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by: Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz


Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz
GPA 3.95

C. Wallace

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About this Document

C. Wallace
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 311 at Oregon State University taught by C. Wallace in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 6 views. For similar materials see /class/224492/cs-311-oregon-state-university in ComputerScienence at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Final Study Guide means remember everything OK not everything You will not do any socket programming on the nal If I think of new things I will add them to the top of this list in BLUE Know the basic uniX commands such as cd ls wc 1 sort uniq mkdir rmdir rm newgrp chmod chgrp mv cp touch cat bash script that includes if statement for loop use ofbash variables such as 1 2 command substitution such as cat le Regular expressions Use sed and grep Be able to read awk Input redirection output redirection run processes in the background Can you string together uniX commands in a pipe Can you describe what is in an inode How large of a le can be accessed by a certain inode Can you write C code that uses open lseek read write close to solve a simple problem Can you write C code that uses open pipe fork dup2 execlp and wait or waitpid to solve a simple problem Can you draw a diagram with process le descriptor tables a system le desc table and a system inmemory inode table Can you note what changes occur in this diagram when processes open les use dup2 fork and close le descriptors Can you read code and determine what signal handler is being used by speci c processes Can you read a make le and determine what prints on the screen when di erent les are touched and the user types make XYZ Organization of Unix IPC Imight give you a form of ipc from the online chart 0 What is the speed of this form of ipc slow medium or fast 0 Do processes have to be related to use this form of ipc yes or no Related means such that they would inherit something like a le descriptor o What is the size of the information sent between the processes small medium large CS3ll Midterm 2 Study Guide N E 4 V39 0 gt1 Be able to write C code that uses open to create a lock le and remove the lock le to protect a critical section of code Be able to write C code that uses open close lseek read write to accomplish some goal such as writing certain ints oats strings structs at certain places in a le This will not be just a few lines This problem will not be simplistic and will involve linked lists Know how to write an open call that will fail if the le exists Know how to write an open call that will fail if the le doesn39t exist The open command Be able to check the return of system calls for a return of l and call perror if it fails See the link above concerning open commands Look up perror in your text File systems Name 5 types of les What is in a directory le what is in the data blocks What is in a symbolic link le what is in the data block What is in an inode Can you follow the direct block pointers single indirect block pointer double indirect block pointer triple indirect block pointer to locate the data blocks How large a le can be stored given a certain block size How do commands such as ln ln s cp rm affect a directory le Which create a new inode Which change the contents of an existing inode What do the data blocks look like for each le Look over the worksheet we did in class llgtwa gt19 What happens during a system call pg 537 Your answer should be a detailed explanation written in full sentences involving user mode gt kernel mode system call code numbers trap instructions machine registers special return kernel mode gt user mode Simple fork examples How can we have the child process run some code and the parent run dilTerent code Iffork is executed multiple times how many processes result Make up pid numbers and predict the output Who is the original process Who is the parent of the original process Simplistic example include ltstdio hgt include ltstdlib hgt include ltsystypes hgt include ltsysstathgt include ltfcnt1hgt int main int x fork printf 1 am process d and I think d is the value of x n getpid X int y fork printf My pid is d my parent s pid is d My xd and my yd n getpid getppidO x y


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