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Nursing Research and Informatics

by: Clifford Crooks

Nursing Research and Informatics NURS 360

Clifford Crooks
Pacific Lutheran University
GPA 3.91


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Clifford Crooks on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NURS 360 at Pacific Lutheran University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/224566/nurs-360-pacific-lutheran-university in Nursing and Health Sciences at Pacific Lutheran University.

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Date Created: 10/19/15
Library Research for Nursing 360 Genevieve Williams Undergraduate Research Librarian Email williagrpluedu Phone x7443 Hours Rieke T 93010F1011Morken W 1011 Th 1112 Library M 91 W 15 Th 57 Food for thought Information pertaining to the nursing profession is said to double every five years Susan Weaver 1993 To get started Go to the library website at httpwwwpluedulibr and choose Nursing from the Research column Click CINAHL Type a symptom condition or concept that you re interested in into the search box and click Search Choose one of your search results to examine more closely See if you can answer the following questions What is this article about What can I tell about when and where this article was published How can I look at a copy ofthe full article What search terms can I use to find more articles like this one Is a level of evidence represented in this article Can I tell what it is O 0000 Getting into CINAHL CINAHL is your main resource for finding accessing and using nursing research literature Here are some tips to remember 1 CINAHL uses a controlled vocabulary of subject headings to index its content Click on CINAHL Headings in the top navigation bar to discover these 2 The default search in CINAHL is called keyword searching This is a very general way to find information Use the CINAHL Headings you ve found with a subject search from the dropdown menu such as MW Word in Subject Heading for more focused results 3 Only some ofthe articles indexed in CINAHL are available from CINAHL Full Text Click the Check the PLU Library link to access articles stored in other online resources or in print on the library shelves Limiting your CINAHL results to Full Text will not nd these 4 Try some ofthe other Limit Results options such as restricting searches to Evidence Based Practice or to Peer Reviewed articles Experiment Search Tips for Each Evidence Level Systematic review or metaanalysis of randomized controlled trials Use the CINAHL Headings systematic review clinical trials or meta analysis Look for these words as subject headings 2 A welldesigned randomized controlled trial If you ve found a Level 1 already look up one ofthe studies in its reference list That s your Level 2 Also try these CINAHL Headings clinical trials doubebind studies intervention trials preventive trials therapeutic trials or random assignment 3 A welldesigned controlled trial without randomization Try the CINAHL Headings 39 39 39trias u trials quot trials L quot tr39 P 939 9 nonprobability sample Look for these words as subject headings You will probably have to examine the abstract andor the article itself closely to determine whether it s a Level 3 A welldesigned case control or cohort study Try the ClNAHL Headings case control studies or prospective studies You will probably have to examine the abstract andor the article itself closely to determine whether it s a Level 4 Systematic review of descriptive and qualitative studies Try the ClNAHL Headings qualitative studies qualitative validity descriptive research or systematic review Remember that many systematic reviews incorporate both clinical trials AND qualitative studies Examine the abstract and subject headings carefullyl Descriptive or qualitative study If you ve found a Level 5 already look up one of the studies in its reference list That s your Level 6 Also try these ClNAHL Headings qualitative studies descriptive research or descriptive statistics Expert opinion Try the ClNAHL Headings practice guidelines committees or organizations For this one it s also helpful to search by publication type look for PT in the Selecta Field dropdown menu and try these terms commentary editorial practice guidelines or response Also try editorial as a plain keyword search You can also browse through journal contents and lookfor an editorial or expert commentary Interpret Your Search Results Before you access and read the full article see what the citations in your search results can tell What is this article titled Who wrote it and where was it published When was it published What ClNAHL Headings if any are assigned to this article What do they tell you about this article s subject matter and evidence level Is there an abstract What does it tell you about this article s subject matter and evidence level If you want to access the article as a result of your answers to the questions above how can you do that Three Levels of Article Access 1 2 3 Article is directly available in the database you re searching You ll see a link labeled PDF or HTML Full Text Click the linkto access the article Article is available in another database subscribed to by the PLU library or in print on the library shelves Click the Check the PLU Library link and look for links under Article Full Text or Journal Access Click these links to access the article or to get more information Article is not at the PLU Library in any form When you click the Check the PLU Library link it says No article links found If you want the article click Order from lnterlibrary Loan to order Evaluation What is this article Is it a piece of original research A review of many research studies An editorial A news item How can you tell Is it about what you thought it was about What level of evidence does it represent


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