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by: Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz


Marketplace > Oregon State University > ComputerScienence > CS 519 > TOPICS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE
Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz
GPA 3.95


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Maximo Lueilwitz on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CS 519 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 28 views. For similar materials see /class/224502/cs-519-oregon-state-university in ComputerScienence at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Indexing Transformations A data structure that allows you to rapidly Case folding locate documents containing one or more terms index terms Want to efficiently store and query the Translate all uppercase to lowercase Stemming Translate all files to morphological roots index Run running runner Stop words A the it etc Special for applications dollar stock etc Inverted File Visual Example of Inverted File Sometimes called postings file or concordance Special purpose alternatives include bitmaps or signature file In most apps inverted files offer better performance Requires a lexicon list of all terms that appear in the text vocabulary Simplest form List of strings and disk addresses Visual Example of Word Granularity of Index Granularity Most specific location of word that can be pinpointed by index Eg Document sentence word Granularity Coarse Block of documents on disk Medium Document Fine sentence word or byte Tradeoff Coarse data must be searched at runtime Coarse data uses less space Supporting Proximity Searches in Document Granularity Proximity Phrase NEAR WITHIN operators Query the index using keywords get a list of documents Scan the full text of results at query time Looking for occurrence of phrase Could take time If lots of docs or really long docs Word Level Granularity Enables index to answer precise proximity queries Requires 2 3x space of document granularity Many more pointers one forevery appearance or a word Pointers are larger there are many words Document granularity is the most common Proximity queries can be handled also by scanning text at runtime Unless lots of phrase searches are expected Size of Uncompressed Index file 50 100 of indexed text Imagine Average word 5 characters plus 1 space 6 bytes 32 bit document pointers up to 4 billion docs 4 bytes 16 bit word pointers 2 bytes Result 6 bytes of index for every six bytes of text Can We Compress this Well Each row has this form lt6 1 5 10 20 22 40gt What are we doing when we compress data What does this have to do with probability distributions Example of Compression 4 symbol language how many bits do we need 7 2 blts If n characters and we use 2 bits to represent each of the four sym o s Now assume zipf distribution with k1 What is probability of each symbol appearing 7 Assume most probable symbol appears wlth prob p PpZp4pE PEE 4E zra 1E1 PE4Z1E egtpE15 e Relatlve probabllltles 15415215115 Simple Code Each symbol different ofbits e n 7 1D 7 11D 7 111B Size of random string of length n Prob 815 415 215 115 18152415321541l15n 8 8 6 4n15 26n15 174n 174n2n 87 Savings of 13 Can We Compress this Well Each row has this form 7 lt6 1 5 10 20 22 40gt Symbols are document ids Do certain document ids appear more than others Maybe if certain documents are larger But not in a big way But with a small transformation we can make this much more compressible One Approach to Compressing Index Files DGaps Transform doc ids pointers to documents to difference 39om previous doc id Example Orig lt6 i 5 10 20 22 40gt New lt6 4 5 10 2 18gt Haven t necessarily made the pointers smaller Terms that appear in many documents Are going to naye more smallergaps some repeats Plus gaps Wlll repeat across rows terms What Codes for Text caps don t follow tne Zipr dlstrlbutlorl Example decent code rorgaps cammacode 7 l El 7 2 inn 7 3 ml 7 4 llElElEl 7 5 llElEll 7 E llEllEl 7 7 Hull 7 E lllElElElEl 7 a lllElElEll 7 in lllElEllEl Reference 7 Managing Gigabytes by Wltterl Murrat and Bell 7 claims cumpresslurl to am or original size on TREC data At Query Time You have a keyword in a query Start by accessing the lexicon sorted list of words 7 Witn document rre uerlcy or eacn 7 Arid pointerto associated lrldegtlt row Access T39me 7 Binary searcn rorsorted lists Simplest way to re resent 7 Array Witn xed size strings Lots ofways to reduce memory 7 Concatenate all strings 7 Front coding 7 Hasning Now have a list of documents with the query term Boolean Conjunctive Queries Oregon AND State AND University d term t For each stemme 7 Search legtltlcorl record f arld address of lrthe lrlyerted flle erltry fort Picktwith smallest ft Read It Set 0 all docs in It For each remaining termt 7 Read l 7 Foreach d in Q luukup d in l lr d is not in if tnen remoye itrrom c 7 lrc empty stop Return 0 backto user


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