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by: Alexa Blanda


Marketplace > Oregon State University > Business Administration > BA 370 > BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS OVERVIEW
Alexa Blanda
GPA 3.83


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alexa Blanda on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BA 370 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see /class/224483/ba-370-oregon-state-university in Business Administration at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
BA 370 Example MidTerm Questions 1 Consider the following conceptual description of a building39s heating system Four main elements IHeating ducts IPeople The thermostat element itself can be considered a system consisting of the following elements ITemperature gage thermometer ITemperature setpoint IOnoff switch The furnace element can also be considered a system containing the following elements IOnoff switch IBurner Draw a systems diagram representing this building heating system In your diagram clearly indicate the environment one or two feec mcks any subsystems and controls Is the building a closed or open system Motivate your answer 2 What do we mean with the Productivity Paradox Brie y describe this paradox and review Brynjolfsson and Hitt s 1998 solution of this problem Do Kraemer and Dedrick 2001 agree with Brynjolfsson and Hitt s analysis Motivate your answer Information can be distinguished from data through relevance Provide two conceptually different concepts of relevance and illustrate each of them with an example Which of the two concepts of relevance is illustrated with the Monty Hall puzzle A Two conceptually different concepts of relevance are logical and empirical relevance Logical relevance refers to the information contents of a data set irrespective of the meaning or implications of the data Tautologies for example are statements that do not contain any information they are true by definition eg all crows are black or not black the previous sentence is either true or false Redundancy is a sign of logical irrelevance The statements x gt 3 and x gt 2 imply redundancy since the former implies the latter Unlike logical redundancy empirical redundancy refers to whether or not an item of data has consequences for the future The Monty Hall puzzle provides an example of the latter By opening one of the two empty doors the quizmaster gives us information that changes the uncertainties associated with our future actions Note that logically irrelevant data can be empirically relevant eg in case of lawsuits regulatory structures etc Brie y discuss some aspects of information quality What sort of relationship exists between information precision and reliability Illustrate with an example precision and reliability are inversely related The more precise our information is the less likely it is to be true For example the statement that the average age of BA370 students is 223456789123 years is very precise but rather unlikely to be true In contrast the statement that the average age of BA370 students is between 5 and 50 years old is very likely true yet not very precise Another aspect of information quality is timeliness Information is only good as it is available in time Information managers must always watch the quality of their information As such they often attach elaborate QNQC to their data processing 5 Brie y explain the following concepts IFee mck Loop IQAQC IBlack box IConlrol point ICybeme cs 6 Brie y discuss the main tasks of an operating system OS 7 What are socalled operating system shells A Shells o comm andline shells are programs which provide a textbased interface to the operating system Since these interfaces are textbased they can be used both by humans and programs Powerful shell languages allow users effective and efficient means to communicate with the OS However learning the language is a price that many people will not or cannot afford 8 Provide a brief overview of the significance of Linux A Linux is significant for various reasons lIt s an up and coming OS that is taking away market share from other established OSs 2Linux is open source39 ie the source code of the OS is available and can be freely modified and redistributed 3It provides UNIXlike stability and functionality on Intel architectures 4It has the support of the Open Source community 5It s a fresh wind blowing through a land of closed sources 6It makes closed OS vendors reconsider their marketing and sales strategies 7etc 9 Brie y discuss some criteria for selecting a particular operating system 10 Provide a few aspects that factor into a computer s performance 11 Convert l l l 10 to binary and hexadecimal How would you convert a binary number directly into hexadecimal without first converting it into decimal 12 Explain the concept of Two s Complement Why does it exist 13 Using Two s Complement perform the following arithmetic in binary 7 3 and prove that the result is correct What causes certain numbers to be irrational eg pi or e Explain why companies governments citizens groups and think tanks have a keen interest in socalled standards A Interest in standards stems from several sources lBy complying with standards organizations are guaranteed that their products are compatible with other products that comply with the same standards 2Because of 1 those who control the standards are inherently powerful Hence organizations like to have in uence on those standards which impact them most directly 30ne way of influencing standards is by contributing to the community to which the standard is most relevant Hence IBM s and HP s investments in and contributions to the Linux community 4Another way to control a standard is to invent and own it Mcrosoft NET39 Sun Java 16 What is POSIX Why does it exist Why do Unixlike OS makers try to comply with Posix standards A POSIX is a standard API application program interface for UNIXlike operating systems It is a standard that specifies how application programs and the UNIX OS should communicate with each other The standard was created after many different hardware vendors all had developed their own often not compatible flavors of UNIX As a consequence application program developers were faced with having to maintain complex sets of source code to cover the various avors POSIX was meant to alleviate this problem OS vendors tend to comply with POSIX because POSIX is accepted as a standard and hence see 1 of question 15 17 Speculate on how companies such as Microsoft IBM HP or Sun are viewing the rise of Linux What are they doing in response Jessup and Valacich say p 335 Graphical UserInteifaces eliminate the need for users to input arcane commands into the computer and are therefore a popular interface Evaluate the above statement in light of some of the differences between the UNIXlike operating systems and the Windows family of systems as discussed in class 19 According to Thibodeau UNIX spending outscored Windows and Linux spending combined in 2002 However things are changing Provide a brief overview of the ongoing trends in the OS market 20 Information QNQC occupies an important role in many organizations and businesses Breifly explain the concepts of QNQC and provide some examples of how it adds value


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