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Chapter 1 Notes

by: Giovanna Gonzalez

Chapter 1 Notes PSB4240

Marketplace > Psychlogy > PSB4240 > Chapter 1 Notes
Giovanna Gonzalez
GPA 2.5
Intro to Neuropsychology
Anthony Dick

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About this Document

Intro to Neuropsychology
Anthony Dick
One Day of Notes
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This 6 page One Day of Notes was uploaded by Giovanna Gonzalez on Friday January 9, 2015. The One Day of Notes belongs to PSB4240 at a university taught by Anthony Dick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 347 views.


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Date Created: 01/09/15
Chapter 1 Thursday August 28 2014 927 AM Need to know terms Quiz 1 PWNP P PWN l l l l l l l l l H EDP gt39 Pquot39gtP quot O 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 79 m the ridges ofthe cortex Anterior Rostral Towards the front ofthe brain Eyes nose Posterior Caudal Towards the back of the brain Sulcus The valleys or fissures of the cortex Dorsal superior Towards the top ofthe headbrain Ventral inferior towards the bottom ofthe headbrain Medial Towards the midline Lateral Away from the midline Proximal Near or close to M Distant from Grav matter filled with neuro cell bodies where they are located looks gray when you lool White matter Myelin looks white Axons that are myelinated Lateral Ventricles In each hemisphere Filled with cerebral spinal fluid Third Ventricle goes to the 4th Fourth Ventricle goes to spinal cord Nerves a collection of axons that are sending and receiving information from the periphery Efferent Sending information out quotexitingquot Afferent Receiving information quotarrivingquot Nucleus In the nervous system a collection of neurons with similar functions and similar in and outputs Fasciculus A collection of axons in the central nervous system Ventricle A part or cavity filled with spinal fluid Cerebral Cortex 25 mm sheet of tissue The outer layer ofthe cerebrum Subcortical Below the cortex ACZPC Line A line drawn between the Anterior Commissure Posterior Commissu re Conne between the hemispheres AC Landmark in the brain PC Harder to see by the pineal glant Midsagittal Plane A saggital slice at the midline Coronal Avertical plane perpendicular to the saggital plane diving the brain anteriorlyposteriorly Axial A horizontal plane dividing the brain superiorly inferiorly CaaaiH39al A Ior39liral nlano naccina39Frnm 39Frnn39li39n harlz Pliuirlina Han hrain Inforallumorliallu lt at it puts action JCIEEILLCII I VCI LIUCII PICNIC PUJJIIIEIIUIII IIUIIL LU UCIUI UIVIUIIIE LIIC UICIIII ICILCICIIIYI IIICUICIIIy 29 WArea BA AN area of the brain defined by its cytoarchitecture based on Brodm 1909 parcellation 0 In the cortex anterior is to rostral as posterior is to caudal Forebrain Neocortex basal ganglia limbic system olfactory bulb lateral ventricles Brainstem Thalamus epithalamus hypothalamus pineal body third ventriclej Spinal Cord Cell Types 1 Stem Cells Selfrenewal Earliest form of a cell They can become any kind of cell in the hen system 2 Precursor Precursor produced 3 Blast Neuroblasts and glioblasts produced Neuroblasts cells deal with communication Gli for support 4 Specialized Neurons and glia differentiate Astrocyte Cells Star shaped symmetrical nutritive and support function Oligodendroglia Asymmetrical forms myelin around axons in the brain and spinal cord Neuronsfor the most part are in the cortex Neurons in the CNS are myelinated Lipid substance Spinal Cord U39IbUUNH NF Spinal cord is incased in vertebrae 4 main sections Nerves Cervical Thoracic Lumbar Sacral The axon is the nerve collection of axons Cervical nerves 8 segments of the spinal cord Mostly the neck muscles upper back and se skin cells that receive information Thoracic nerves 12 ofthese Lumbar 5 ofthose Mostly the legs SLraI 5 back part of the legs and posterior anns IOUS alare fat ensory 0 The lumbar enlargement describes enlargement of the lumbar section of the spinal cord because sending and receiving information from the legs Gracile nucleus Gracile fascicle Internal arcuate fibers Cuneate nucleus Cuneate fascicle Solitary nucleus Central canal Hypoglossal nucleus CN Xll Spinal trigeminal tract Spinal trigeminal nucleus cauda Nucleus ambiguus CN IX X XI Reticular formation Medial lemniscus Anterolateral system Lateral reticular nucleus Inferior olivary nucleus Pyramid it is


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