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Week 7 Notes World History, 1500-Present

by: Lizzy Dawahare

Week 7 Notes World History, 1500-Present HIST 1011

Marketplace > George Washington University > History > HIST 1011 > Week 7 Notes World History 1500 Present
Lizzy Dawahare
World History, 1500-Present
Professor Dane Kennedy

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About this Document

Here are my notes from the 7th week of class!
World History, 1500-Present
Professor Dane Kennedy
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lizzy Dawahare on Monday October 19, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1011 at George Washington University taught by Professor Dane Kennedy in Summer 2015. Since its upload, it has received 35 views. For similar materials see World History, 1500-Present in History at George Washington University.


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Date Created: 10/19/15
Monday October 12 2015 The Fatal Impact Australia and the Pacific Exploring the Pacific Last part of the world to be incorporated into global capitalist system Far away from everything else Not attractive to traders Captain James Cook Region suddenly becomes available for European exploitation Botany bay 1760 s Southeast coast of Australia Australia Aborigines indigenous population of Australia Europeans view them as savages No cities no agriculture no clothes no sophisticated technologies nomadic no notion of private property no kings no chiefs no social hierarchies British drove them off shot them 1 million people gt 80 thousand Aborigines were not a good labor source Not used to the regiments of labor that Europeans expected Not worth it for free settlers to go to Australia Solution find other population to enslave and send to Australia British convicts can no longer go to America revolution Australia becomes a convict colony 11 ships filled with over 1000 convicts sails to Botany Bay Left with seeds and told to get to work Followed by more ships gt 160000 British convicts men women and children sent over until 1850 when they begin to send immigrants Not a lot of resources sheep native to Spain sent to Australia gt they thrive because there are no indigenous predators and there are huge expanses of grassland Numbers had grown to over 5 million Wool is in high demand in Europe can be packed and shipped at low cost unlike crops that go bad before reaching Europe Gold discovered free settlers come as a part of a gold rush Demand for convict labor diminishes Viable economy established in Australia New Zealand Dutch find it first Captain Cook Wednesday October 14 2015 Turning point not on the midterm American Revolution 17751783 Mercantilist system parliament tries to prevent colonists from producing certain goods forces colonies to trade only with the UK and imposes massive taxes on them Boston Tea Party Boston Massacre Revolution is not as it seems 50 of colonists are loyalists Nonwhite population in America is not described Natives Africans have no voice British rule was more attractive to them as opposed to revolution Slave interest was more likely to lie with the British Global War not just in America Benjamin Franklin convinces French to aid French Revolution 17891815 Rights of Man Thomas Paine Revolutionist Monarchies are nonsensical Homegrown revolution Propelled by middle class anger Want reforms that will bring France in line with other revs 18th century French cannot pay bills due to American Revolution 1 Louis XVI calls Estates 1 Calls Estates General to persuade them to help pay for this cost 2 Radicals called make demands and this spirals out of control b Demands 1 Freedom of Speech Abolition Right of Assembly Freedom of Religion 2 Different trajectory than other revolutions neighboring states feel worried monarchies are called to end Napoleon Bonaparte ride to power Military genius able to overcome being attacked by neighbors in 1792 Does not invade UK invades Russia and fails Emperor and all liberties seemingly disappear Haitian Revolution 1791 1804l By late 18th century SaintDomingue has become the single most valuable land in the world 1 Sugar 2 Slave population 3 23 of tropical imports to France from overseas 4 13 of all French imports Slave population in SaintDomingue takes advantage of revolution in France and revolts 1 Revolt becomes organized by a group of bettereducated Africans some of whom are freed Africans 1 Toussaint L Ouverture 2 Establish army government assisted by those at home Neighbors grow nervous 1794 invasion of Santo Domingo Spain by the Haitians


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