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by: Mrs. Chelsea Stark


Marketplace > Ohio University > ENGLISH (ENG) > ENG151 > WRITINGANDRHETORICI
Mrs. Chelsea Stark
GPA 3.86


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Chelsea Stark on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG151 at Ohio University taught by DavidSharpe in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 5 views. For similar materials see /class/224399/eng151-ohio-university in ENGLISH (ENG) at Ohio University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
Winter Passing Formatted Line spacing single use a unigue title 7 to orient the reader and to hook the reader s interest Winter Passing is a very ltltstronger without an intensifier more direct awkward movie good movie butrather that the showing ltltuse more active verbs showing versus being ll characters are with awkward in their life styles ltltchanged to make the language tighter None of the characters know what ltltproofread carefully want llltltcommall 39 t I I H I r m 1 It threugh Hltltuse stronger word choices that are more relevant to the contentll damaging their relationship with one another Take for J 3 Hltlterrors di tract from the Formatted Highlight content and weaken your reader39s confidence in what you have to say the star of the movie ltltcomma ReeseTLZooey Deschanell a drug d1ugaddicted ltlthyphen to combine words that depend on each other actress who l denlt thii ehas ltltsimplify where possible hasn t had a moment of clarity in her whole life Zooey does a goodjob of depicting this character te with the honesty that she deserves Although is in her midtwenties ltltcomma Reese is still very immature 39 39 t t 39t quot t quot p pl 39 h quotf i Ii J She still uses drugs as aportal into a world where she feels no pain ltltuse a double dash for emphasis Agnd uses sex like a teenager who needs to feel that she is loved ltltperiod ltltend here for emphasis butHowever with every act ltltcomma she is left more hollow and quot ltltbetter emphasisll d 1 th39 39 W h t ltltalready achieved Ed Harris does a wonderful job portraying Don Reese s dad another 6Ff awkward character a famous writer who hasn t shown his work in over two decades He 39 39 ltltmake this less of a cliche by deleting partHeAfter A Formatted Highlight ltltfor sentence variety losing his wife six months earlier to suicide ltltcomma he is nothing but a shell llltltperiodll llltltthe last position of a sentence is the most emphasized 7 put your most significant element there efwiteh h e blames himself entirely He is left te and is liveliving his days through a whiskey bottle hoping en all hope ltltodd phrasng that one morning he won t wake up Just like his daughter ltltcomma ltltread out loud to discover the natural pauses in the sentence he does not know how to show his emotions and so he hides them under the a rough exterior They both have a 39 llltlteven a had 39 39 exism 7trvgtgtll strained relationship in midi r ar errors distract from the content and weaken our argumenm was made orse by Reese s decision not to show up for her ltltpossessive funeral All this emotion shows up ltltthe context is already clear when Reese finally deeieles te ltlthidden redundancy 7 decidin to is ex ressed b oi the action imel me comes home inwith the sole purpose of making money to feed her drug habit ltltshown by the fact that you are saying it tlhis whole seene meeting could have been de e ltltuse stropger word choices that are more relevant to the content filmed without any lines When they see each other for the first time in years ltltcomma ltltuse punctuation within entence to help the reader group the thoughts together 39 quot and make Formatted Highlight Formatted Highlight the reading flow in natural rhythms Ed Harris s ltltsimplify where possible face said ltlttense shift be consistent says all that wasHeed needs to be 39d sa1 UpeHeemi ghemeltltimplied Reese finds that her dad WM Hltlta general intro is not needed 7 go straight to the contentll has two young roommates who stay in the house while he lives in the garage Corbet 39 ltltuse a double dash for natural voice patterns my favorite character is played by Will Ferrell Will does a goodjob bfleading this whole awkward family ltltcomma Th b t vvu t d ib hi vv uld b t Wm hi t ltltshorten for a cleaner style without losing meanng like a watch dog who doesn t realize he is still a puppy Corbet is stuck in his imaginative world where he protects the family by warding off any fans that who ltlt that is for thin s come by to talk with Don He does this by ailing his arms around and llltlt and is weak as an internal connection 7 trV for more 39 39 sentence M t 11 l 39 rt f weir t39 t ltltuse stronger word choices that are more relevant to the content imitation of karate Corbet fa39 esiteeherae er beeause ltltimplied heis so innocent he loves everyone in the family quot 39 H a U 39 p b N ltltcombine for better flow the only one who has a somewhat ltltweakens your statement normal grip on hew te shew ltltcut words where possible showipg yearfeelmgs Shelley 1Amelia Warner the other young and very attractive roommate is besieallyhthe glue that holds the whele family together She cooks for them and l thii ik Hltltshown by the fact that you are saying it hopes that one day she might start being able te ltlthidden redundancy 7 beipg able to is expressed by doing the action itself call Don Dad The relationship between Shelley and Reese is another awkward one They start off hating each other for their own warped reason resents the fact that Shelley is closer to her father than she ever was when the only person to blame is herself for never making an effort and Hltltfor better Formatted Highlight parallel matching construction she sees Reese as someone who has abandoned her father in his time of need HltltDeriodll llltltseparate an oveer long sentence to give adeguate attention to each part and Shelley feels is threaten threatened that Reese s presence might make itharder for her to get close to Don Reese comes home to what she thinks will be an easy task of staying for a couple days ltltcomma getting what she came for and leaving in the same dysfunctional manner 39 ltlthidden redundanc 7 showed u in is said b the same I thi lethe reasen ltltcut words where possible Reese resents this whole new family is because she is actually starting to feel guilty for missing her Formatted Highlight ltltpossessive funeral and leaving her dad to fend for himself Her whole life she hadseme ene someone to blame for all her troubles Mostly it was her parents for not giving her enough time ltltthe context is already clear m At one point she says thatshe felt lzizkeshe had to fight for attention between two typewriters that took up a let ef her paraHis arents ltlt lura time She could always blame them and still feel like she did nothing wrong Even after l Formatted Highlight ii re lim having sex with someone parents for not loving her b Tquot the typica wasn t huggedenoughasachild syndrome ltltoverly generalized T he faet that tlhis child couldn t find something to hold on to in her life when really it was there the whole time she just had to try for it She had to not be afraid to show her emotions even when they weren t the prettiest emotions to show She had to 39 a not healthy blaming everyone for our mistakes that at some point you have to step oumide your life and see where you went wrong not where your parents went wrong It is time to start taking responsibility for what you do And if that means going back to the person that you feel the most lost to and pour your heart out to them standing there raw and open in hope that l39 2 not i0 ham to start one the most sinificant relationships in your life then by all means do whatever it takes ltltthis whole paragraph is so general that it doesn t help us know the movie This whole movie is full of raw emotion and awkwardeharaeter characters is made wonderful by simple acting The characters are so simple in their lives that it eemes they come across as awkward Winter Passing is one the best movies thatl have seen ltltcomma akin a situation that affecm every single one ofus and makes making it into one big awkward family that we all can relate to llltltthis is carelessll she could blame her 1 0 1quot r1 1quot L IIrl Formatted Line spacing single i Formatted Highlight Formatted Highlight Formatted Highlight Formatted Line spacing single quot l Formatted Line spacing single John this is adequate but rough Many errors interfere with your points so you should reread out loud to catch these before you turn in your work Tm also to keep within the expected length 900 words Doing so is a discipline that encourages you to decide the relative importance of each part and to depend on the best using direct and effective wordings


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