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by: Aurore Witting
Aurore Witting
GPA 3.57

M. Koretsky

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About this Document

M. Koretsky
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aurore Witting on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 407 at Oregon State University taught by M. Koretsky in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 25 views. For similar materials see /class/224563/engr-407-oregon-state-university in Engineering & Applied Science at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Life as a Process Engineer 9 Em My Joli Speeiiiiea Working Hours 85 MF with overtime 16 per hour No Benefits Boss Engineering Manager Rick Hinkle Mentor Senior Process Engineer Dan Parquet My Major Prolects TIm Barkowski Chemical Process Dan Parquet Senior ChemicallProcess Engineer EngineerMentor Qualifying New Tin Bath DocumentationQualifying New PLine Copper Distribution Tes ing Designing and Implementing Safety Pipe Process En ineer C Vers Tracy Camp Extraneous Plate Elimination Plasma Model 63 Hydrogen Quali cation Weight Loss DistributionTe on Shield Placement Rick Hinkle Engineering ManagerBoss Hole Debris Multiple Engineers Wade Johnson AOI Engineer AOI Capacity Model Maria Maldonado Former Engineering Manager Quarantine and Board Scrap for Lamination Problems Darren Stonecypher MECOP Intern O H le Debris Test and Data Collection Hole Debris AnalysisReference Carol Patterson Image Process Engineer Print Capacity Model Alan Preston Chemical Process En ineer Microvia Processing Stephanie Solarz Chemical Process En Ineer Capability Modeling Walter Wiebelhaus Senior Chemical Process ngineer LB Process Improvement for Hole Debris Re uction Hole Debris Analysis Print Capacity Model Model written in Microsoft Access Runs a query on information from the various dispatch feeding scrub Determines the requirement of the boards and calculates the capacity of the room Flexible to changing conditions of machines being down or to the mixture of resist types changing and re ects a modi ed output User Input I lismlrgli liilrimlimi mi Jtimity 39l39iilie Print Capacin Model Recalculate suits 3W Saarmuzams W If E quot 5m liaimasi Replicationlnformalion ResistType ormalion l39 hgtasdrsaammymm rm quot 33 Plasma Weigh Loss Testinge d and fabricated new weI l oss sample boards that better l captured acrdss shelfvariation l Installed Teflon shields on the top and bottom of the shelves to improve distri t mtion Data was used to standardize tth desmear cycles by weight loss not by time a Within chamber plasma etch uniformity o Sme ds Nu shwe ds Wei u luss m Shell Between machine comparison Before sequence adjustment Eea Avevage shell Six ShelfMachine Comparison After sequence adiustement Machine E71 Shelf Machine Info39rmation Output Informa on Pas 572 39 D1Cycle 15 Run Medal HSFDw I RSFWeek Culrenl Oven Capacity Sluts 1 05 c Tm 3 1 Basic Information Actual Load Informatio 7 Desmear 2 Planned Down Time in Acme nsmay 7 x Hydmgen 20 Number or Duelalors39 39 Undamad Down Time i Additional TImeB s slat Load Time39 a 92 1 slut Load Time 5 slot Unload Time s slol Unload Time EslolEoolDownTima Ei issiaicaomnwnrme P asma New Numhev my at c c 39Basicnfprmegion y m rmgmgay Actua Load nformanon y u W mm M mummy Un armed Dawn We E 3 m Eye s m FM W RSFMeek ii witwfssssm Iii TBagwnfprma xon 7 on Hamswiaoay 2b Acguamoadmprma on EC inesmeav V Add1DnaTmeS 92 5 gm mu m 5 gm mm mm W 5 gm mmquot mm 1 5 W cm Dawn mg Machine Information Output Information P a z 39W mggjmj amnesia napDay DZCycle 27 WWW H Cycle 20 Current 0 van Capacity Plasma 1 6 4 Number of slots D1 Cycle 24 D1 Cycle Slots 105 DZ Cycle 3395 Dz Cycle H Cycle 20 Time 30 l Basic Information 7 7 r r s 7 Actual Load Information 70 esmear 1 40 Hours In a Day 7231 7 Desmear 2 30 Planned Down Time El Acrud REFDay Hi 2 Hydrogen 3i 7 Number ul Operators 2 Unplanned Down Time 7 Additional Times 8 slot Load Time m 15 slot Load Time 5 slot Unload Time 1 16 slot Unload Time 6 slot Cool D own Time 16 slot Cool Down Time Courses That Assisted Me Coursesl Used Statistics Computer Programming Speech Courses I Could Have Used Technical Writing Conclusions of My Experience Overall a positive experience l was a process engineer without a process Projects that I could complete were good Was able to learn from several people What I learned What an engineer does in the manufacturing environment How to work with engineers managers operators vendors and bosses to get work done ook work is not the most import nt Initiative is the key to getting work done and solving problems Written and Directed By KURT SPIES


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