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by: Mrs. Tatum Cormier


Marketplace > Oregon State University > Science > HSTS 414 > HISTORY OF TWENTIETH
Mrs. Tatum Cormier
GPA 3.68


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Tatum Cormier on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HSTS 414 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 26 views. For similar materials see /class/224465/hsts-414-oregon-state-university in Science at Oregon State University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER H NAlllE El Polar melting When Cold War hot Corvallis Oregon EOPLE sur prised even a little shak en when recent news re ports claimed that Arctic icegis melting 39I herealstnpriseshouldbethatwe were surprised at all Conservative ounditstalkasifArctic meltingand its disturbing implication that global warming is well underway are just hotoffthepress scare sto riesquot from the liberal propaganda mills promotedby nervousNellie sci entists and industryhating environ talists In fact fears of Arctic warming rst emanated a halfcentury ago from a citadel of conservative values the US Melting of the Arc n39c Ocean was already predicted in 1953 when military leaders viewed polar climate changeas a national se curity concern FTER World War II as the Cold War strained relations between Moscow and Washington Pentagon of cials grew anxious about the Arctic Alas sa shared a common boundary with Siberia along the Bering Strait and the shortest route for Soviet bombers targeting U S cities lay across the Pole In the late19403 the Strategic Air Command39s eet of B29s began pa nelling North America39s northern borders high above the polar ice But while the Soviets were 39 masteraof refarnorth theyhadbe gun the Arctic intensely al ready by the 1930s the unending ice elds aver own by US pilots were a 39 39to troubledby reports omthenotedSwedishscien n39st Hans Ahlmann that giaciers in hidrnorthemlatiurdeswererweding atarapidclipAlreadymeteorologists waenoticingthatdreivorldhadbem murmeuince the turn ofthe century 39 p0 maquallyreaLAddressingaclosed loot Pentagon meeting on June 17 i947Ahlmanninsistedthatsmdying Examiner contributor Ronald E Doel who teaches history of science atOregon State University is writ ing book an the rise of the envi ronmental sciences in America v arctic climate variation was to Amer ica39s interest Several months earlier American scientists had pressed for new re search on Arctic ice pointing out its value for improving weather fore casts and military communications reselling stranded pilots detecting and hiding proposed polarcrossing submarines and predicting changes in Soviet fishing harvests and shipping routes But Ahlmann39s evidence made climate a quotstrategicquot concern visors Pentagon leaders funded hundreds of new cold weather research programs The Naval Arctic Research Laboratory was established near Barrow Alas ka Military interest heightened af ter CIA intelligence sources report ed large Soviet military exercises above the Arctic Circle In952twoyearsaftertheout break of the Korean War US scien tists finally gained a high Arctic foothold by establishing a camp on an enormous glacial splinter named Ice Island T3 P ROMPTED BY civilian ad Arctic climate studies expanded dramatically in the late 19505 through the International Geophysi cal Year Aware that Pentagon offi cialswereintrigusdbythishuge mul tinational program and its promise to secure data from countries behind the Iron Curtain defense sawy oceanographers and meteorolo gists urged new climatic measure ments The nononsense Arctic scientist Paul A Siple a veteran of Admiral Richard E Byrd39s famous prewar Antarctic time made the case forcefully Df the climatic trend con tinues as at the canrent ratequot Siple wrote to International Geophysical Year organizers in 1953 it is conceiv able that the North Polar basin might be an icefree ocean in midsummer withinahother50yearsThesig nit39rcance of major climatic changes within the next few decades to our modem civilization39is not to be taken lightlyquot 39 Secretary of the Navy TH Smith Jr agreed musing that future Arc tic military operations are a real pos sibmwu HE International Geophysical Year marked an important turning point for climatic stud ies Researchers did con rm that many not all high latihide giaciers were receding and polar sea ice seemedthinnerBythenanewgener ation of nrleearpowered submarines including the USS Nautilus and Skate were making seaice measure ments directly by surfacing These submarines 39 missiles able to reach Soviet targets V more quickly than SAC bombers faster still when larmched hour the high Arctic T3 scientists watched the Skate punch through nearby sea ice in August 1958 a vivid demonstra tion that polar climate was a matter of military concern Military fascination with the thin ningiceoftheNorthPoleisaforgot ten storytoday avictimofColdWar secrecy and stillclassi ed docrnnents aswellasapauseintheworldwide warming trend from the 19505 through the 19709 Pentagon of cials deserve credit for grasping early on the importance I ofclrmate Yethrstorransare discovering that smds39rorsuaying 39 thebiologicalandsocialconsetnrences ofglobalclimatechange39 riaingaea levels shiftsindimaticwnesandal teredagriurltualregionsFwerepal Farmorewasspenttounderstand theenvironmentsinwhichsoldiersor By ignoring the early history of thispohrdrammwemaycalmlyas sume that the latest Arctic news is just another environmental scare storfakintotheAlarscareandcth er ashinthepan ecosagasof yes terday But polar melting isn39t a new con STEPHANlESAllEH SISlimbo medical mm the Knights of Columbia whe theissus39uabon Wandchoth 39I hemisaiomto intimidate the drw39s Formul 39 Udaf 14 Tuesday 3 Oct 2000 15 39HIJEY g HNSUN k Tue Blair c0urageously took the The Hague Netherlan HOUGH MOSI people accept global warming as a real problem get rope hytrmirerstarddriversand fariners arejrrsta rstjorrstinthe struggletowardworldensrgymansge meat million dollar political campaigns bankrdledbyoilandgasinterests Seriousqualityof lifeissuesareat stake watetdeanenoughtodrink andforfishtoliveinmirdeanenough tohreathewithoutgeuinganasthma anack orestsanduopsnotstressed byairpollu onandsealsvelsallowed Examiner oontn39britorHueyD 39 Johnson former secretary of re stateReso ammo ispmsi dent ofthe Resource Renewal Insti tutein San Francisco He was in volved in managing California s re sponse to the enarycrisisin the late 19705 v theirowngoodtimetoriseandfall Without leadership in the United States these issues will be decided elsewhere rst 39I helessonsofaristheimportance of leadership and its risks and re wardsThthenchgcvernmentfaced with demonstrations quickly sinren dered Enter British Prime Minister itedgassumlies39I heEng sh quot new all u ruin as a result But whetherthepublicwantedit ormtBlairda nedtheis asthmasymptemsrelatedtopoorair port redi iarltdedsions iatneedto 39bemade from o byalee Aver issue tc guvemr the on that a dent Eit J HNS N sueot qualityoflifeasbasic S iilth KlIH hadahdmnhilhemhadidn39t g Ruling may lead to con sl Misnrforma on campaign on RU486a


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