him V play the banjo 0 Sheba wonders him playing the banjo Grammar Generative Universal 0 System of 0 Set of linguistic rules grammatical rules common to all that allow speakers to m languages create possible sentences in a language V All Languages share these universal principles 0 They all have subjects amp predicates 0 They all have a subset of sounds 0 They all have similar ways of categorizing meaning distinctions Dan Everett 0 MceordIng to Everett however the Prraha do not use reeurs1on to Insert phrases one Inside another Instead they state thoughts in d1serete un1ts Everett says that the Prraha ha ve th1s cogn1t139Ve tra1t but that 1t 1s absent onj their syntax because ofeultura constra1nts What is recursion 0 Sentence embedding 0 quotDorothy who met the wicked Witch of the West in Munchkin Land where her wicked Witch sister was killed liquidated her with a pail of water Where do you stand 0 Do you feel all languages have universal grammar that is the languages you know 0 What are opinions on Everett s take How about Chomsky s ideas of universality 0 Do you believe that language is a reflection of culture That one cannot understand a culture without understanding its language Can your Pet understand language 0 Maggie 0 Talking pets Hockett s Design Features 0 Semanticity 0 Arbitrariness onomatopeia 0 Discreteness 0 Displacement 0 Productivity 0 Duality of Patterning Example 0 Struhsaker I967 Vervet Monkey Hockett Features they do have Semanticity Arbitrariness other reasons Physioogy Ex position and size of the jaw 339 9 1quot m Tongue Syntax Evidence Suggests 0 That our capacity for language is directed by our genes


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