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by: Kelsey Kauffman

MC101Notes1-9-15.pdf MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications

Kelsey Kauffman
GPA 4.145
MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications
Brandon K. Chicotsky

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About this Document

Lecture notes for 1/9/15. Several topics covered will be on the test. Hope my notes help you out!
MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications
Brandon K. Chicotsky
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This 3 page Reader was uploaded by Kelsey Kauffman on Friday January 9, 2015. The Reader belongs to MC 101 - Intro to Mass Communications at University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa taught by Brandon K. Chicotsky in Spring2015. Since its upload, it has received 140 views.

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Date Created: 01/09/15
1915 MC 101 Brandon Chicotsky For the exam know the following SMCR and what it means First outlet to indicate Bin Laden s death Communication is a process The four levels of communicationquot Media reality and publicity model Book Mass Communication by Ralph E Hanson use book for topic guide but most questions from test come from lecture Swing Iazz Made in Belgium gypsy jazz or jazz manouche Gypsies have been subject to some time of scapegoating Most note able by Django Reinhardt burned one of his hands off Iazz from Harlem in black community Belgium to NY copying on accident due to media Techmemecom IPO Initial public offering or stock market launch Elon Musk founded PayPal ON TEST DDS What companies has Twitter acquired Recitation What was the first platform to inform the world of Osama bin Laden s death Twitter Is communication a process or static function Process Sender Message Channel Receiver SMCR is also called what Transmission model What is mass media s impact Dominant culture The Internet s first functional infrastructure was built when Late 60 s Levels of Communication pg 5 Intrapersonal communication within yourself Interpersonal communication oneonone Group communication within a community Mass communication within a community Mass Compg 6 when an individual or institution or bot uses tech to send a message to large audience Sender Message Channel Receiver SMCR Grandfathered process of communication 0 Send The they 0 Message transmitted by sender Ritual Model How and why audience members receivers consume media Media Reality if covered is it important Someone s perception of you will change if you are on TV for ex House of Cards Good TV is platform agnostic Controversial that a nonplatform TV show ex Net ix can win awards 0 Because they aren t on quotTVquot 0 Future of TV is not on TV I due to internet What is communication Process of creating shared meaning Mass communications task inform entertain persuade Mass Media s Impact Dominant culture Ritual Model How and why audience member receivers consume media Reception Model pg 13 Customized receptions and the market of me o Chris Anderson market of mequot Google it Partisans harden after multiple viewership it s how media is received not intended Before 1650 the church was the source of information 0 From priest to priest to priest o 1844 telegraph from Baltimore to DC 0 1866 telegraph cable laid across Atlantic International Media Industry Emerges Film distribution in theatre in early1900s 0 TV market doesn t move at all After WWII 0 TV market further develops The Internet First nodes linked in 69 expanded in 90s The Market Today pg 16 17 Before Convergence understand this 0 In 83 50 companies owned 90 of media 0 Today 8 companies own 90 of media 0 Google business Insider Article Seven Supposed Truths pg 18 not on test Media Literacy Dimensions Cognitive emotional aesthetic and moral Overt covert and inadvertent morality Margin calls Janet Jackson ashing the Super Bowl sexuality will never be brought back 0 Beyonc performing is super sexual Will you meet the new market with lawyers or innovation Universal Studios vs Sony 84 ACTA Anticounterfeiting Trade Agreement need to know for test


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