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by: Aurore Witting
Aurore Witting
GPA 3.57


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 15 page Class Notes was uploaded by Aurore Witting on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGR 407 at Oregon State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/224564/engr-407-oregon-state-university in Engineering & Applied Science at Oregon State University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Boeing Portland Leah Kimura 1st Internship Chemical Engineering Mentor Dave Harvey Process Engineer Boeing Commerda Integrated Boeing Capital Phantom Works Airplanes i Defense Corporation i Systems i Shared Servkes Group Major Sites Boeing Portland 5 Large part complex machining Heat and chemical processmg Subassembly building Boeing Portland Shift 1 630 am 300 pm MF 40 hoursweek Pay vSalaried 1938hr Overtimeby request Benefils Treated like any other full time employee Relocation Money Heald39iVisionDental Voluntary Investment Plan LifeDisabili Paid VacationSick Leave Holidays Learning Together Program Projects l Wastewater Treatment Clarifier Replacement a Chemical Process Management Support Risk Assessment Pump Inventory Plating Shop Support Masking Aid Tank Fixture Quality Assurance Chemical Laboratory Support Wastewater Analysis Powder Coat Additive Te sting ternal Processing Capabilities Catalog Wastewater Treatment Clarifier Replacement I Treats water from plating shop Plating shop rinse water has high metal cdncentrations l Old needs to be replaced a Not compatible with some of the new chemicals and processes Wastewater Treatment Clarifier Replacement Replace Clarifier with filtratiOn Need to determine operation parameters for modified system Chemical dosages Jar Testing 3 gt Jar Filtration P Untreated Water Precipitated particls Cadmium proved to be the hardest metal to treat Higher pH 105 produced lower metal concentrations Lower pH 8 with DTC produced acceptable metal concentrations below discharge limit ICP for metal analysis Treated Water Pilot Plant 40 gallon system Applied findings from jar testing Produces acceptable water Operation parameters achieved WhatI LearnedGained Basicwastewater u What it is like to work chemistry for a larg evcompany How to run the ICP Improvement on Various processes communication skills Plating Experience working Shot peen With vendors Heat treat i Experience working Real world experience With operators Helpful Classes I Material and Energy Balances General Chemistry Algebra Communications Overall Impression Awesome g Great Experience A J Favorite Memory Business trip to Washington Introduction Name Ryan Bestwick Internship intel Mentor Rick BCD Chemical Engineer Information About Intel 4 Employ 78000 employees worldwide 39 Oregon sites 7 main campuses employ approximately 15000 employees 8000 to 10000 employees at Ronler Acres 301 billion in revenue 39 294 officesfacilities worldwide Internship Information 21793hr Overtime was approved if it was needed Interns were not offered benefits 1500 moving allowance 7 days of paid vacation plus 3 days of paid holiday Hours 7am 4pm Projects Minor Projects in Customercontact list n BCD trace metal list Major Projects n Material Consistency n CMS analysis n LPC control limits Other n Networking n Classes n Tours Customer Contact List a Updated list of what chemicals go to what tools and who it the owner of those tools Went to each individual valve box to verify what tools were actually hooked up Helped me learn how the BCDS works v Let me talk to PE s and learn what different engineers did in the fab e BCD techs use the list to contact tool owners for PM s BCD Trace Metal List 4 Found control limits for each chemical in each tool for measured trace metals Had to backcalculate the BCD limits according to tool dilution factors Allows BCD to know the highest level of TM s before the fab s control limits are triggered Material Consistency Analyze39in 60ming chemical quality n Detect shiftstrends to try and prevent fab excursmns n Create report every two weeks Assist PE s withdata analysis n Analyze chemical data relating to PE s problem n Report to PE my findings Material Consistency ec zuss Noticed a increase of this parameter in this chemical Contacted PE informing him of the incoming chemical Material Consistency Fab lost their baseline monitor Tried to correlate what the fab saw with BCD data CMS Data Analysis Chemical A Usage by W EIWW18IWW19EWW20EWW21IWW22 Volume gal ToolA ToolB ToolC ToolD ToolE ToolF ToolJ ToolK Taal I CMS system Used data to do two things it Easy way to show chemical usage by each tool it Accurate way to allocate chemical split percentage between F20 and D1 C LPC Control Limits llllll39ll lllwlrrlrlllllllllllll E MWWWWWllllilllllllll i Developed a methodology to create control limits for LPC s i Wrote a Preliminary WP to implement the change 39 Eventually methodology will be used at every Intel site to create control limits for each site Other Activities Networking n Projects allowed me to meet different engineers from different areas to get a general idea of what people do at Intel Classes n Continuing education for ALL employees u Classes I took during my internship Effective Meetings Statistics Constructive Confrontation Structured Problem Solving process flowinformation classes it More specific classes for managers engineers and technicians ExploringTours n Fabilities Wastetreatment plant 39 UPW facilities I Took tours of major areas to get a concept of process ow Etch Litho and C4 n Subfab Explored subfab area BCD PCD VSE GSE Internship Assessment Great Place To Work n People Were great n Prcjects Were engaging n Intel culture was fascinating n Constantly shifting priorities MANY different job opportunities Internship Assessment Advice n Explore and try to learn about Where you are working I took classes that had nothing to do with my job n Look for stuffto do if you are bored ii Be able to prioritize your projects and plan your time correctly ii Procrastination works in school but not in the workplace v Classes ii CHXXX ST314IE355 CHE323 Questions


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