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by: Jettie Schiller


Marketplace > Oregon State University > Biology > BI 211 > PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY
Jettie Schiller
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jettie Schiller on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BI 211 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 121 views. For similar materials see /class/224476/bi-211-oregon-state-university in Biology at Oregon State University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
B1 211 Fall 2010 Principles of Biology Midterm II SAMPLE EXAM PLEASE read all of the questions and answers CAREFULLY before answering Choose the best answer for each multiple choice truefalse and matching question Each correct answer is worth 2 points toward your final grade Refer to the following gure to answer questions 12 The diagram shows a phylogenetic tree relating the species A B C D and E 1 A group containing species C and D only would be in a clade b FALSE 2 The last common ancestor for both species D and E could be at position number a 1 b 2 I3 e5 3 An individual mixotroph loses its plastids yet continues to survive Which of the following is the most likely possibility to account for its continued survival a It is rotected b a siliceous case l MMHquot1 i 5quot rw iquot 1 v c It must have gained extra mitochondria when it lost its plastids d It relies on non organelle photosynthetic systems that oat freely in its cytosol e It has mitosomes which provide iron amp sulfur metabolism without photosynthesis 4 The largest seaweeds belong to which group a red algae b green algae d charophytes e cyanobacteria Use the following taxa to select the best match for questions 59 Each taxon may be used once more than once or not at all a Chlorophyta d Rhodophyta b Stramenopiles e Euglenozoans c Alveolates 5 Ciliates and Dinoflagellates belong in this group 6 Characterized by membranebound sacs 7 The kingdom Plantae has its closest relatives in this group 8 Members of this group contain a crystalline rod in their flagella 9 Diatoms water molds and brown algae are in this group wmgt00 10Which of the following statements concerning living phytoplanktonic organisms are true I The are i111 ortant members of communities surroundin dee sea hydrothermal vents quotl jquot 1 quot 1mm ll 3 m 1 IV The are Inst of Huw a l and H b I II and V c II III and V d 111 IV and V e 111 and V 11 You are given an unknown organism to identify It is unicellular and possesses more than two flagella and two small but equalsized nuclei The organism has small organelles that appear somewhat similar to mitochondria no chloroplasts and is anaerobic To which clade does this organism probably belong a rhizarians c sliIne molds d kinetoplastids e ciliates 12 Two types of organisms were discussed in lecture that despite being distantly related display a similar unusual characteristic mitosis but no cytokinesis resulting in a multinucleate condition Which of the following is that pair a Amoebozoans rhizarians b Amoebozoans aseptate fungi c Cellular sliIne molds coenocytic fungi e Oomycetes water molds septae fung 13 Secondary endosymbiosis is the process by which a number of protistan clades eg Stramenopiles are hypothesized to have acquired the ability to conduct photosynthesis and it involves the endosymbiosis of either green or red algae rather than a prokaryote l l l A FALSE 14 Protists are alike in that all are unicellular symbionts autotrophic monophyletic 8953 15 In life cycles with an alternation of generations multicellular haploid forms alternate with a unicellular diploid forms b unicellular ha loid forms m maml mmquot mm d multicellular haloid foms e multicellular polyploid forms 16 The most recent research indicates that the make up the living group that is most similar to the plants that first colonized land a Mosses Br 0 h ta c Cooksonia A glaophyton major d Lycophytes Lycophyta e Hornworts Anthocerophyta 17 Bryophytes have all of the following characteristics except a multicellularity b s ecialized cells and tissues d a reduced dependent sporophyte e spores with sporopollenin enriched walls Choose the adaptation below that MOST DIRECTLYmeets each particular challenge for life on land listed in questions 1821 Choices may be used once more than once or not at all a embryos d xylem and phloem b cuticle e alternation of generations c stomata 18 acquisition of C02 for photosynthesis in thickened tissue 19 protection of leaf cells from desiccation m0 20 transport of water minerals and nutrients D 21 protection and nutrition an early stage of sporophyte development A 22 On a field trip a student in a marine biology class collects an organism that has differentiated organs cell walls of c quot and 39 I t with 39 r39 J 11 u Based on these characteristics the organism could be a brown alga a red alga a green alga a charophyte recently washed into the ocean from a freshwater or brackish water source or a land plant washed into the ocean The presence of which of the following features would definitively identify this organism as a land plant a alternation of generations b rosette cellulosesynthesizing complexes d agellated sperm e phycoerythrin 23 Plant spores give rise directly to a sporophytes b s oro h 115 C d seeds e gametes 24 Beginning with the germination of a moss spore what is the sequence of the following structures to develop after germination 1 embryo 2 gametes 3 sporophyte 4 protonemata 5 gametangia a 31452 b 413 52 c 34521 e 4 3 5 2 1 25 Which of the following is not common to all phyla of vascular plants b alternation of generations c the addition of lignin to cell walls d xylem and phloem e dominance of the diploid generation 26 In which of the following does the sporophyte depend on the gametophyte for nutrition a horsetail c fern d both A and C e A B and C 27 Roots are functionally similar to bryophyte rhizoids as they both however roots and not rhizoids also have a rima role in jl v Mn b absorb minerals helping anchor plants into the soil c produce photosynthate helping anchor plants into the soil d help anchor plants into the soil production of photosynthate e transport uids through xylem and phloem exploiting the soil 28 A heterosporous plant is one that a re roduces onl sexuall c producs spores all year long instead of during just one season d produces two kinds of spores one asexually by mitosis and the other sexually by meiosis e produces a gametophyte that bears both antheridia and archegonia 29 Which of the following is an ongoing trend in the evolution of land plants a eliInination of sperm cells b duplication of sperm cells c re lacement of shoots b s oro h lls wuuh ii Wlquot quot gu39vwv 13 n e increasing reliance on water to and egg together 30 Seeds commonly provide for each of the following except a dis ersal imam Lm c ability to coordinate g rmination with seasonal changes dormancy d resistance to dessication and other harsh environments e a nutrient supply for the embryo 31 Which of the following is most important in making the typical seed more resistant to adverse conditions than the typical spore b a unique type of sporopollenin c an internal reservoir of water d the waxy cuticle e its dispersal mechanism 32 Which of the following phyla uses cones for reproduction and has palmlike leaves b Coniferophyta c Ginkgophyta d Gnetophyta e Anthophyta 33 Which of the following statements does not describe a portion of the pine life cycle a Megagametophytes use mitosis to produce eggs b Seeds are produced in ovulate ovule bearing cones c A ollen tube enters an ovule throuh the micro le Hm u e The embryo in a dispersed seed develops into the mature sporophyte 34 Which structure is common to both gymnosperms and angiosperms a anthers b cotiledon d ovary e carpel 35 Which of the following is not true concerning the sporophyte or gametophyte generations of flowering plants a The s oro h te eneration is dominant Hu J 1 l H u 1 MM w y 7 w w L i m Ham 1 l c The sporophyte generation is what we see when looking at a large plant d The gametophyte generation is not photosynthetic e The gametophyte generation consists of relatively few cells within the ower 36 A hypothetical angiosperm opens its flowers only at night The flowers are brown and emit an odor similar to that of rotting flesh The pollinator is most likely to be which organism a nectar eating bee b nectar eating hummingbird c fruit eating bat d olleneatin moth 4 MR 1 mmquot Refer to the following gure to answer questions 3738 The diagram shows an angiosperm megagametophyte and its cells thick oval within oral tissue cells outlined with thin lines All nuclei in the megagametophyte are colored black Use the letters that label the structures in the gure to answer the questions 37 This structure will give rise to the embryonic plant after fertilization C 38 This structure will become a triploid nutritive tissue after fertilization B 39 Which of the following terms is not properly associated with the fungi as a kingdom a sexual and asexual spores b absorptive nutrition c ecolo icall important e decomposers


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