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by: Brandyn Altenwerth V


Marketplace > Oregon State University > Chemistry > CH 374 > TECHNOLOGY ENERGY AND RISK
Brandyn Altenwerth V
GPA 3.93

W. Loveland

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About this Document

W. Loveland
Class Notes
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This 19 page Class Notes was uploaded by Brandyn Altenwerth V on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CH 374 at Oregon State University taught by W. Loveland in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/224550/ch-374-oregon-state-university in Chemistry at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Quantum Mechanical Properties of Nuclei Lecture 4 Sizes and Shapes 0f Nuclei H0w big are nuclei 11 0 fm sharp cuta madel Rr0A13fm A r01 07 9 r012 R r0144 V Nuclear Sizes cont 0 Diffuse surface model 0 Do pr 1 er Ra p0 0172nucle0nsfm3 a H t 4a 1n3 z 44a z 24 25fm Lighter nuclei are mostly surface Charga density a I39m 31 Nucleus 2 EXP MEAN HELD THEORY Fraction of nucleons in the skin 12C 24M g 56Fe 107Ag 139Ba 208Pb 23 SU 090 079 065 055 051 046 044 The Hula Nuclei 208 Pb IILi Nuclear Spin and Parity Nuclei have an intrinsic spin angular momentum akin to the spin of the electron 0 For add A nuclei the spin J is half integer I232 etc For even A nuclei the spin J is integer 012etc The magnitude of the spin is multiple ofhbar Parity the symmetry properties of the nuclear wave function 1Prs P r s 717 1Prs P r S 739l7 For a central potential V Vr fl 1 Namenclature J ft 32 viu yvih Nuclear Shapes 0 Same nuclei are spherical Many are not 0 Instead they can be football shaped ar isbee shaped A o A 2 x 3 x 4 Sphere Quadrupqu onupolas Heudmmlas 0 0 t 9 J g Neutrons Shape coexistence shape transitions spherical gt strongly deformed Electric and magnetic moments 0 Electric moments are measures of the distribution of electric charge Magnetic moments measure the distribution of electric currents Classical Analagy T In charge 6 Velocity V magnetic dipole m0menliA IMI e gyromagnellc ratio y E 2m Quantum mechanical view mzh IMI 3 mzh szB e MB 578x10 5 V 927x10 21 tesla gaass MB Bohr magneton proton IW szN 6 550x1024 tes a gaass MN nuclear magneton 315x10398 Gyromagnetic ratios eamp 2mpg h 1 g E g factor Hz gzmznuw 8 0 gm 1 M gxmxll LN g 20023 Find gsp 55856912 gsn 38260837 Electric Quadrupale Mements DE 201w ms 8 r2311 1 h 2 FEMS D P charge at point pdr pr2drsin6d6d potential at P dd dqgt pdr 5 D2 r2 2Drcos 612 P2cos 6 300s2 6 131cos 6 GOSH 2 d pdr 1LPlcos6L P2cos6 D D D 1 1 1 3 1 V dr rcostr r2 cos26 dr VOL 2 VOL 3 VOLE p 2 Q fff r2pr COSZ 6 r2drsin Hdeqb V T Q W Ld R2 a2 CZ r0A13 Q Zelta2 62 l Flamed again N A Flg ud again 2 q Nucllnr lenmml lam Systematics of Electric Quadrupole Moments Mostly prolate Qgt0 heavy nuclei a AI 255m 171 16273 Qgt0 eg hole in spheriml core pattern not obvious If such nuclei exist weak effect of hole for Q lightly board nuclei are spher N or ennuiAmw39 Qlt0 eg extra particle around spheriml core pattern recognizable 17 63 123 209 8 OIZQCUISI Sbr83 539 Nuchnr lenmmi nm 60 Proton Number 2 40 20 umampm Qo Systematics roun gt513 e uadru ole defer ation G Q nrge game margin N Z Hummers Qn dose in magic mm FRDM 1992 0 0 20 4O 60 80 100120140160180 200 mu Nix Myers Neutron Number N swmuki39LBL 1993


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