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by: Dr. Eulah Legros


Dr. Eulah Legros
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Eulah Legros on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BA 590 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/224487/ba-590-oregon-state-university in Business Administration at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Fabien CLEMENT 11302005 Julien HERVE Ana39l39s KHALATBARI Michael TARDIFF ENTERPRISE RENTACAR Professor MC ALEXANDER BA 590 Introduction VVVV III VVVV gt gt VI VII VVVVV Conclusion SUMMARY History and evolution of the company Enterprise missions Enterprise Fiscal results 2005 SWOT analysis Enterprise product and services Focal customer Other customers Contracts with universities Delta AirElite Business Jets Partners with Enterprise RentACar Corporations insurance companies The brand Customer company relationship Customer Service Social Responsibility How a rental car company can build a brand community Forecasts Continue Core Business Strategy Airp01t Locations International Locations New Market Segments Technology Introduction gt History and evolution of the company Enterprise RentACar is the largest car rental rm in North America In 1957 Jack Taylor was thinking about the fact that customers would see the bene ts of leasing automobiles rather than buying them Thus in 1980 Enterprise Rentacar was created and the company has now 6000 locations worldwide a eet of 700000 vehicles and an extended family of over 57000 enterprising employees All of this growth and expansion comes from Jack s personal philosophy that if you take care of your customers and employees rst the pro ts will follow Enterprise also offers car sales eet services and Rideshare which supplies vans to groups of coworkers for commuting purposes It has around 4900 of ces in the US and about 500 of ces in Canada the UK Germany and Ireland The company is headquartered in St Louis Missouri gt Enterprise missions The principal mission that Enterprise has is to provide the customers with a good service quality and value so as to earn their loyalty Their goal is also to motivate their employees and to allow them to reach good position in the company with compensations These two missions will lead to growth and longterm pro tability wwwenterprise com gt Enterprise Fiscal results 2005 Financially Enterprise recorded 823 billion in worldwide revenue 725 million outside the United States In the last 25 years Enterprise has achieved a compound annual revenue growth rate of 205 In 2005 the company opened 494 new locations 455 local market and 39 on airport bringing its total to more than 6500 worldwide Enterprise Rentacar ranks n l6 on the most recent FORBES magazine list of ltlt America s largest private companies and n0 266 of the most recent Fortune 500 ranking of publicly held US companies Report sept 21 2005 Enterprise scal 2005 results wwwenterprisecom gt SWOT analysis datamonitor Enterprise RentACar Company April 2004 Strengths Weaknesses o Diverse offerings 0 Cost of repairs 0 Financial strength 0 No oneway rentals 0 Customer Service 0 Average car age to maintain o Partnerships with credit unions Opportunities Threats 0 Driving becoming preferable 0 Local market to become crowded 0 Trend for renting cars 0 Used car market weakens 0 National Association of Minority o Oversupply problems Mergers amp 0 Automobile Dealers Airport Acquisitions presence To demonstrate how Enterprise rentacar has built a brand community and what the company must do to develop the business we are going to explain the main characteristics of the brand community by including product focal customers relationship between the company and customer new customers in order to establish the forecasts Characteristic offhe brand community 1 Enterprise product and services Enterprise is a rental car company so the company provides cars or trucks for people who need it for a short period of time however how can we de ne more precisely this company or what are the key products and services of Enterprise For a consumer point of view enterprise is a big company that has the approach and feel of a small business Indeed the company s marketing strategy and structure are built to provide to its the J the quot 39 quotquot the power of a big company and the exibility and adaptability of small ones gt The power of the network Enterprise has locations within 15 miles of 90 percent of the US population and operates more than 6500 offices in the US Canada the UK Ireland and Germany almost wherever you are in the US even if you live in a small community you can nd an Enterprise office this proximity in term of location enables the company to create a close relationship with its customers the power of a big company gt This proximity with the customer is enhanced by the entrepreneurs who manage the Enterprise s of ces indeed these entrepreneurs are focused on the customer satisfaction being polite friendly are part of the Enterprise product the exibility of a small company V The quality of the service To satisfy as much as possible and to overcome its customers expectations the service is a key point for Enterprise indeed for more convenience Enterprise can pick you up in front of your house drive you to the office and when you give the car back somebody drives you back in your house this point is one of the competitive advantages of Enterprise furthermore it shows us that the company really cares about the customers and truly understands their needs V The company doesn t only rent cars but provides other product and services indeed Enterprise also rents trucks provides a eet service and sell its used cars Here also even if the company provides a service a car the key point is the service quality and so the customer satisfaction To put it in a nutshell Enterprise is one of the leading rental car companies and has expended around its core competencies a high quality service for a fair price in the vehicle activity 11 Focal customer We can classify two kinds of customers there are retail customers and the business corporations Enterprise has developed a diversity of offers such as car rental car sales eet services and Rideshare which supplies vans to groups of coworkers for commuting purposes All these offers answer waiting of a certain numbers of consumers The company grew up as a neighborhood rental car company It means that Enterprise has developed lot of locations that are off airport And now these locations are a great advantage to be on the local market because Enterprise is within 15 miles of 90 percent of the Us population Then a person who wants to rent a car everywhere in United State and not only on airport thinks easily Enterprise Moreover Enterprise adds a pickup service for all customers The company picks the customer up at his house to go to the location and bring him back This last service coupled to the high number of locations produce a special relationship with the customer like a relationship of neighborhood This relationship of neighborhood is one of the main characteristics of Enterprise Thus lot of customers who do not live in big cities chose Enterprise because the rm is the rst provider in home city Thanks to this relationship of neighborhood a brand community has grown up This community of customers knows that the simple way to rent a car is Enterprise This community as reinforced thanks to the high quality of customers services Employees are involved to provide a great quality of service with a friendly service The company average for completely satis ed is really high that increase the loyalty of customers The member of the Enterprise community is a person who have ever use and approve the quality of services provide by the company and who knows that the rm is everywhere closed to him Enterprise has forge marketing partnerships with lending institutions such as credit unions With this type of partnership the company host private sales for the exclusive bene t of members of both Credit unions and Enterprises The community is also extending by another kind of drivers that is drivers under 25 years old Enterprise makes a special effort to establish good prices for people under 25 whereas most of car providers add important fees to this kind of drivers or do not accept to provide services Enterprise adds only 10 per day to a driver between 21 and 25 years old Then this type of drivers has few choices and the best one is Enterprise They use the great level of quality provide by Enterprise and they have access to all services like pickup service Thus Enterprise becomes the preferred company thanks to the good consideration services that Enterprise provides The other important part of Enterprise customers is business travel The corporate segment is a big part of company s business by concentrating on the local market non airport driven business Enterprise is carving a niche in the corporate travel market by offering large corporations services in their home cities The company claims to have good relationship with the vast majority of the Fortune 500 companies most of which use Enterprise as primary providers of off airport services and as secondary providers at airport Enterprise tries to conclude contract with huge firm Pepsi co is one of these companies which signed an agreement with Enterprise For this Enterprise uses some advantages like the very large number of suburban and rural locations or the vast variety of available cars Then each company or customers can get whatever car they need delivered to a plant of field location and they do not have to go to a city centric location Add to services Enterprise offers Enterprise has done a very credible job fulfilling the role expected by the others companies Their customers are big core customers for which they provide specialized and unique services Another type of focal customer is the small and medium size companies which rent from as few as 4 to up to 100 times each month In order to decide these kinds of companies Enterprise use special discount prises for firms that need extended rentals with 25 off the monthly rental rate for two months 50 off rentals for three months and 75 less for each month after that Thus with these discount prices Enterprise increase the loyalty all these companies Most companies integrate the community for the same reason that retail customers The brand community is build by few main characteristics that are neighbourhood network high quality of service and large choice of cars 111 Other customers With its most pro table customer in mind Enterprise delivers value by doing things these customers appreciate like picking them up When it delivers value customized for this group Enterprise earns the lion s share of its target customer s business And once such pro table customers are loyal to Enterprise it is harder for the competition to pry these valuable customers away Enterprise has built the most pro table business in its industry and tried to create an environment of trust and quality for its services This is the most important resources that the company strengthened in order to create a brand community and to touch more and more customers other than the focal customers gt Contracts with Universities Enterprise RentACar was again selected as the Universities preferred service provider of vehicle rentals Indeed Enterprise created the Enterprise RentaCar s oncampus services to allow students and faculty members to travel with good deals Most car rental companies will only rent a car to persons of 25 years or older and it s dif cult for persons under 21 to rent a car Enterprise try by making contract with universities to reach a new market by creating bene ts for the students who can not rent a car They are going to reach also the faculty and staff of universities by providing them compact or economy cars with really good deals for universityrelated business or personal use with sometimes unlimited mileage Several universities have contracted with Enterprise with short term contracts http transportation stanford edu alt transportationEnterprise shtml http www lasierra edudepartmentsslifeo iceenterprise I Oregon State University I Cornell University I University of Virginia I University of kentucky I University at albany NY I La sierra university I UCLA I University of Chicago I San Diego State University I Stanford University Enterprise wants to promote its brand and it has contracted with lots of American universities to involve the students in renting cars They use the customercustomer relationship so as to create an important network of students and faculty and to access to a larger loyal market Since lots of students are willing to rent cars but they have problems with their age and the prices linked to the insurance enterprise chose the right potential customers to focus on gt Delta AirElite Business Jets Partners with Enterprise RentACar Enterprise is present in lots of airports in the United States and there are lots of potential customers in the travel market To be more close to these travelers Enterprise has also made a partnership with an airline in august 2005 Delta Air Lines to offer premier bene ts to Delta AirElite delta airline s subsidiary Fleet Members and Charter The bene ts are that customers will receive complimentary service with free vehicle delivery and pickup at most general aviation locations they will have access to special Delta AirElite corporate rates and complementary range of cars luxury cars Since Enterprise RentACar has a proven track record of service and commitment to the private jet travelers and they have a network in the airports Delta Airlines will enhance the customers travel experiences Enterprise is focused on growing its airport presence and relationship with the travel agency community It has been named best in customer satisfaction at US airports in ve ofthe past six years Enterprise tried to place a strong emphasis on expanding its service capabilities in the general aviation community The partnership with Delta AirElite one of the industry s most respected charter operators underscores this commitment to their general aviation customers Enterprise will in exchange attract the travelers who are using delta airlines services httpwwwairelitecomabout05083lcfm In October 2005 Enterprise has created a new partnership program for travel agencies that offers each agency the ability to set its own rate and commission structure based on its individual business strategyreport Oct 17 2005 Enterprise RentACar Unveils Customizable Travel Agency Program wwwenterprisecom gt Corporations Enterprise has also lots of partnerships with corporations and provides the businesses with good deals and special bene ts Enterprise can create a customized package for the needs of the businesses whether they have a group that needs speci c vehicles at a speci c location or a large convention that needs a wide variety of vehicles at several locations help for meetings By this mean Enterprise can create a community of business men who get used to the service and are going to become loyal to the brand Businesses are often staying faithful to their service providers since they know their habits their program through the year they accumulate points with years and they have special trades An example of corporation which has contracted with Enterprise is the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing NASCAR and Enterprise became the organization s ltlt Of cial Rental Car Company gtgt Enterprise has been a rental car sponsor of the NASCAR RacePoints program allowing race fans to earn points toward valuable rewards every time they rent a vehicle from Enterprise This agreement has been very pro table for Enterprise since its new partner has more than 75 million fans that are going to use enterprise services and become loyal customers since they can earn points and have good prices and services Also through this relationship Enterprise will be able to promote its brand with the advertisement which will be made during NASCAR events Report sept 6 2005 Enterprise RentACar and NASCAR Team Up Linking Two of America39s Automotive Powerhouses wwwenterprisecom Pepsi has also signed an agreement with Enterprise in January to have Enterprise as their secondary provider for their very large number of suburban and rural locations Also they have retained Enterprise for the variety of the different vehicles and the quality of the service pick up Business Travel News 822004 Vol 21 Issue 14 p24 gtinsurance companies Enterprise has been able to focus on other customers by taking advantages of a partnership with insurance companies so that it can enlarge its network For example through the partnership with Nationwide Insurance enterprise has been able to create a relation of winwin so that both companies can take advantage of each other The company expanded by negotiating with major auto insurers to be the main supplier for customers who were entitled to rental cars while their cars were in the shop This allowed Enterprise to access millions of customers by negotiating just one contract After locking in these deals and developing technology that connected the car owner insurance company and Enterprise location the company became a force In November 3 2003 Nationwide Insurance signed a preferred provider contract with Enterprise RentACar Customers will have access to special discounts on rentals from Enterprise through Nationwide Insurance Enterprise will be the firstcall provider for nationwide customers who need rental cars due to an auto theft or a car accident httn I quot 39J um nwal n39 39 asnkeV969 IV The brand Firstly the car rental company39s brand awareness is very high Enterprise39s research showed that eight adults in 10 said they know Enterprise Of those more than 60 associated the brand with its quotpickyouup attributequot he added The brand Enterprise is very popular and it is also knowing for is main advantage that is the pick you up service Enterprise tries to give an important meaning to his brand in order to distinguish itself of others car providers and to stay in the customer s mind Firstly Enterprise has created a Rent a car Foundation with few goals The mission of the foundation is to give back to and to strengthen the thousands of communities where employees and customers of the firm work and live through charitable support The company endorses and underwrites a variety of initiatives and causes throughout the markets where Enterprise Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 enterprise rent a carcom By assisting local cause Enterprise creates an image of company that takes care of its market Enterprise also provides financial resources to nonprofit initiative like educational initiative for example to schools or scholarship to support minorities like disable persons These kinds of operations are supported by Enterprise s employees and their spouses helped by loyal Enterprise customers Then all members of the brand community can encouraged these manifestations The company tries to focus more particularly on nonprofit groups that have a significant strategic or social importance to it and its employees It also supports important causes such as natural disasters like Katrina Hurricane by donations which come from the foundation and employees to the International Red Cross for the Tsunami relief effort Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 With the Enterprise foundation avec its employees the brand is clearly engage in a progress of divides to help different causes It gives a real good meaning of the Brand And the fact that it is employees and its spouses who have also made lot of donations shows that the firm and its employees belong to a same community Thus the company shows that it has a large social responsibility In addition to the meaning brand developed by Enterprise the company has a great customer services reputation which produces a feeling of credibility The company has built its reputation by renting cars to local consumers in need of vehicles and by executing its services with a real goodwill Employees use to have a high level of involvement in a company Then they are more attentive of need s customers Moreover by the fact that Enterprise is involved in local market and local life by helping nancially special local event the rm has included regional value and independent brands value These values represent strengths which give to the brand a great image Thus the brand community is relay by great and sure values Consequently this brand community can attract new consumers The whole image of the brand is built by the social responsibility shown through the foundation and the exceptional customer service that the company always tries to improve V Customer company relationship Enterprise s performance regarding the relationships it has built between its customers and the company is among the most impressive and noteworthy in the industry In fact it is Enterprise s commitment to its customercompany relationships that has led to its current business model Early customers expressed a desire to rent cars where they lived and worked Enterprise s response to the customer s needs led to their 15 present business model which is centered on a neighborhood service network Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 Enterprise has developed its customercompany relationships by not only focusing on its customers but also by building relationships with the neighborhood communities in which their customers belong When analyzing Enterprise s performance in building brand community through its customercompany relationships we need to focus on the exceptional efforts Enterprise makes towards customer service and social responsibility Customer Service At the core of Enterprise s business model is its goal of becoming synonymous with exceptional customer service The heart of its mission statement Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 states We will strive to earn our customers39 longterm loyalty by working to deliver more than promised being honest and fair and going the extra mile to provide exceptional personalized service that creates a pleasing business experience Not just a sales pitch customer service is at the center of Enterprise s business model To ensure its ability to provide superior customer service is never compromised Enterprise has gone so far as to create its own unique way to measure customer satisfaction called the Enterprise Service Quality index ESQi which hinges on two simple words completely satis ed Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 Per the corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 Every month they measure customer satisfaction with each local branch through telephone surveys of hundreds of thousands of customers Each branch then earns a ranking based on the percentage of its customers who say they were completely satis ed with their last Enterprise experience Through the company s ESQi rankings Enterprise links its employees39 career and financial aspirations with consistent superior service to each and every customer Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 This standard of excellence shows the dedication Enterprise has towards customer satisfaction The key to which Enterprise has been able to achieve the level of customer service to its customers is through the experience it provides its customer rather than the product Enterprise does not merely rent cars that they think customers will like they strive to provide a car renting experience that exceeds their customers expectations The means by which Enterprise provides this experience is through the scope of services they provide Per their slogan We ll pick you up Enterprise was the first rental company to offer to pick up the customer at there home or business and give them a ride to their rental car and later drop them off at the end of their service Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 They have a service which provides for the customer from the very beginning of their trip to the very end Another means by which Enterprise provides customers with a superior car rental experience is through the geographical locations of its businesses Enterprise has locations within 15 miles of 90 of the population Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 making it highly accessible to its customers Thus Enterprise has adapted a strategy where they make the car renting experience as convenient as possible This complete package of customer service is represented in the Enterprise advertising campaign showing the wrapped car It would appear that Enterprise has been very successful in developing its customercompany relationship around its core values in customer service In 2005 Enterprise ranked highest in customer satisfaction among airport car rentals by JD Power and Associates for the fth time in the past six years Enterprise RentACar Revenue Exceeds 8 Billion 2005 In addition Enterprise was recognized as No l for hospitality in the rental car industry for the l2Lh consecutive quarter by the Market Matrix LLC Enterprise RentACar Revenue Exceeds 8 Billion 2005 Social Responsibility Social responsibility to the communities that Enterprise services has also been a major factor in the development of their relationships with their customers Enterprise has approached this in the way it develops and leads its employees and they way it addresses issues important to the local communities Enterprise rewards entrepreneurship providing employees with a sense of ownership and encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit in addition to extensive training Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 This allows employees at a particular office the exibility to meet the unique needs of customers in the particular neighborhood and community that they service In fact Enterprise encourages its employees to engage in the neighborhoods in which they operate Enterprise s company website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 states Our mission is to support our employees involvement in their local communities and encourage them to develop into true participants and business partners in the neighborhoods in which they live and work everyday This involvement in the community helps the employees identify with the customers thereby furthering the development of the customer company relationship thru a shared identity in community concerns Like other companies Enterprise uses charitable donations to connect to social causes important to its customers However unlike most companies their charitable contributions and giving nature is almost entirely employee driven Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 In fact Enterprise uses suggestions from their employees employee family members as well as their customers in determining what charities to support Enterprise created a charity foundation called the Enterprise RentACar Foundation Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 According to their website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 the foundation was established to allow Enterprise to give back to the communities where its customers and employees live and work Since its inception the foundation has given nearly 73 million to numerous not for profit organizations in the local communities where we do business In 2005 alone Enterprise donated 93 million to more than one thousand nonprofit organizations as well as donated 1 million to the American Red Cross to assist the relief effort related to Hurricane Katrina Enterprise RentACar Revenue Exceeds 8 Billion 2005 Thus to facilitate the identification its customers have with the company Enterprise has made a lot of effort to identify itself with social causes facing local communities thereby strengthening the relationship with local customers also identifying with these social issues Enterprise has been very successful in its development of its customercompany relationships establishing a well respected reputation Enterprise has successfully incorporated customer service into its personal and provides its customers an experience that re ects its commitment to this core values Enterprise engages every employee in community involvement in an effort to identify with the community in which they work Thus Enterprise has gone through great efforts to show customers and potential customer s that they care about their customer s needs and the long term relationship it has with customers and their customer s community Through its efforts in the development of its customercompany relationships Enterprise has been very successful in building its brand community VI How a rental car company can build a brand community Is it really possible to create a brand community in the car rental business If you ask to somebody what he expects from a rental car company and if he is often in touch with his rental car company the answers could be summarized like that the expectations are only to get a good car that is working well some people may expect to get a brand new car concerning the relationships with the company most of the consumers would described them as inexistent or almost nonexistent This first and basic reaction can be explained by the fact that in the rental car business products don t have any consumptions values indeed contrary to some companies like Apple Ipod you don t become fun or fashion by using the rental companies services furthermore the interactions between the customers and the company are not very developed However by using the different elements evocated previously we are going to show how Enterprise has built a brand community is keeping the community alive and what are the benefits for Enterprise 20 The first stage to build a brand community is to create a differentiation Enterprise chose to differentiate itself from the others competitors by focusing on services and by developing its networks in a lot of places and not mainly next to the airports It can be noticed that the differentiation only works if the difference is perceived in the customer s mind the difference doesn t have to be real The product differentiation enables the company to have a distinct image in the customers mind compared to other competitors and permits to get more easily the consumers who pay attention and who value this differentiation The goal of the differentiation is to get the customers but also to keep them The goal of the brand community is to go beyond the differenciation and so to increase as much as possible the firm s loyalty With the differentiation adopted by Enterprise differentiation based on the quality of the service the consumers purchase the Enterprise s services not because they use to but because they value it so the company creates its personality To increase the community and to keep it alive Enterprise leans on the potential customers described earlier indeed the Enterprise strategy is clearly based on the word of mouth potential customers are willing to experiment the Enterprise moment because they heard from their friends family that the quality of the services was very high that the staff was really nice and so they clearly see the differences between Enterprise and the others rental cars companies and they value the difference It can be noticed that the strategy based on the word of mouth and the interaction between potential customers and Enterprise s customers is a very efficient way to develop the community indeed you trust more easily your friends or family than TV commercials Furthermore if your friends or family experienced the Enterprise moment and you didn t yet the next time you will 21 rent a car you will more likely go to an enterprise of ce The differentiation established by Enterprise is enhanced by the special rewards created by the company The reward addresses Groups39 activities in the key areas represented in the company s cultural compass Winners receive a grant from the Enterprise RentACar Foundation which they can use to advance quali ed nonpro t causes in their local communities These rewards permit to establish more easily the company s values in the consumer s mind As these values are shared by a lot of people it enables the company to create a big community These values are a key point in the question of the company s personality To keep the community alive and so multiply the consumptions opportunities Enterprise created more services eet sales of used cars all based on the core characteristics of the company these new services enable the customers to interact more often with Enterprise and to enjoy at any time a high quality service a staff very polite very concerned by the consumers satisfaction This enables the customers to understand the values of Enterprise appreciate them and nally adopt them Because the time of the transaction the ride between the consumer s house and the of ce ll the papers be driven home is quite long the customer has the opportunity to enjoy and share the company s value we can see here the importance of the employees satisfaction in the process of customer s satisfaction In the case of Enterprise we can say that the brand community isn t very rich in social interaction but a high degree of interaction is not always necessary and on this case may not be a good solution 22 The bene ts of the brand community for Enterprise are numerous It allows to increase the customer loyalty far above the average of other companies Furhermore the brand community represents a weapon in the conquest of market share VII Forecast Continue Care Business Strategy Enterprise s current business model has served it well and Enterprise will continue to follow its core strategy in the future In fact when discussing where the company is going in the future Enterprise s corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 admits As always our predominant focus will be growing our local rental business and expanding our core business practices of picking up our customers and marketing to repair shops insurance companies and policy holders whose cars have been damaged or stolen This strategy shows Enterprise s realization of the increased competition in this portion of the rental car market Due to the instability in the airport based car rental market over the past few years after the events of 91 1 competitors have begun to target the much more stable neighborhood market currently dominated by Enterprise Sommers 2005 Enterprise s commitment to continue to target its core neighborhood service segments shows that it intends to defend its market share in this area of the car rental industry Enterprise will continue to open new neighborhood service locations in order to reach new customers and better serve existing customers Enterprise will also continue to market to repair shops insurance companies and policy holders of whose cars have been damaged or stolen Additionally Enterprise will continue to target business corporations 23 and strategic partnerships like NASCAR Pepsi and college universities in order to service local business travelers Airport Locations Enterprise s corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 also admits that Enterprise will continue to increase the number of its airport locations This strategy will help complement the commitment to customer service that Enterprise has made to its customers Lack of airport sites has hurt Enterprise s ability to provide complete service to its customers when they are away from home Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 Furthermore with the increase competition from airport based rental car companies into their neighborhood market Enterprise has shown signs of retaliation by competing for the airport market Sommers 2005 International Locations Enterprise s corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 also admits that Enterprise will continue to increase the number of its international locations With the continued success it has experienced with its new international locations in Canada UK Ireland and Germany there is no reason for Enterprise not to continue its international growth As they put it We will continue to expand globally knowing that our business model of superior personalized service and a highly empowered employee base translates to success in any language Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 New Market Segments 24 Enterprise s corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 admits that Enterprise will continue to develop its new market segments including Fleet Services Truck Rental and Car Sales Their website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 states With over 150000 vehicles in service Fleet Services is a signi cant part of our business And as our rental and eet businesses continue to grow our ability to effectively and pro tably sell our used vehicles will continue to be a high priority Success in these areas results in signi cantly more revenue for Enterprise and in turn creates more opportunities for our employees Enterprise s entry into new market segments has helped to shield it from cyclical amp unforeseeable market uctuations thus it is understandable that it would continue to expand in this area Technology Finally Enterprise s corporate website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 admits that in the future it will continue to adapt new technology in order to continue to provide the customer the best customer service and the highest level of convenience Their website Enterprise Corporate Website 2005 states Enterprise is deeply committed to robust upgrades in our technological systems We have allocated 200 million per year to technology to keep pace with the enormous growth we expect over the next ve years By bringing the latest point and click technology to all our locations we are ensuring that Enterprise remains on the cuttingedge of our industry This includes new intranet technologies to help the company support and manage the thousands of Enterprise locations and other business partners as well as develop new intemet technologies to allow customers easier and more convenient access to company services 25 Conclusion In conclusion we can expect Enterprise to continue to pursue the neighborhood market segment in which the company has ourished The core values and business model on which Enterprise bases its operations will continue for the foreseeable future We can expect Enterprise to continue to develop its services and technology to maintain its commitment to customer service However we are now seeing that Enterprise has begun to harvest the fruits of the brand equity that the company has achieved Enterprise will continue to develop new market segments and continue to expand internationally taking advantage of its brand image to identify with new customers in new markets The customer relationships Enterprise has built and its reputation for customer service will only serve to propel Enterprise s efforts to expand into new market segments 26 REFERENCES Enterprise s Corporate Website Retrieved November 22 2005 from httpenteggrisecom Enterprise RentACar Revenue Exceeds 8 Billion Records Set in Revenues Fleet Size and Locations Company adds 80 000 vehicles and opens nearly 500 new locations world wide September 21 2005 Business Wire Retrieved October 12 2005 from httpO edn unive J weblexisneYis cnm nnsis Sommers Novelda 2005 Rental car 39 switching territorv May 1 2005 Daily Press 7 Newport Retrieved October 20 2005 from http0webleXis neYis cnm nnsis nlu 39 References SWOT Analysis Enterprise RentA Car Company SWOT Analysis April 2004 Driving Customer Satisfaction By Taylor Andy Harvard Business Review Jul2002 Enterprising angle By Halliday Jean Advertising Age 9102001 27


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