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by: Mrs. Demarcus Breitenberg


Marketplace > Oregon State University > Physics 2 > PH 314 > INTRODUCTORY MODERN PHYSICS
Mrs. Demarcus Breitenberg
GPA 3.68

T. Giebultowicz

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About this Document

T. Giebultowicz
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mrs. Demarcus Breitenberg on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PH 314 at Oregon State University taught by T. Giebultowicz in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/224529/ph-314-oregon-state-university in Physics 2 at Oregon State University.




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Date Created: 10/19/15
m Classma Do or E e43 SMQJ veaapihmlrm c it 4amp9 er um 39PMZlZ Swevc e MEUL 5 a Sow cc ewl lvxqf lt1 WaVb e L 3mm wane oJ ng wob i 3 RM cum cksewer uo J ix v Posi cus M u u Kmefs 4223 be hawk p3 glam H m vak 3 3ka 9 quotMquot Homequ m vavL Lw wits 15 kod ggwglw e V LL ulsth as Vb oz y skimhuks fo woic COM Lcquot39 Aw we wlu 91 0 lt 950ng W Tm Wm wammg mu Sway C Hum in Wowclm fk u Ais rmvxw deam 4m Wilma 00mg quot 5 39 TM bddlcw 33AMqu 3 0 MA X 18 t 1 39 2p 2 L6 Er LEV a a 3 92 41 gab Wm pwcw a 5 579 Pm I w w he Sc 02gt 8 SQ 2 Hm DID V S 35 9113 3 85 ltPr w 2 2 AI 29L Er 28 5 7889 r P Zocsliu moavh wa raw SEE34 vnRwr Cut nmsmnnc far Fig D a s w 42 5 ti 73 35 v I aco uwp a nrnm i L521 Pm o L no T l gtho 175 1 PFqurwn N w t 06 n N Kircw 1 I armw i 9W ul m n 08 mF a5 6 if ergera f V Euros 159E 1 1 3 A x Tag 3 Maui M A as k 0 E g N C I 7 1 mad a5 2 voucch The WOVZ I okgcuwr L pg tTx I E WONG 39Xmudel M Q 9 MM CT Akmmr WWW M M 39T Ram rhiwc H Is dew LU Jamp uaT CT 1 we 1 cT c T 1 u wmm 70 3 z T AM 93 awn M Tum okmw 405 v L vvws o4 L39U uL ALKLS w 1quumo Mm L hY Jr c alsoUK lt i a M w M 2w mag Wmth waw L m 30 mig igs 3 c 33 J W V gram Ems ABC I HLL SauNu MW 3m k Whammy wdh Evita NS H 15 051 Am show an L MAM wa m va a 1mwx vLSbmur RNA V M VEV OW U gaurcb 0 wank 1c 4 t 1 5 V b Hm chow gww may 00 Mu a Cw For ESE Jim anguwr M 5L7qu meyz Ct Va WT f M s p egg to 9mm ti gtO lt50 2 593 3 93 4340A ow um mo Ti wivan Cu 53y 3 85 Em rzqfw a mi an 0r g i is an a a 92 wpuptnp 5920 o is AEEEV A a is lt59me 9 lt gave24 m aapsc pgsi 9 i3 2 305 79 user Fm QSKF I Saar was is at 0 CL A 7 9285 5 of Fir aim e t pagan a 3 5 m2 as n2 Ti o t faring is b E 7 n bmxo of nwuoi a ARAFNFJ cf 3 22 LN 3 W29 lt 5955 nufwfpsw AshSim 33 air a 2 3r T H621 L H A 39o far 7 W aonmo 3r Ruth u lt5 9 EEQFH U us 9 nxngr 6 552 if 2 o4 3 0 Rdajrw39s o Do ur g 392fo 9 lies 0 ukjuaxfj H s Jl uudt WW 4AM dms cql OVK Qaccmugy a ut 5 MO Mto iUVw U0 J wc Auu iow Kuas i wk ouA iwvodud wk Cox61rle 4m xguauzw Andiew MM andwa SvuA Als 0 am 0 M mm Jasawer cm L ka wv v I L Lwc O quotHAUL is he d Sad u 7 391mm A E E 0 News hawk km O uikk wad M A semaxmfm 4m Sammy i O TWA Aawrthm1 133W mm A41 cm3y Pam an 03 Ma 1vdc c t Mums O l mm X N wavb HE M H c u AtL AKK Atl gt CxFHZSW 50mm 1 I 1mm 4mm 1 HAL v ka 3 is a p on is 0 Ta 9an 3593 i Z a s x 3 5va 031 u p obi u 251 we i5 685 Va we fa if c4252 S 0 pm an Di ciov Z QFScC 0lt 850th4 53 Eisox Tau JAE owmozaq gt O 3 iiv rsoosasz 594C i f Eggns 2m 0 h 7 1 I W 1 02 n 2 cc 2 ERAES a 7d Z06 2 r ormw o M 0 fan o pm os om igtC we a P Z 294 wear 8L2 gt7 M1 fer 032 132 l 1 20 wrww a PM Z gt0 HEN 2 4 NZ we 4 Zn mgt x xx m h w w q 97 high 1 ii mJS 5 he rift 6 JESS T m 13 m H h gta a 0 ZQL EC VFW 7th nrnnef wu 6 if 8 525 9 D wmrm n O 2 0 Sfquot 5 Ea xw 325V 9 619 35 33X 595 m9 gt1 51 by H Dr H bh MM no rusp rd 9 gm SJ Ta u 517 nm 2W mlv m V gr mv Cde 465 TEE hex 3F2 o 002 2 2 ADniofn h ggs


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