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by: Mrs. Dedric Little


Mrs. Dedric Little
GPA 3.79


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Dedric Little on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MTH 255 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/224451/mth-255-oregon-state-university in Mathematics (M) at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Today F e Formats Unicode Data SGML HTML Text File Formats ASCII Unicode Plain text ASCII AmuiiuunSiunuuiuCuuuiuiiniunnuiiun Exchange 7 FinemvbasicE giish nusuuuuiuunsiinuuuss mm issuunuiuiusm 7 unissuuuuus Piuiniumiiunu m 7 siisun uiAscii unuiuusis 7 Each unuiuuis is snuuusu bvane W12 u g 0 A in WNW u u iawua Unicode Huvvdu yuu unuuuu text in an inturnatiunawnunuiy Way7 7 omuiWisu known as iniEmaiiunaiizaiiun Uniuuuu A wunu7sianuaru SingiE unuuuing fur aii must ianguages 7 Unicude piuvidES a uniuuu nuinuuiiui EVEYy chaiaciai nu inuuuiwnunnu uiuuunni nu inuuuiwnunnu uiuuiuin nu inuuuiwnunnu ianguage uinu unuiuuiuis iuuuiiu inuiu than unu uyiu 7 Mus1 su wavepacka usuiu nuw impiEmEmmg Uniuu u iniEmaiiunaiizaiiun 7 Wwwumcude uiu Um ode Formats UTFVE 7 Vaviahie isnuin snuuuinu ui Wigs 7 ASCH unuiuui sis nave ins same vuqu in UTF7E us SCH 7 can he used W New piuuiuns wih imie n uuiiiuuiiun 7 Vaviahie isnuin snuuuinu ui unuiuuisis si nun UT r4 5 7 wnsn sauce ieri an issue 7 Men xed unuiuuisi wmh is ussiisu 7 uun uniuuus unuiuuisi is u mu vnuin 327m enivv Structured Text File Formats Two Aspects of SGML 1 A Document Type De nition DTD Desehbes Whatmarkup Elements are pusslble Furrnal rules Expresslng relattuhshtps between the Elements and the structure 2 Markedup documents Accurdlng tn the rules lrl the DTD What Does a DTD Specify The names ofthe elements The contents ofthe elements How often each element can occur If begin or end tag can b mitted Possible attributes and their default values The entities e lee maems ur euhstahts 7 mm SGML 1508879 Standard Generalized Markup Language Allows structural and other annotations to be applied to ex Marking upquot oftext SGML Examp e ltartlclegt lttltlEgtAn lntruductlun tn SGMLlttltlegt se gt G L the bash prlnlplEsltSEgt ltssEEgtGEnEralled luglcal markupdssem ltF39gt DTD Example Rule lttstmswhmtoothsmeorgtvzgt e Thelwu 0 elements meahsthat the hegh and End 7 The eumma meahsthat buththe HEAD and the EODV mus1 new and ththe Bide specmed ltlELEMENT HEAD o 0 head cementgt ltlENlllVnead eartehtmns a lSlNDEx7 a BASE7 a head extra gt lhe 8 meanstnattheelememscauldammtnanymdev m anstnaltheelemermsaptmnal Nance thand Eanceleach mm What DTD s Can39t Specify Relationships between values of elements Ex if entity A 3 entity B must The presentation How will a structured document be displayed Why is was SGML Popular Human yeadablelex encudmg elslluelule e elnelles mes ele useless Wtham llem BPPllEalmn n e L 6 L Pravldes a language lul descnbmg slluelule L evvlevvllmltallansanWnaldalacanbedesmbed L Regardless almecmcdalaslmclme canveuse slenuelelzeeluuls new Vellum XML extensible Markup Language Limited subset of SGML e s DTD not required e Mel Valldatlun lS pusslble lf rle DTD Children of SGML HTML XML HTML A markup languag e that has been de ned using 86 L e There EXlsts HTML D Ds e HTMqullqu SGML EDHVEHUDHS fur marku A instance of an SGML language e Small set at markup tags e Can t deflrle yuur EIer tags Wltll HTML Need in change the DTD Most HTML does not reference a DTD An Example XML Language Math M L Mathematics standard now used in all major math software packages V Tu encude x2 4x 4 El mruvvgt ltmruvvgt Supgt ltmigtgtltltrmgt ltmngtZltmngt gt ngt4ltrnngt ltmugt8tinviSibiEtimEsKmtp lt igt ltrmgt 3 ltmngt ltmruvvgt ltmDgtltmugt ltrnngtEltrnngt ltmruvvgt Tree Structure of XML XML encodes hierarchical tree structures of information Root element i Each nude is an element Who Defines the Tags In SGML 7 The DTD specifies What tags are aiiuvvabie In XM 7 Can DTD Acceptahietags ave specmed Pavsevscanvaiidaie Use anytags you Wami Nuneedtuwme aDTDi XML Example a Author Record mumwnm damn kmhm 0mm sz 3 mt quotwumuuqmw Gummymm 4mm 4mm Yex mm angie hvackets Byways mm meta immm Tree Structure of XML rscgtJunltUascgt r cgtHerluokerltJascgt lt lt authuo Str cter than HTML Ex Branches must be closed before another opens Stricter than HTML Branches must be closed before another opens Must close this A Before starting this Stricter than HTML Can t leave out end tags Not allowed in XML ltpgt Hey therel ltPgt Ho therel OK in XML ltpgt Hey therel ltegt ltPgt Ho therel ltPgt Element Attributes A in HTM L XML elements ean have attributes e ltsectzmn numex crue gtltsectzlungt HOWEVERl They are Simply an alternative furmat The abuve example tten e ltsecclungtltnundexgtrueltnundexgt ltseirungt Stricter than HTML Branches must be closed OK in XML ltagt elg ltlgtRedlt1gtlthgt Ca shorthand for Empty ags Empty elements 7 ltmyt aggtltmytaggt Can be written shorthand as ltmytaggt For example in HTML the ltHRgttag is an empty tag ltHRgt Other Interesting Notes XML is case sensitive lt mgt is different from ltFilmgt Unlike HTML Spaces within elements are signi cant Unlike HTML Why would you want a DTD Validation 7 Make sure strueture er eiements makes sense lt15tgtltlastgtHerluckerltlastgt ltf1stgtltauthurgtltauthurgt sy X is eurreet 7 But strueture duesn t make sense for the author data strueture V 7 A DTD and a vaiidating XML parser Wuuid deteettms errur mm mquot Cascading Style Sheets XML les can specify content and structure They do not specify display Cascading Style Sheets CSS Allow you to specify display properties of different elements Converting Transforman XMiL O en need to convert between XML A different XML structure A visual dis la Something entirely different One approach use XSLT DTD Got You Down Use a DTD generator Feed it an XML le and it will generate a likely DTD Use XML Schemas Similar functionality to DTDs but written in XML Standard may still be settling CSS mammal lt1nvgt ulazkult nvgt urmtmwunu caiav but tantslze 2mm XSLT eXtensibIe Stylesheet Language Transformations Speci es a set of rules for transforming XML to some oth r struc ure For example transforming the XML author records to HTML tables XHTML XML compliant version of HTML Strict parsing rules Faster and more consistent disp ay No need to handle degenerate cases Good for unsophisticated small devices we p ones PageRank ampening Fadur Page that links on A PRW 1d PRT1CT1 PRTCT Number rummaging mm from T1 Explaining Google How exactly does Google work Only Google employees know we can explain how Google originally worked They used an algorithm called ageRank PageRank Each page A has a PageRank PA Each page distributes that PageRank evenly across all outgoing links Recursive


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