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by: Dr. Eulah Legros


Dr. Eulah Legros
GPA 3.97


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Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dr. Eulah Legros on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BA 469 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/224482/ba-469-oregon-state-university in Business Administration at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Industry Analysis Example P01ter s Five Forces and Complementors Wal Mart Here is a very brief example of an Industry Analysis for the Cases using WalMart specifically WalMart s competition in the consumer retail industry and not in the industries where it competes Remember that you are concerned with where WalMart is positioned in the industry relative to the respective industry forces 0 Potential Competitors Medium pressure 0 O Grocers could potentially enter into the retail side Entry barriers are relatively high as WalMart has an outstanding distribution systems locations brand name and nancial capital to fend off competitors Walmart often has an absolute cost advantage over other competitors 0 Rivalry Among Established Companies Medium Pressure 0 O O 0 Currently there are three main incumbent companies that exist in the same market as WalMart Sears K Mart and Target Target is the strongest of the three in relation to retail Target has experienced tremendous growth in their domestic markets and have de ned their niche quite effectively Sears and KMart seem to be drifting and have not challenged KMart in sometime Mature industry life cycle 0 The Bargaining Power of Buyers Low pressure 0 O O The individual buyer has little to no pressure on WalMart Consumer advocate groups have complained about WalMart s pricing techniques Consumer could shop at a competitor who offers comparable products at comparable prices but the convenience is lost 0 Bargaining Power of Suppliers Low to Medium pressure 0 O 0 Since WalMart holds so much of the market share they offer a lot of business to manufacturers and wholesalers This gives WalMart a lot of power because by WalMart threatening to switch to a different supplier would create a scare tactic to the suppliers WalMart could vertically integrate WalMart does deal with some large suppliers like Proctor amp Gamble CocaCola who have more bargaining power than small suppliers 0 Substitute Products Low pressure 0 O 0 When it comes to this market there are not many substitutes that offer convenience and low pricing The customer has the choice of going to many specialty stores to get their desired products but are not going to nd WalMart s low pricing Online shopping proves another alternative because it is so different and the customer can gain price advantages because the company does not necessarily have to have a brick and mortar store passing the savings onto the consumer o Complementors Low pressure 0 00 One complementor that exists for WalMart is Sam s Wholesale Clubs Although the same company owns this it complements WalMart by offering the same products in wholesale form making the company more pro table Suppliers of goods need to have innovative products to attract customers For the most part complementors do not affect WalMart s business model Group Presentation Guidelines 20 minute time limit Below is a suggested outline for your presentation The purpose of this guideline is to provide you with a potential laundry list of issues you might wish to address The suggestions here are more to prompt your thinking than to provide you with a set of hard and fast instructions for your presentation The important thing to remember is that no two companies are alike A format that works for the Gap might not be totally appropriate for a company like McDonald39s Remember you are to select a company of your own choosing Please check with me before you begin you research in earnest to get my okay for your chosen company The outline below is a general guideline for your presentation You might have to deviate from it based upon your rm and the information you are able to uncover during your research In all cases your major task will not be trying to nd information but trying to decide what information is most important Your grade in part will be based on your ability to identify and present the most relevant material Hit the high points Hit the most interesting and informative information and remember that you job is to both inform and entertain But in all circumstances you must remain professional Introduction Set the stage by brie y discussing the relevant characteristics of the company its industry its major strategies its pattern of successes or failures and something interesting that will draw the attention of the audience Be sure to highlight the rm39s primary problems Analysis of the Firm s Environment A De ne the products andor services provided by your rm In which industries does your rm primarily compete What segments exist in these industries B Describe what is going on in the broad environment that is now in uencing or is likely to in uence your company or its industry in the future Discuss both the trends and the implications for the rm C What is the nature of competition in the industry Porter s 5 Forces will help you answer this question You do not have to touch on all of the factors for each force You need only cover those that are important Don t forget to summarize Be sure to provide a conclusion of what Porter39s tells us about this industry Is this an attractive industry Why or why not Internal and Competitive Analysis of the Firm D Brie y describe the important internal resources of the company which might include excellent leaders important brand names or trade marks excellent locations a good reputation superior 39 quot 39 391 with 39 39 391 size 39 of scale ef ciency highly skilled employees or many other factors Which of these resourcescapabilities is a source of sustainable competitive advantage Also identify areas where the rm has weakness and possesses de cient resource capabilities Where is the rm adding or not adding value Where in its value chain is it superiorinferior to its rivals You may want to think about these in terms of the building blocks of competitive advantage E Conduct a brief nancial analysis of the rm and its performance Select a few key performance indicators that you believe best re ect the rm s current situation You might have to benchmark the rm39s performance against its rivals to identify the most critical ratiosindicators Explain the implications of these indicators Just don t present them Explain why these indicators are critical to your analysis What might be the strategic explanation for these performance differences F Identify the rm39s major rivals and how your rm is positioned relative to those rivals in terms of strategy and performance G What are the key success factors in the rm39s primary industriessegments How well is the rm positioned relative to those factors and relative to rivals Strategic Direction Your organization has a strategic direction whether it is written down or not and whether it is a good direction or not If your company has a formal missionvision statement it may contain clues with regard to strategic direction However remember that mission statements are often written primarily for public consumption and not for direction You should identify what you perceive is the rm39s primary generic strategy low cost differentiation or focus Now evaluate this strategic direction based on the information contained in your prior analysis Is this an appropriate direction Does it t what is going on in the external environment Is it likely to continue to be successful Does it t with the strengths and weaknesses of the organization Is the business de nition appropriate or should the company focus on fewer areas or expand to other areas What problem areas have you identi ed that the rm needs to face Here you should identify a short list of the most pressing strategic concerns you feel the rm must address Remember this is just a suggested framework You will emphasizedeemphasize different components based upon your research For example presentations of firms that compete in a very turbulent broad 0r competitiveindustry environment will require greater emphasis on the environmental portions of this guideline Firms that compete in more a placid and stable environment will require more emphasis on internal analysis issues Industry segmentation might be a huge strategic issue for some firms but irrelevant for others When you complete your analysis you will then be required to provide some sort of recommendation Your recommendation should be speci c and actionable You should include a discussion of potential costs and bene ts expected outcomes and give some idea about the feasibility of your alternatives


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