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by: Marjorie Kulas
Marjorie Kulas
GPA 3.62

M. Shuman

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About this Document

M. Shuman
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Marjorie Kulas on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ECE 507 at Oregon State University taught by M. Shuman in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/224420/ece-507-oregon-state-university in Engineering Electrical & Compu at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Con ict Resolution in the Classroom What is con ict De nition of con ict A situation in which two or more human beings desire goals which they perceive as being attainable by one or the other but not by both What are the sources of con icts Attitude 7 differences of feelings or perspectives about persons and issues Substance 7 differences of opinion about facts goals ends or means Emotional 7 when personal value is attached either to attitudinal or substantive con ict Communicative 7 the by product of a breakdown in healthy open conversation about he sources of con ict What is the root cause of con ict Stress see Social Readjustment Rating Scale Which of these factors do you think may be affecting your students right now What is the cycle of con ict The Con ict Cycle by Norman Shawchuck Tension development 7 Tension in the relationship develops as someone is experiencing a sense of loss of freedom Role dilemma 7 Confusion develops as a result of the tension and leads to questions about the tension and Who should be acting on it an how Injustice collecting 7 The rst dangerous stage in the cycle of con ict People dig in and prepare for battle collecting information and allies for later use as artillery Confrontation 7 This may range from clearing the air to outright violence as the parties confront the issue or each other Adjustments 7 The changes people make to end the confrontation Responses to Con ict WW Nauru pPEm e The Slippery Slope of Responses to Con ict by Ken Sande Escape responses peacefaking 7 People resort to these responses When they are more interested in avoiding a con ict than resolving it 0 Attack responses peacebreaking 7 People resort to these responses When they are more interested in Winning the argument than preserving relationships Peacemaking responses 7 People engage in these responses When they are committed to nding just and mutually agreeable solutions to con ict Engaging Con ict as a Facilitator The PAUSE principal of negotiating Prepare 7 get the facts Af rm relationships 7 af rm the value of each person and the value of the relationship Understand interests 7 clarify the goal of each person involved Search for creative solutions 7 help brainstorm a just and mutually agreeable sol 39on 0 Evaluate options objectively and reasonably Engaging Con ict as a Palticipant ACCOMMODATING High Relationships COLLABORATING High Relationships And And Low Personal Goals High Personal Goals Moderate Relationships Or Moderate Goals COMPROMISING CONCERN FOR RELATIONSHIPS High Low Relationships Low Relationships A d A d n n Low Personal Goals High Personal Goals VOIDING COMPETING L W CONCERN FOR PERSONAL GOALSINTERESTS High Con ict concerns resulting in con ict styles by N Shawchuck What is your primary con ict style Avoiding the turtle 7 The intent of this style is to stay out of the con ict to avoid being identi ed with either side Accommodating the teddy bear 7 The intent of this style is to preserve the relationship at all costs Collaborating the owl 7 The intent of this style is to get all the parties fully involved in de ning the con ict and n carrying out mutually agreeable steps for managing the con ict Compromising the fox 7 The intent of this style is to provide each side with a little bit of winning in order to persuade each to accept a little bit of losing Competing the shark 7 The intent of this style is to win Why mentor A brief look at selfef cacy What is self ef cacy Perceived self ef cacy is de ned as people s beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise in uence over events that affect their lives BELIEF gt ABILITY TO PERFORM gt DESIRED RESULTS People with high self ef cacy gt Approach dif cult tasks as challenges to be mastered rather than threats to be avoided Are intrinsically interested and deeply engrossed in their activities Set for themselves challenging goals and maintain strong commitment to them Heighten and sustain their efforts in the face of failure Quickly recover their sense of efficacy after failures or setbacks VVVVV Attribute failure to insuf cient effort or de cient knowledge and skills which are acquirable V Approach threatening situations with assurance that they can exercise control over them V Produce personal accomplishments have reduced stress and lower vulnerability to depression What are the sources of self ef cacy in order of e ectiveness l Mastery Experiences 7 A resilient sense of efficacy requires experiencing overcoming obstacles by persisting not only easy successes 2 Vicarious Experiences 7 Seeing a social model who is similar to oneself raises the observers beliefs that they too possess the capabilities to succeed 3 Social Persuasion 7 Verbal persuasion causes people to give greater effort and sustain it in the face of selfdoubts and personal deficiencies when problems arise Unfortunately it is easier to undermine selfef cacy by negative persuasion than it is to boost selfefficacy by positive persuasion 4 Emotional States 7 People interpret stress and tension as signs of vulnerability to poor performance Tips for a MentorTA gt Structure situations where a student may experience success avoid premature failure gt Measure success in terms of selfimprovement rather than by comparison gt Connect with students so that they may see themselves as successful as you in the future V Give verbal encouragement to persist when solving problems and facing difficulties gt Make lab and office hours a fun time 0 From SelfE icacy by Albert Bandura


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